Thursday, 29 August 2019

Epsilon City for Planet Psychon

Epsilon City is an ambitious expansion for their edition of Metamorphosis Alpha. There have not been many things for this game come out. There is a module about generating circular houses for outside cities from another publisher I recommend and Chadd reminded me of wizardawn deckplan maker. Goodman Games did a oversized edition of metamorphasis alpha and all the magazine content and other oddments which i have. They did some new modules too that i missed. A KS with troll lords and Jim Ward in production mapping the whole ship.

Ive done quite a few space hulk exploration games and gamma world urban design. I love fallout games too. So when i heard about this I was exited. Was too poor to get and i missed the treasure box of modules too. I got PDF of this on sale but print ed has lots of charm and readability.

Of everything of late i have got this is the one i wanna play the most. A ruined city of a 50 mile wide generation starship lost and ruined. Mutants androids robots wild animals and plants over a huge area. Amazing quality ez to read simple layout. Well illustrated oldschool style. Fold out maps and amusing stuff. For metamorphosis alpha but gammaworld or mcc or darwins world or mutant epoch would love it. I'm using it with planet psychon so  AI priesthoods will work well with wolfoid human history cults.

I wish it had a book of tables for making content for exploring and encounters but adventures and complexes with a thousand crazy wolf folk inside are great. A adventure book, a cyborg book and the big red pleather gold foil spiral bound book an inside what must be the toughest game boxes ever. Like old photographic lith film boxes or better.

The big book details mostly the major wolfoid complexes, their culture gained from historic theme parks and mad AI. There is a lot of fun opportunities for fights and talking to deluded pups. A few of my players interested. So not sure if i will use as is. Possibly might end up dingoids in my Broken Hill. Has lots of funny stuff that meets my ideas of amusing. I might start all as either tribals

Troll Lords and and Mr Ward making a big fat book with whole ship mapped is the no1 product I want now. Iv'e always liked ruins and wrecked ships in reality and fiction. Pandorum one of my favorite films, Aldiss book "Non Stop" is also a fave with similar ideas. I like that it fits into Gammaworld too and I had a second incomplete ship in orbit in my game. I still have lots to read but Im very pleased with this product which ranks as one of my top10 post TSR products.

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