Thursday 4 July 2019

Witch Tombs PDF

Witch Tombs is a one sheet dungeon zine done for my Patreon months ago. An earlier version had a block of text from a earlier zine by accident. As it is a new tax year I will be setting up some new sales points and have more titles online.

Still need to find best way to operate my editorial teams but overall moving forward. Most of my patreon stuff still requires some editing. Im still ambiguous what a witch is in game. I like the definition as a unlawful spell caster used in some ancient lore. Here I have a variety of factions loosely called witches who agree enough to hide from law and order of mostly male elites. Possibly there could be rival factions aiding of hindering the players. Maybe some don't like the ghouls or hell cults smearing their only sometimes blood letting nature cults. Plenty of curses and regret might be found here.

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