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d100 Problem Intelligent Magic Items

Feel free to alter the plusses and magical stuff appropriate for your levels. An item may have mental attributes INT WIS CHA and alignments. Intelligent items can withhold their abilities, even If the basic plusses work for a particular wielder they deem unworthy. Some can be demanding. As my alignment has an oath system possibly weapons may have oath requirements. I have considered an elemental oath system predating alignment which will explain why the elemental religion failed. 

Item Name + (any magic plusses)
INT WIS CHA Alignment 
Communication Type
Common Abilities
Rare Abilities

+0 partly silvered or black iron based, d6 communication one common ability
 bronze or steel or dragon blooded, d8 communication two common abilities
+2 Orichalcum or
 uses dragon parts d12 communication three common abilities
+3 Meteoric Steel, star stone metal, 
d12 communication 3 common 1 rare abilities
+4 Mithril
d12 communication 3 common 2 rare abilities
+5 Adamant or god parts
d12 communication 3 common 3 rare abilities

d12 Communication Type
1 Dreams - enters dreams of the wielder
2 Empathic - sense and send feelings (d4+1 emotions like pleased or angry)
3 Simple telepathic phrases (d4+1 words) 
4 Magical sound 1=whistle 2=thereman 3=chimes 4=bells
Simple spoken phrases (d4+1 words) 
6 Vibrates and twitches in hand, the user learns to read the item
7 Flashing lights
8 Plays d4 musical instrument sounds
Writing appears in a specific language (possibly alignment) 
10 Sings words and knows lots of musical lore
 Telepathic link to its chosen wielder by touch
12 Able to speak like any intelligent being

d12 Common Abilities 
1 +2 vs one species or alignment
2 Leaps to owners hand within 10m
3 Detect one species within 10m
4 Detect secret doors 10m
5 Detect gold 10m
6 Detect one alignment by touch
7 Emits light at-will 10m
8 +1 all saving throws
9 Harms d3 to unworthy wielder per round
10 Makes 12 shots of ammo day or can be throw melee weapon as a spear 
11 Cast a zero level cantrip d3 times per day 
12 Cast a 1st Lv spell once per day

d12 Rare Abilities
1 Can animate and attack enemies on own d4 round/day moves and hits as the wielder
2 Cast a 1st Lv spell three times per day
3 Curses unworthy wielder, makes them pass to a worthy host for release
4 Detect alignment by touch
5 Resist fear magic or effects
 Resist one element +2 save and -1 damage per dice 
7 Resist unwilling teleportation
Cast a 2nd Lv spell twice per day
9 Protection from one alignment +2 save +2 AC 
10 d3 extra damage from one element
11 Cast a 3rd Lv spell once per day
12 Berserker effect, the item can use to manipulate an unworthy host

d12 Style
1 Primitive material like bone, flint, sinew, granite, tooth, tusk
2 Ancient bronze age often foreign 
3 Ancient iron age empire
4 Contemporary - crafted for common use
5 Dwarvish - art deco
6 Elvish - art nouveau
7 Cultists - occult symbols of a weird sect
8 Noble quality - rich and fancy
9 Humanoid - goblinoids or orcs 
 Prehuman - elder monsters and abhuman things
11 Abhuman - beastfolk or elemental folk
12 Temple - style of some church

d12 Common Items
1 dagger or cestus plus adds to hit and damage 
2 rod or mace - 
plus adds to hit and damage
3 staff 
plus adds to hit and damage
4 sword 
plus adds to hit and damage
5 spear or polearm 
plus adds to hit and damage
6 axe 
plus adds to hit and damage
7 ring - protection plus ads to AC & saving throws 
8 crown or helmet - 
 protection plus ads to AC & saving throws
9 shield - plus adds to AC
10 mill - makes a day of food per lv per day d4 1=gruel 2=cake 3=bread 4=fruit&grain
11 craft tools - bonus to craft skills
12 item of clothing - d4 1=elf cape 2=elf boots 3=+1 STR belt 4=+d6 Move boots

d100 Problem Intelligent Magic Items
01 Item is devoted to exterminating an enemy alignment 
02 Item seeks the destruction of its creator's enemies
03 Item obsessed with killing a type of monster
04 Item seeks to exterminate a species
05 Item hates a particular character class 
06 Item craves battle and is aroused by possible violence
07 Item thirsts for blood and is delighted by war
08 Item is restless and craves conflict and struggle
09 Item seeks glory and fame for wielder and offers lots of advice
10 Item seeks to take part in the cosmic struggle of alignment
11 Item brings up anecdotes about the past wielders and their gloomy deaths
12 Item brings up clan it was made to serve constantly
13 Item gives health and medical advice
14 Item gives relationship advice to ensure you have descendants to wield it
15 Item wakes you up every morning for exercise and a healthy breakfast
16 Item insists on hygiene and is repulsed by blood
17 Item follows a knightly code of fair play and noble conduct
18 Item warns of unseen perils and possible rare monster varients
19 Item has lots of stories about previous epoch was better
20 Item constantly plots against your enemies
21 Item is obsessed with evil witches and illegal spell casting
22 Item prefers the truth at all times
23 Item encourages you to ignore pain and suffering
24 Item promises you rewards in the next life for your heroic martyrdom
25 Item talks about dungeons and ruins it has been in before
26 Item talks about all the deaths it has seen over the years
27 Item talks about life in a dark age of black magic
28 Item talks about things it has seen on other worlds
29 Item tells stories of horror and hauntings
30 Item preaches the will of a deity or planar being it is allied to
31 Item talks of the ancient lost city it fondly remembers
32 Item talks about its creator and their deeds
33 Item warns of a planar being it blames for all problems 
34 Item complains it would rather have been another type of item
35 Item complains about how it was once a mortal person 
36 Item interested in food and cooking and complains it cannot eat
37 Item tells bawdy sexual and carousing stories of previous hosts 
38 Item gets excited if it sees someone it fancies and talks about them lots
39 Item despises arts and culture and thinks books and magic best burned
40 Item wants to help commoners and help them versus tyranny
41 Item recants past history in vice and crime 
42 Item enjoys being around drunken feasts and merrymaking
43 Item encourages the user to have as many lovers as possible even a harem
44 Item is obsessed with a lost treasure it was created to find
45 Item obsessed with sad love stories that end in mass murder
46 Item obsessed with finance, trade prices and banking rates
47 Item loves to be near owner who prefers  books and learning
48 Item warns that wielders friends are secret enemies, prefers life alone with the host
49 Item prefers wielder to be married with children or working at it
50 Item recommends corruption and to succumb to temptation
51 Item recommends selling soul to hell to get a free wish

52 Item offers brutal efficient advice that does not worry about loss of life 
53 Item recommends enslaving enemies you don't execute
54 Item encourages wielder to execute enemy prisoners and dedicate them to some being
55 Item recommends human sacrifice before any challenge to appease the gods
56 Item encourages wielder to act as judge jury and executioner
57 Item gives praise to some planar being nobody knows anything about
58 Item was an elemental spirit trapped in item and prefers its native element
59 Item was a spirit of a fallen person and it has lived as an item for generations
60 Item was outer planar lesser entity like a demon, devil or cherubim, now it is trapped
61 Item betrayed and killed a past owner it claims failed to be worthy
62 Item killed a famous monster and this creatures kin hunt it ever since
63 Item was present when a famous ruler was killed and knows the real story
64 Item speculates wildly on historical issues offering alternatively unprovable ideas
65 Item is superstitious and warns of signs everywhere about evil
66 Item believes the body is a temple and advises the host to be pure and fit
67 Item does not want wielder to have any lovers or family who might get in the way of a quest one day
68 Item treats wielder like its child and offers lots of advice and criticism 
69 Item advises to work with nobility and gain status in court
70 Item advises wielder to study magic constantly
71 Item advises gaining more followers and minions

72 Item is sure it can help you win big in the gambling pits of city crime lords
73 Item names the litany of past heroes and adventurers it has seen die
74 Item rambles on about exotic foreign and ancient cities it has seen 
75 Item talks about extraordinary things it has seen in other dimensions
76 Item dislikes posh things and material comfort and will tell wielder often
77 Item tells puns and terrible jokes
78 Item tells its cringy sexual fantasies to anyone it can
79 Item likes fine art and insists owner start a collection
80 Item recommends torture for all kinds of situations
81 Item wants wielder to dress in a particular style it knows is best
82 Item is a snob and sneers at poor and working people
83 Item is a punk that hates authoritarians and bullies
84 Item believes humility is best and is critical of luxury and pride
85 Item wants wielder to be better read and practice literacy and read the great books
86 Item wants wielder to be stylish and well-groomed in courtly fashion and conspicuous wealth
87 Item wants the wielder to enjoy the best of everything and have extravagant feasts for glory and status
88 Item pushes wielder to self-promotion and glorification
89 Item likes to listen to bards and is particular about what styles it prefers
90 Item wants handcrafted accessories and care regime and kept on display and seen by as many as possible
91 Item advises on how to seize power over the nation and start a war just like the last few wielders with reputations as short-lived tyrants
92 Item wants wielder to drink as much alcohol as possible sampling different varieties

93 Item tries to convince host to experiment with illegal street drugs, recommending them as awesome and the best 
94 Item is obsessed with orgies, how to get invited, how to host them
95 Item gives instruction for ritual and human sacrifice to summon or banish a specific planar creature, can be used once a month

96 Item knows locations of gates to faerie world on certain nights and places and longs for the fey worlds
97 Item knows where locations of elemental nodes that intrude into this world can be found and are obsessed with finding them all and destroying their guardians
98 Item knows how to travel to the wood between worlds via secret doors in trees
99 Item complains about other magic items on wielder muttering about them being inferior or lacking loyalty 
100 Item questions the ethics of using abilities requires convincing lives are at stake

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