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d100 Mercenary Company Missions

Mercenary companies are a well established institution and help bring peace by making war so expensive few can afford the mercenaries needed to win. Such companies have colourful names and reputations and strict oaths of obedience and honour. Mercenaries are not suicidal and will demand more pay if the odds become poor. One of the worst cases is mercenaries of the same large organisation ends up fighting old friends or allies or other branches. Yes sometimes as a mercenary you get asked to do horrible things. Lawful Good mercenaries are hard to find.

d100 Mercenary Company Missions

01 Guard a payroll over night as regular guards were poisoned
02 Protect a merchant caravan visiting regional villages
03 Guard a warehouse from criminals for the night
04 Bodyguard a visiting noble youth inspecting the town
05 Prevent a gang of extortionists threatening a street of shop keepers
06 Guard a door of a exclusive noble party
07 Plotters plan to rush a gatehouse so a wanted fugitive can leave town and extra hidden guards are needed
08 A noble fears peasants want to kill them and requires extra guards for a few days
09 Someone has been stealing booze from a nobles cellar and they wants guards to catch them
10 A small band of robbers in the woods have been hording up travellers, bring them toi justice 
11 A robber knight has a cave lair in a forest has been attacking local noles estates and they want him killed
12 Bandits hold a woman hostage and the family want them all dead 
13 A noble has orcs living in a old ruin on his property and wants the vermin exterminated
14 Dark elves tormented local farmers with undead animals and cruel tricks and the lord wants them exterminated
15 Thieves who stole from the company have holed up in a ruined tower and the treasure must be recovered and the criminals made to pay
16 A noble needs troops to deal with his bastard brother attempting to extort the family and threatening their good name, he lairs with a criminal gang in a bandit tunnel complex
17 Bandits keep using jurisdictional borders to escape law enforcers and the sherrif and magistrate need company to slaughter them
18 Men are needed to work on a ship and surprise pirates who have been persecuting the shipping clan
19 A gang has offended too many nobles who have called for extermination of them and provide the gang house location
20 Rival nobles having a border skirmish need mercenaries to destroy they other sides men at arms
21 Treasure in a wild area needs recovering and party are to assist nobles scribe with map recover it
22 Strange murderer harassing family of a nobles, need guards and killer stopped 
23 Men are needed to over see a duel as seconds of one of the parties
24 Hunting grounds of a estate have a unwelcome monster scaring game, remove it please
25 Clan of cannibals living in old mine need to be driven out and captured or killed
26 Town wants all feral dogs killed, becoming too common and getting confident to attack and steal
27 Tax collector requires extra muscle when visiting a recalcitrant fishing village 
28 Adventurers are avoiding paying tax, escort the tax collector to a famous dungeon entrance and charge adventurers when exiting with loot
29 A noble has had title and land stripped but wont leave the estate, go and evict them 
30 A wizard killed his mercenaries to avoid paying them but the guild remembers, get the money plus fees for killing company members or kill him and take the money
31 A cult hired some mercenaries to clear out a ruin for them but now wont pay and the mercenaries instead have joined them. Go get out money and punish the oath breakers 
32 A cult operating in the hills ha murdered someone important and local lord wants them all killed or captured for public execution
33 A robber knight has taken a ruined fortress and has used it as a base, go kill him and ruin the fort so nobody else gets the same idea
34 A fortified frontier village have declared independence, their patron upset about his investment want leaders rounded up and this nonsense stopped
35 Bandits stole a payroll chest and the employer wants it recovered and bandits killed, also find out if bandits had a inside informant
36 A ruined castle dungeon used as a prison has rioted and have valuable hostages inside who need to be recovered
37 Orcs kidnapped a labouring crew and have them enslaved expanding their dungeon, go rescue the men and punish the orcs
38 A troll is charging travellers to cross a bridge and that is the nobles income! Go drive off the troll
39 Adventurers need some extra muscle in a dungeon, if they show signs of trying to treat you like cannon fodder or expendable kill them all
40 Mercenaries guarding a wizard exploring a cave disappeared, see if there are any signs of them
41 Mercenaries are required to assist slavers raiding islands for cheap labour
42 A dragon is charging taxes to locals and charming village leaders to comply, that income belongs to the aristocracy and mercenaries are to kill the dragon and return stolen loot
43 Border nobles are feuding, offer your services to various houses and camp in area, eventually one side will pay your high fees for a fight then start a bidding war for your services 
44 A knight killed his hostages who could not pay but the families pooled together to hire mercenaries to claim his head and burn down the manour house
45 Church needs some relics recovered and devotees have failed, go claim the relics and be assured killing thieves is the work of the gods
46 A ship captain has found a island of rich savages and needs help to take the loot, really he wants to enslave them and become ruler and will burn the ship on arrival
47 A former member stole company funds and fled into a dungeon complex to hide out from the law. Show them our reach is unstoppale
48 A noble refused to pay after his adventurers proved overly costly. Go and join existing force and make them pay
49 A borderland fortified village is under siege from orcs, break through and aid the locals
50 A region has broken out in civil war, go their and establish a chapter of the company and get to work fleecing both sides
51 Peace has broken out in the region damaging the income of good fighting men. Go to the borderlands and raid humanoid tribes to instigate a war
52 Noble has decided hidden demi humans owe back taxes for generations and needs soldiers to support this claim
53 w of a knight needs aid fighting off a bastards claim to her estate, he has assembled a bandit force 
54 A robber knight has been exposed as a devil cultist, many victims are alive and awaiting sacrifice in the dungeon under the ruins they dwell in. Go kill him and free the prisoners
55 A giant has been leading humanoids against settlements charging exorbitant fees to be left alone, kill the beast and return the stolen cattle
56 Adventurers who struck it big are avoiding their company tithes and need to pay fees plus extra for recovery costs or be punished
57 Broke mercenaries have taken over a isolated village against members charter and are to be executed or disarmed and brought in for public punishments
58 A ruin has been taken over by a robber knight who has hired a rival mercenary company we don't want operating in our region. Kill them all as a message
59 A non tax paying village of cultists has tricked adventurers into aiding them resist tax payments. Kill the adventurers and aid the just tax collector
60 Bandits kidnapped a nobles concubines for ransom, kill the men and save the concubines
61 A criminal organisation has got many guild members hooked so we are going to raid their stronghold, kill the vice pedlars and seize the drugs to destroy the market
62 A allied wizard school has had had members assassinated, accompany the wizards to destroy the rival school responsible  
63 A band of adventurers has been poaching company assignments from clients, force them to join and pay back tithes or kill them
64 A miner using humanoid slaves has had problems with feral humanoids raiding their camp. Sort out the raiders and make sure they wont come back
65 A noble has refused to pay, in guise of robber knights burn down his sources of income 
66 A former employer has refused to pay and hired another company on credit to kill our fee collectors, kill them all and loot them
67 Feuding brothers are battling over a estate, set up a camp support who ever gives us the best deal
68 Peasant rebels are causing trouble and noble wants them rounded up for execution 
69 Plotters have been holed up by constabulary in building so mayor needs someone to ko in and finish the job
70 Two nobles are feuding and one has hired us to kill or capture enough enemies they back down from their position against our employer
71 Inquisitors are in area hunting cultist heretics and need guards to helpround up and exterminate the vermin
72 A major humanoid incursion has border under pressure. Hold a old border keep and hold the line. Mobilise locals into a fighting force
73 A wizard has been holed up in a tower and refuses to surrender. Specialists unafraid of magic are needed to finish the job
74 A village needs defending from raiders, if possible find their base and eliminate them for a bonus before their money runs out
75 A daring raid via the river needs mercenaries to stop the bridge defences that will stop the plan down river
76 Burn down a village of unauthorised settlers trying to avoid taxation and obligations to nobility
77 A border skirmish has erupted, raid the enemy strong hold while forces away, loot and burn the place and take their followers as prisoners
78 Sneak into a enemy camp and steal their mercenary payroll to help stir up trouble before a battle, bonus finds for burning their supplies or poisoning their water
79 An uppity kobold king has been causing trouble on the border and claims the region is his by right, raid their cavern complex and kill this king
80 A employer wants you to fight a enemy mercenary force in a pitched battle on a flat field to decide a disagreement between them
81 An elderly king is ill and one of the sons needs mercenaries on hand to quash any illegitimate claims that emerge over succession. He needs outsiders he can trust to make tough decisions
82 A lord away on a foreign war has rivals who need him to join them. Go kidnap his family to help negotiations
83 A necromancer in the hills has amassed a undead army. The church needs you to defend priests while they prey the undead away on the battlefield
84 Enter the civil war regions and seize a region then sell it to the highest bidder and support their cause 
85 Burn a fleet of ships while at the docks under repair to limit their owners supply lines in a dispute 
86 Rival banks both lay claim to a fiefdom who loaned money to the previous owner. Persuade on bank to hire you and destroy the rival forces
87 An important church official has been caught red handed aiding an alliance of plotters against the kingdom, go seize him before his supporters can rally to save him
88 A area beset by sea raiders needs troops but claims they cannot pay. Negotiate a loan through a bank for them and destroy the raider 
89 Tribes of savage wild folk have beset a region. Using superior fighting ability and organisation invade them and destroy their commanders hiding in a primitive hill fort
90 A savage tribe in the wilds has been practising backwards rites of human sacrifice. Help the church spread civilisation to them by killing their priesthood and seize their golden treasures of their brutish king to help fund more good causes
91 A barbarian king has gold to pay modern mercenaries to help smash a rival clan. Beware of their backwards ways but they could become good regular clients if you impress them
92 Dark elves in the woods have gone too far in their pranks and demands to be worshipped like gods. Find their tree forts and burn them
93 Part of being a viable mercenary company is maintaining the latest weapons. Go help a clan of black hat gnomes fight their enemies in return for firearms and expertise
94 A cannon tower guards a river and if it can be destroyed by a raid then troops can move into enemy heartlands to purge their lands. The gunsmith here is their leading expert so kidnap them and their family if possible or kill them
95 Get into enemy lands and raid their wagon trains and supply networks to reduce their armies effectiveness
96 During a battle sneak behind enemy lines and massacre the enemy leaders who are watching from a safe distance
97 Meet orcish tribal leaders and recruit them for a surprise attack on enemies border lands weakening their position and splitting their forces
98 A wizard who knows the secret of making the cheapest orcs from alchemy and mud needs a escort and aid to build a base and build a army to surprise a enemy for a war tarting next year
99 Under cover of darkness sneak necromancers into the graveyards of a enemy town and let them create undead to demoralise the enemy 
100 Enter enemy lands and break open prisons and labour camps and slave markets, rouse them into a fighting force and spread terror forcing the enemy to divide their forces

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