Saturday, 10 August 2019

UK Series

Just got this old classic and most of series again.
I have most of my oldschool DnD dream items now
Possibly go for gammaworld reprints in future.
Possibly hardcover ravenloft series.
See my updated wish list sidebar
Have house shortly and ok temp accommodation

Those and Dragon Warriors and Fighting Fantasy shaped my taste in fantasy gaming. Plus Moorcock and Lovecraft in Deities book and Chaosium games being used in Greyhawk and Known World DnD. Id like to run all the UK series and saltmarsh together. The art, design and maps on these were some of the 80s best of TSR and had some grungy uk vibe.

UK5 Eye of the Serpent for 1st Level, Quick Thoughts
There are a lot of good lessons you can get from this adventure and it can be run cinematic and feature chases and other pulp fun. Some odd characters to meet and murder. Easy to put in a campaign setting. Little consequences for a setting really. It is a secret mountain valley route with remnants of former inhabitants.

I like it. Good beginner intro setting and characters can come from anywhere. Party grabbed by roc in beginning and dumped at top in a nest and flee downwards.

-Good first wilderness scenario for kids or noobs

-They will sigh at railroad set up probably but persist
-Has a good flow chart point and has some choices
-Made for one monk or druid or ranger vs dm or with a beginner party

-Map is a outdoor dungeon with a few choices in paths
-Probably repayable with one character or a party
-Has lots of terrain types to learn to deal with 
-Lot of mini adventures and encounters many quite grisly
-Has 80s Brit punk grit & grime feel a bit like a fighting fantasy book
-Kind of has melancholic, lonely, romantic mood & mild horror

-Art is excellent more like fiend folio style
-Good layouts and attractive maps too
-Good for beginning players or dm
-Overall I rate this 4 stars out of 5

It is a good way to start a campaign and characters can meet in the nest. Being a bit blessed by the gods and some dreams or visions might help motivate players. In a way they are performing a ancient rite that has not been played for generations since the tribes left. Fate might guide them further to be heroes of the land. As a game starter it beats a we met in a pub as a origin story.

The basic setup could be used in different games too.
Just mix up monsters a bit or revere the trek.
Give it a creation myth and a quest for RuneQuest.

Add strange tech and mutants and trash for Gamma World
Strand some astronauts on a mountaintop with wrecked outposts of scoundrels and native inhabitants

UK 2&3 
Alderweg Series, The Sentinel and the GauntletCool items and story. The Sentinel Lv 2-5 has a soppy item and a log fort of baddies and a ruined villa to explore (or murder spree). The Gauntlet Lv 3-6 lets you take a cool cliff fort then fight off a army from it which is one of my first Battlesystem experiences at the time. Plus the evil glove is way cooler. The second of the series is better one and i used fort at a key pass for years in my campaign

UK4 When a Star Falls 3-5 LvI love this scavenger hunt, has good fatalistic prophecies and dreams, interesting places to visit and things to do. The deep gnomes in this set my ideas on them since. I love their constructs - kinda dart and flame shooting deco streamlined daleks. Derro here and decor interesting. The Tower of Heaven I used in a game for years. Getting first dreams from a monster is nice touch.

UK7 Dark Clouds Gather 7-9For the level you get to raid a crystal cloud fort with flying baboons and frost giants, Lots of small locations to visit. It is a pretty good into to higher level style of adventure. I had totally forgotten what was in here until I opened it up so not as strong memories of the above in series.

All that glittersDon't have

UK1 In storage but notable strange adventure 

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