Thursday, 22 August 2019

Busy shopping and reading sorry...

So I have a house in over a week, then assessment and i can hunt for work and sell dads house and goto sydney again for 2 weeks work. Im in Sydney now to lodge a form at DMV so i can ver work here again and did a course in IT security, Safety refresher and some other thing i cant remember. Have a game on fri night with old crew then back to Adelaide.

Ive been shopping lots catching up on being broke and it is nice to see game shops full of stuff. Sadly will pick up a Cthulhu book and Metamorphosis Alpha thing in morning.....

Im also working on a couple of gigs for ppl.....
So go support this or else

Courtney is probably closest to me in content in many ways. But he is probably nicer than me. He has had a bad year for trolls who seem to know nothing about him.

So just to show you why this has been slowest month for a long time here are some of the things I grabbed and some quick notes......

So on my sidebar there is a link to my want list that has shockingly been thrashed since i posted the lower priority wants are arising but i think i will be done soon......SF RPGs next project as a few i missed. Did see mothership in shop but choked on price despite it being a zine style artwork. I'm just gonna print my own up. Saw some other things fresh from GenCon my game pusher attended. Zac didnt write a book? Just milk his name for dubious attention because we no longer publish him? More reasons to drop LOTFP sorry. I think the days of OSR branded stuff tempting me is possibly reduced to a trickle.

Im running TSR Marvel mostly fortnightly baring dad emergencies in group and have a pool of 7 players mostly get 3-6 attending so far. Did simplify my initiative system to ease.

Still running Cthulhu my 3rd year of current game. Finished Shadows of Yog Sothoth last year and well into Masks of Nyarlathotep now. Party in Egypt now coldy executing cultists and using them as test subjects for spells they find. Honestly they are good guys. Running this is like a university course. Thankfully I am using my glasses and reading more for game prep so less time being creative sorry. Possibly now gaming makes me a trickle of money my creativity might go to other things more when I have a home like my art and the business I had 15 years doing that till I got burn out and had trouble with housing.

So on with stuff i done and got me yes sir!

N1 Cult of the Reptile God - Second Hand

Good but aged condition. One of best modules ever and kinda similar to a about 20% of everything I do still. I did get Lost city too a while back but looking forward to the hardcover reprint too. Also got most of UK series again in better condition. A few others I might get again as mine a bit trashy but everything I got of late was great. Lev Layfayette who does RQ con stuff  in Australia also is one of best dealers of books and I killed most of my GURPS list through him too.

POD RPG Drive through Reprints
Got two slave lord modules and rest of saltmarsh set and few others. Impressed with them all and map reprint quality. I can see myself get more like this. Post was cheap even in Australia. Gammaworld, Ravenloft and Starfrontiers like this probably in future.

Alternity Stardrive Setting Book

I did look at these in 20 years I only bought Cthulhu stuff and kinda want them and mostly they are cheaper now. Some more of the core books of this and possibly Dark matter also but Im not gonna try too hard and mostly hunt sales....

Call of Cthulhu Compact Trail of Tsathogua

I ran this as a viking game once. Have played it and run it 3 times - main adventures are great. Getting some of the later reprints of old campagns as extra 50 pages in some cases.....

Got Arkham Now which looks better than I was led to believe.

Also Terror from the Skies. Terror came out in a Low point in Chaosium for layout, proofing along with the Atomic era adventure book (not really a sourcebook). I'm assured adventures OK even if layouts and type upset me. Maps, handouts and art in these books a bit flawed in reproduction or somehow don't continue the setting vibe somehow. Still people like both books and now my collection increasingly complete I will get them.
The House of R'lyeh was one of last of that era before 7th ed and while not great layoutwise is substantialy better than the Atomic or Terror books. One of the Adventures I had in different worlds and good to see David Conyers who I introduced to the Mythos and CoC in 80s as teen. When I see his name on stuff I feel a twinge of pride. I hope he is onto bigger things than gaming as a writer he certainly has put a lifetime of effort into it. My friends played in his game when I left and raved about it but seems he mostly got too busy to RPG. Anyway this book is a better effort than others of this time and I look forward to reading more.

Thee other books in USA awaiting to get to my though the terrible exchange rate but gawd USA mostly the most expensive and difficult. I get free post from UK, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Korea pretty often. Stuff from USA basically doubles now and reminded my why Amazon and Ebay shopping has declined (Australia was blocked from international amazon a while and now they have a tax deal that other nations don't worry about.

Call of Cthulhu Golden Goblin Press
I have always been impressed with the work of these guys and probably my favourite non Chaosium mythos adventure makers. The new Invicticus Book is very nice and stylistically different from previous Invicticus versions or the other BRP/RQ rome stuff. Though I got a current RQ vibe flipping through the book which has good use of colour. Will try and grab more adventures for this setting. Also got Caribbean, New Orleans and Third Companion which are all solid, dense and high quality.

Call of Cthulhu The Sasoon Files

This was the book China burned to hide the occult it in case it helped with Shanghai chapter of Masks campaign. Personally not surprised a book about colonials in Shanghai exposing occult secrets was trouble being printed in china. So maps are nice, character portraits ok but I'm not in love with Typography or layout. The character sheets seem to clash with the subject of the book. Also Glossy paper stock I really dislike. A Stygian Fox book paperback had shiny thin gloss paper that is like trying to hold water so I recommend their hardcovers. The Hudson & Brand book is more substantial I have as a hardcover. The most stand out thing of that book is the map of London. Some Stygian Fox books over used art assets as great as they are but some B&W ornaments they could use in a few books might help. So as for Sasoon Files and Stygian Fox I'm glad they exist but I have not really read enough to evaluate them fairly.

Other Stuff

I will go over these in more detail as I read them and hope to when my game room set up will do a few reviews a week or a podcast or utube or whatever the kids this century do. I did get some Yamato kits but scale possibly off to my existing ones but I was glad to see tiny ships back for sale. Some more dinosaurs too. Found book on women in IT sector for young girls making them look superheroic will pass onto friends. Found card and boardgames shop in chinease market about 2/3 shop prices so unsure if bootleg or as many items in markets seem to be at Hong Kong prices with no mark up for travel which happens with figures too. I was hoping for some bootleg Godzilla dolss but nope.

Ive spent enough on Cthulhu I think I need to put as my religion next census. Am gonna learn 7th ed mostly so i can get more locals playing with some demo games and might try publish something with their fan content program and check out the organised play stuff and cons this year. Oddly Cthulhu is a game I prefer to run fairly straight and use packaged adventures which is different to most of my DnD or Marvel stuff. Tempted to write ROM sourcebook for marvel.

Probably go slow on spending once I have house and other hobbies to miniatures, models and aerosol cans and possibly LARP weapons. Did see a course on teaching kids to play with fire which might kickstart my art business off again....

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