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d100 Prison Problems

Had some good news on my bullshit problems so all looking better. Once i get new place, paid non placement job I will be amping up my art and design projects.

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So when you go to prison for murder hobo disagreements and not paying dungeon loot tax this table is for colourful prison events. You could have some occur weekly or daily or every few rounds in a mass escape or riot situation. Many prisons are in former dungeons of old castles. Sometimes if staff not cruel enough the governor will employ orcs. I still love how in Slaine comic the heroe'
s dwarf sidekick bought a private prison to make money off of bribes.

d100 Prison Problems
01 Bullied for for bed
02 Bullied for food
03 Bullied for services
04 Bullied for clothing or personal items
05 Attacked by someone trying to prove something
06 Attacked by gang for imagined insult
07 Stabbed by another inmate at random
08 Inmate fancies you
09 Inmate wants you to be a slave
10 Inmates want you to help smuggle note or goods
11 Guards want to beat you to show who is boss
12 Guards want you to squeal on other inmates
13 Guards offer you rewards for helping them find out about prisoners
14 Interviewed by guards over some in prison problem
15 Interviewed by warden to see if eligible for "special work"
16 Guards want you to fight another prisoner for bets
17 Guards want you to kill another prisoner
18 Guards torture you for a few days
19 Guards keep you in solitary, starve and beat you
20 Guards keep you in special infamously cruel cell
21 Inmate tries to stab another inmate
22 Inmates having a fight which guards break up
23 Inmates riot fighting with each other
24 Inmates riot attacking guards
25 Group of inmates stab someone to death and leave bloody corpse
26 Inmates hold kangaroo court trial over breaking criminal code
27 Inmates start a fire that gets out of control
28 Inmates have contagious disease
29 Mystery poisoner among inmates
30 Someone willing to pay for a murder
31 Gang recruiters want you, don't take no for answer
32 Someone stealing off inmates
33 Old timer boasts about buried treasure
34 Old timer has tattoo of a map
35 Old man knows all the factions
36 Guy knows how to get terrible prison grog
37 Guy will trade stuff for a prison made shank
38 Guy can get drugs for a price
39 Guy with gang contacts can help with early release for fortune
40 Guy making cool prison tattoos (save vs disease)
41 Guy can get a message out 
42 Escape committee want you 
43 Fake escape committee want you, really stooges of prison staff 
44 Crazy old timer has escape plan
45 Someone tells of having seen prison ghost
46 Someone knows all about the guards and their schemes
47 Someone knows where a old secret tunnel is locates
48 Mysterious inmate will train inmates for something to do
49 Chance to learn new language from foreign gang
50 Make contact with secret cult among inmates
51 Lycanthrope inmate killing and spreading disease
52 Doppelganger infiltrated is killing and eating people
53 Serial killer is murdering inmates
54 Staff member is secretly murdering inmates
55 Stumble across gambling racket 
56 Escape committee recruiting
57 Escape committee need distraction so dupe someone to be caught
58 Prison guard dealing in contraband
59 Secret society or cult establishes a new faction
60 Someone selling cut keys to certain doors or manacles
61 Someone dealing drugs to feign death
62 Famous criminal admitted
63 Famous traitor or spy admitted
64 Secret admirer wants to buy your favours
65 Guards stabbed, prison on lock down for a while
66 Inmates arrange slave auction
67 Warden selling some inmates secretly to somebody
68 Somebody starts a fire
69 Find somebodies stash of contraband
70 Find a hidden map
71 Find a nearly complete tunnel somewhere
72 Find some inmates trying to conceal bags of dirt
73 Inmates rumoured to have become cannibals
74 Criminal organisation tries to take over prison
75 Inmates killed in failed escape
76 Rioting inmates hold a wing for days, brutalise the weak inmates
77 Someone offers you a assassination contract
78 Charity bring you food, soap and a blanket
79 Dangerous narcotics flood the system
80 Mobster offers credit with severe terms 
81 Inmates believe someone is a plant from the staff
82 Inmates looking for squealer who exposed their schemes to warden
83 Fresh new staff arrive, less corrupt and sadistic for a while
84 Staff perform thorough search looking for someone
85 Protesters outside complain of cruel conditions and corruption
86 Governor gets some new torture equipment
87 Labour gang needed for outside work, heavily guarded
88 Volunteers needed for something for chance of early release
89 Guards get new extra savage dogs
90 Guards get new truncheons and want to try them out
91 Prisoners given lashes till governor hears confesses to who killed a guard
92 Plague breaks out
93 Lice outbreak, inmates shaved and treated with unpleasant chemicals
94 Governor offers pardon if you just do this one mission first
95 Gang versus gang murders rampant in power struggle
96 New guards brought in by governor, sadistic and worse than most criminals
97 Army offer pardon if you join penal unit for mission
98 Influx of new inmate double population and severe over crowding
99 Inmates taken to worse prison or labour camp due to over crowding
100 Governor offers VIP treatment with slaves and private cell if you do some favours or can pay

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