Friday 14 May 2021

Post Apoc Coastlines 2: Poseidon Adventure

Part 1 On the coast road sites of Interest
Part 2 Coastal flotsam and jetsam 
Part 3 Coastal encounters
Part 4 Aquatic encounters

This is post Apoc crap for beach and coastal areas to find while beachcombing, perhaps decorating a lair or among flooded ruins.

d12 Scavenging Hazards
1 Booby-trapped (crossbow, scrap gun or grenade)
2 Blue ring octopuses living in rubbish especially bottles
3 Sea snake crawling through wreckage
4 Venomous spined stonefish looks like slimy rocks
5 Venomous box jellyfish or man o war tendrils
6 Sea mine or explosive munition
7 Tentacled slime horror with huge eyeball
8 Booby-trapped with alarm or just noisy clanking trash
9 Vermin usually gigantic sea fleas -1 max HP until treated
10 Pirate gang in area consider everything found belongs to them
11 Moving something shiny or noise attracts encounter
12 Working to get at something interesting allows an ambush

d10 Quick flotsam and jetsam types 
01 Tragic Pollutants
02 The Seas Dead
03 Recreational items
04 Boating supplies
05 Documents
06 Fishing tackle
07 Sea treasures
08 Tourist trinkets
09 Junk
10 Strange

d100 Coastal flotsam and jetsam 
01 Mass of tangled fishing nets with dead birds and fish
02 Plastic drum of medical waste
03 Dead oil-covered birds
04 Drum of mutagenic waste
05 Raft made of junk and old plastic barrels 
06 Pile of exotic rubble and trash from a faraway land used as ballast
07 A spiky old sea mine, desirable decor if explosives removed
08 Mass of plastic containers
09 A slick of colourful flammable liquid
10 Mass of strange sticky slime
11 Dead mutant dolphin
12 Dead diver or aquatic abhuman body tangled in net
13 Giant eyeball of some creature
14 Hundreds of dead fish or birds
15 Long length of the tentacle
16 A dead shark with bites out of it 
17 Strange dead mutant arthropods d4 1=isopod 2=lobsters 3=marine scorpion 4=trilobites 
18 Dead plesiosaur
19 Tree from far away and lots of driftwood
20 Gelatinous egg sacks cover beach, glow at night
21 Floatation vest with whistle
22 Piece of diving equipment d4 1=mask & snorkel 2=d2 flippers 3=damaged air tank 4=arm with wrist depth gauge and tank monitor band 
23 Sailors or captains hat
24 Pack of ferry vomit bags
25 Pocket submersible drone and remote
26 Artificial gillsuit pack clogged with mud and weeds but working with power
27 Broken machete or knife broken on shellfish
28 Beach umbrella
29 Eski cooler 1in6 with d4 six-packs of long life beer for space colonists
30 Inflatable ball
31 Shattered small boat d4 1=canoe 2=dingy 3=midget sub 4=jetski 
32 Outboard motor tangled with fishing line and weed, needs repair
33 Length of rope 5d6 metres
34 Boat anchor and 30m chain
35 Oar from a boat
36 Emergency flotation ring with ships name or surf life-saving team on it
37 Patchwork plastic sail
38 Inflatable emergency raft
39 Ships wheel with name on it
40 Ships bell with name on it
41 Plastic pouch with coast maps
42 Fishing guide to pre-war era
43 Submarine technical manual
44 Licence d4 1=boat 2=drone operator 3=scuba 4=fishing
45 Beach safety & survival book
46 Glamourous celebrity magazine
47 Ships logbook
48 Bottle with help note inside
49 Report on catastrophic extinction event in pre war oceans
50 Coastal tourist guide with bed and breakfasts, hotels and attractions
51 Fishing rod, needs new line and hooks
52 Sports fishing rod in excellent condition 
53 Huge rod for big fish like tuna or swordfish
54 Harpoon or trident built of scrap 
55 Harpoon with line fired from a blackpowder cannon possibly
56 Sailors heavy oilskin raincoat 
57 Colorful plastic bucket d4 1=empty 2=fish 3=blood and meat slurry to attract fish 4=
58 Giant rubber wading boots, waste high
59 Fisher folk hat with a d4 colourful fish lures
60 Plastic case with line, hooks, floats and lures and foil packed bait
61 Bag of 3d6 small ugly pearls
62 A fist-size pearl 1in6 a strange colour
63 Horn of some marine creature good for stabbing or a spear tip
64 Plate of carapace from some giant arthropod
65 An adorable mutant seal pup
66 Strange dead starfish with an eye
67 Cluster of sea sponges in string 
68 Skull of some horrific mutant humanoid of the sea
69 Strange apparently dead creature with gunlike grips, a biological firearm bred by marine humanoids, an expert could save the gun that spits a d4 envenomed tooth 30m underwater, save or paralysed 2d4 rounds, 10 shots recovers one per day, requires proper care and feeding to shoot, live or grow
70 Emerald seaweed, 2d4 doses if one eaten don't age 2d6 years
71 Toy boat 1=paper 2=wood 3=metal scrap 4=ancient remote control but no remote, might sync with a phone or other gadget
72 Plastic mounted fish sings corny song on command or if anyone comes within one metre, requires room light to recharge
73 Model ship in a bottle
74 Model globe 
75 Plastic smiling whale charity box to fund recreation of whales
76 Pirate hat
77 Pelican Pete plush doll from seaside food franchise
78 Seahawk sports team merchandise d4 1=hat 2=scarf 3=shirt 4=hoodie
79 Transparent UV proof raincoat with hat
80 Lifesavers hat or shirt
81 Oil drum
82 Wooden ship mast
83 Coloured cargo pod from a container ship
84 Propeller from boat
85 Small fuel tank of biofuel
86 Signal buoy with transmitter
87 Remains of ineptly built from scrap single seat aircraft
88 Shopping trolley with a bung wheel and full of seaweed 
89 Old boots d4
90 Wrecked and barnacle and seaweed covered 
91 Hand grenade with barnacles growing on it
92 String bag with d4+4 slime-covered human skulls
93 A football-size strange egg, telepathically signals for help
94 Emergency marine satellite phone with solar cell
95 Brain from a smart boat with intact casing
96 Strange helmet of an undersea abhuman beast warrior
97 Fish detecting scanner no batteries
98 Binoculars with laser range finder
99 Oxygen gum pack, d6 sticks hour of oxygen per stick
100 Aquajet pack, damaged but can increase underwater speed

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