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Faerie War Zone Part 2 Across the countryside

It is worth pointing out lots of elf stories feature reptilian or draconic features at times. The batwing snaked tailed person is such a faerie (but also depiction of snake in eden). Something to consider the cosmological significance of. In one tale a man marries one and is give a condition he breaks and she flies away, The three sons are brutish sadists and one has a huge overhanging fang. The point is faeries may seem similar but are alien. Faerie will pay a tithe to hell every 7 years to keep devils away often paid with human babies. Faerie use humans to strengthen their bloodlines and

Wildmen are naked savages often hairy and may wear living vegetation on body or in hair. They worship faeries. Many are berserkers and hostile to humans. They do respect kindness and will repay it with information (treasure, where witches meeting) but most don't speak much. Wildmen are led by druids and some directly follow dryads or other beings.

Faerie and goblin food or drink is addictive and makes victim hard to survive on mortal world. Without food they will wither and die. The strongly virtuous are better able to resist the temptation. Faerie gold tends to vanish and is used to trick humans in trade deals or as bait. Children and youths are atracted to faerie promises and gifts more than adults.

If I ever write my own monster manual I think all the wee folk faerie types will be compressed into one type with random variants.

Part 3 will be rumours and treasures

d10 What do Faeries do with prisoners?
1 Let monster troops eat them
2 Take best to faerieland as slaves returning them in d10x100 years when old and useless
3 Take best to faerieland for breeding for d10x100 years
4 Transform them into lycanthropes and release
5 Transform into orcs and offer to join forces or release in distant land
6 Transform into beastmen and offer to join forces or release in distant land
7 Transform into trees
8 Transform into halflings and release
9 Transform into ordinary animals and release
10 Strip arms, armour and food then release with warning to not resist faeries again

d10 Faerie Forts 
1 Giant tree surrounded by other trees, concealed with hidden entrance
2 Small ancient keep that looks like it has existed forever where thee was none before
3 Hill rumoured to be burial place of ancient kings, hollow with faerie court inside
4 Glass or crystal fort that moves or disappears (black glass for dark elves)
5 A great door in a hill or rock enters into a impossibly large otherworld citadel
6 Ring of mushrooms or flowers is a gate to faerie castle on other side
7 Standing stones if walked about right 
is a gate to faerie castle on other side
8 Blackened stone ruin partially built from charred skulls
9 Invisible tower only visible from the inside
10 Cloud fortress occasionaly lands or drops a ladder

d10 Changeling baby really is...
1 Wooden or straw golem with illusion
2 A small ugly old goblin in disguise
3 A changeling who shifts from baby to adult elf like spirit folk
4 Sickly dying faerie baby
5 Kobold in disguise highly aroused
6 Brownie just wants free meals
7 Vicious spriggan or redcap shaved and in disguise
8 A Phooka in disguise
9 Gnome shaved and in diguise
10 Pollymorphed troll with time delay to return to normal form

Faerie encounters are less willing to die than others. If foes don't succumb to magic or flee or surrender the faerie will be cautious. If many are wounded or a single one is killed the whole group will try to flee with wounded or dead hurling curses and threats. As immortals they take death seriously.

So this table is for countryside encounters. Feel free to roll lower dice like d10 for first part of war and use higher dice like d12 or d20 till d100 when war fully functioning

d100 Faerie War Zone Encounters
01 Tiny invisible faeries loot pockets and bags for coins and food
02 Gangs of halflings mugging travellers around countryside and steal food
03 Leprechaun with pot of gold runs buy temping pursuit into dangerous terrain or ambush
04 Animals of the wilds pause and watch and follow, possibly pixies or shapeshifters
05 Charmed people invite travellers to a healing spring where nixies await to enslave
06 Charmed people invite travellers to their camp to a wild party in a dryad grove
07 Shower of magic darts or arrows from some wee folk rain down from invisible attackers
08 Wildmen band attack travellers with clubs and javelins for loot and slaves
09 Wildmen led by druid with wild animals attack but will flee if any killed
10 Wild animal attacks will usually flee if any killed, include normally non hostile species

11 Beastmen bandits attack all same type
12 Wildmen mounted on animals attack but will flee if any killed

13 Goblin scouts attack for food will flee if any killed
14 Goblin bat riders fly by and fire arrows will flee if any near death
15 Goblin wolf riders will attack with missiles and possibly melee if they seem to be winning
16 Dwarf mercenaries will demand surrender and will release you if you hand over weapons
17 Gnomes and some animal friends will demand humans surrender weapons and food  
18 Quickling runs by and reports party to elves or other faerie forces
19 Redcaps block road threaten travellers and demand human flesh, turn huge if resisted
20 Elf scouts will fire arrows from afar and pursue or flee if resisted
21 Serious fauns will threaten party declaring they would rather you surrender
22 Satyrs will drunkenly threaten party want to take booze, bards and women
23 Centaurs charge and will savagely attack with bow, lance and clubs
24 Elven warriors will attempt to soften party with spells then attack
25 Hybsil scouts with poison arrows ambush but flee if take losses 
26 Wild trolls attracted by war sniffing about for people to eat
27 Orc archer scouts looking for loot and slaves or corpses to eat
28 Marching orc troops moving to a critical battle
29 Wildman berserkers with druid prince in chariot of living wood with leaves growing from it
30 Elf archers on elk skirmish with humans but avoid casualties
31 Spriggans in small form soften party then become giants if resisted
32 Swanmay rangers will pepper with arrows then fly away if any harmed
33 Charmed human soldiers working for faerie will try to capture or kill resistors
34 Talking animal try to convince humans to surrender to faeries for own good
35 Spirit folk magicians try to capture party and flee in non human form
36 Spirit folk pretending to be human try to infiltrate human travellers
37 Pixies pretend to be lost crying children, hungry and need help, spies38 Trees turn into spirit folk warriors led by dryad 
39 Faerie spirit folk lady with elf knights tries to convince party to join them 
40 Sirene warband will skirmish from ambush then flee to water if any badly harmed
41 Savage korred band will threaten humans to join dance or hurl rocks and use magic
42 Nymph and pets appear by water source uses powers to enthral or nudity to kill
43 Nereid in serpent form with pets by stream attacks, if harmed offers a reluctant kiss
44 Sylph will send a air elemental and support it with spells and flee if she is endangered
45 Goblin regulars on march led by elf commander on way to battle
46 Giant eagles fly by dropping rocks (or owls if night)
47 Dark elf assassins riding giant ravens or bats will investigate travellers
48 Giant intelligent talking lion leading army of fauns, beastmen and animals
49 Army of children joined faerie cause try to take party prisoner and fight to the death
50 Fox woman animal spirit tries to join party to evaluate threat to faerie kind
51 Wildmen riding giant boars attack with javelins and clubs but flee if losing
52 Wildmen berserkers riding bears will dismount and fight side by side to the death
53 Wild naked elves riding giant goats and will fire arrows but avoid direct fight
54 Elf archers hunting with elf hounds will try and take prisoners
55 Elf archers hunting with werewolves trained to respond to horns
56 Werewolves savagely attack, use human form to get close
57 Jolly drunk on mead werebears in human form offer to travel with humans to judge them
58 Elven knights block road challenge nobles to contest or attack ignoble humans
59 Elf she witches riding owls fly overhead with spells then flee
60 Elf women riding unicorns request humans surrender to be treated fairly
61 Grubby naked swamp elves riding giant frogs attack from body of water
62 Kelpie in horse form tries to lure humans into riding it then dives in water
63 Kelpie maiden in waters edge offers free love to strangers
64 Faerie bard attempts to charm party and convince them to aid faerie forces
65 Dancing faeries offer to dance with them and offer magic faerie food and drink
66 Spriggans try to sneak past but stolen babies cry out
67 Spriggan thieves interrupted dividing treasure and angry at traveller intrusion
68 Dancing feasting faeries offer hospitality to polite visitors and give gifts to well mannered
69 Goblin market meeting on roadside
70 Faerie nobility with elf knight escort out seeing their ancient reclaimed lands
71 Sirene invite men to be husbands in their underwater land free of war and death
72 Firbold leading swarm of madcap chaos goblins high on magic potions
73 Formarians leading human captives in chains
74 Elf griffin or pegasus riders fly overhead mostly non hostile reporting to faerie leaders
75 Elf mob playing hurley ignore humans unless interfered with
76 Banshee maid who blocks the road killing travellers by night, in day corpses found
77 Abandoned baby in basket is a changeling who can turn from baby to adult elf
78 Tiny birds hopping about camp are really pixies in disguise studying humans
79 Drunken leprechaun spinning on head like a top will make shoes if you give him grog
80 Drunken leprechauns have robbed a wine cellar or merchant and are hopelessly drink
81 Goblins offer delicious faerie fruit for sale at low low prices
82 Miners camped by road driven out of their mine by kobold knockers pranks
83 Drunken aroused naked kobolds fornicating by roadside follow any who give them booze
84 Evil dark dwarves torturing victims by roadside 
85 Brownies out to steal horses and weapons lurk by old standing stones by road
86 Will-o-wisp menacing travellers in fog shrouded road
87 Phooka in form of black goat or pony, if ridden cannot get of and takes on a wild ride 
88 Mob of dark elf, faerie and beasts tormenting travellers forcing into depraved acts
89 Hag with goblin flunkies demands a handsome male be turned over to her to pass
90 Gremlins swarm and overun road, some sneaking into bFaggage for later mischief
91 Banshee washing bloody clothes by river, if spoken to she reveals true form and screams
92 Hag leading a band of dark elves demands gifts or compliments to pass
93 Drider squad prowling road for victims to torture
94 Treant uproots self and menaces travellers, ploding and happy to scare people away 
95 Hag with sack load of crying babies outraged at any interfearance
96 Dark elves herding ambulatory fungi of various kinds down road to kill everyone
97 Mermaid spirit folk in human form investigating surface to see if a good flood needed
98 Fatchan bandits spring out onto road demand treasure, weapons and armour
99 Force of elven halberdiers on the march, move into formation, demand surrender
100 Changelings in human form investigating which humans worthy to spare or enslave

d100 Wonders of the war
01 Goblins spreading spores and spouting huge fungal blooms
02 Faerie fortress appears where none existed before 
03 Wooden stockade elves operating as a prison camp 
04 Strange mist covers land with queer lights seen in distance
05 No animal noises or creatures visible for some time
06 Ancient trees cover an area previously grassland 
07 Road vanishes, covered in grass
08 Huge magic mushrooms by roadside
09 Crazed squirrels rampage over travellers looting camp and biting as swarm
10 Vines overgrow area grasping travellers entangling them

11 Sounds of revelry, faerie party celebrating return of the old order
12 Huge marching army of thousands of elves marching o ancient faerie road

13 Swarm of tiny birds actually brownies fill sky chirping 
14 Stone monoliths by roadside ancient yet recently moved there
15 Ancient faerie road has become visible, thousands of small pointed footprints 
16 Strange animal noises, a animal leader talking to dozens of various animals
17 A gigantic tree fort visible in distance like a huge tower where there was non before
18 A forest walking in distance will freeze if they know they are watched
19 Swarm of thousands of tiny flower faeries on the move will be glowing if night
20 Hundreds of strange vegetal man sized plant pods open and growing from ground
21 Thousands of beautiful flowers covering ground and surfaces on flowering vines
22 Drowned smiling men floating in waterway and laying on shores
23 Smiling travellers sitting by roadside in drugged stupor eating faerie food
24 Wagons tipped over and empty wine barrels and bottles scattered everywhere
25 Shimmering glass tower visible in distance
26 Dragon flies in distance burning haystacks
27 Swarm of panicked commoners fleeing something in distance
28 Stampede of deer or goats charge down road led by beastmen
29 Clothes and shoes of hundreds of people discarded by roadside
30 Tapping and knocking sounds from underground
31 Mysterious hill blocking the road with a single door
32 Elves partying with hundreds of local youths getting ready to go to faerieland forever
33 Waggons pulled by phooka driven by goblins carry strange delicious looking fruit
34 See a huge grasshopper with a human head winks at you then hops out of sight
35 A man screaming riding a black billy goat that carries him wildly through thorn bushes 
36 Goblins drinking and dancing, singing about the new world order
37 Children marching to elfland with begging and pleading parents following them
38 A faerie army in distance march into a hillside and the door vanishes
39 A great boggy pit of peat where mud covered newly born adult orcs arise
40 A strange cloud flying overhead seems to be following party
41 Flock of giant eagles flying overhead with elven archers riding them
42 Hundreds of halflings enjoying a feast celebrating return of the good old days
43 Troll shaped holes in rocks seem newly formed
44 Horses stampeding being chased by hungry griffons
45 Phooka in form of a black bull chasing screaming farmers around roadway 
46 Swarm of attractive giggling flower faerie girls lewdly frolicking before travellers
47 Gigantic mushroom forest has sprung up overnight populated with goblins and dark elves
48 Huge cave mouth opened with huge faerie fungi caver complex within
49 Human refugees fighting over faerie gold while leprechauns laugh at them
50 Scrawny refugees by roadside seek faerie food they are hopelessly addicted to
51 Chests of faerie gold laying spilled on roadside to delay and weigh down fleeing humans
52 Aged old bard in latest fashion laying by roadside in last dying gasps asks for sweetheart
53 Kobolds engaged in drunken orgy by roadside with humans mirthfully watching
54 Mob of old people in long ago fashion speaking barely recognisable dialect all lost
55 Cult of faerie worshippers dancing around a bonfire having a celebratory feast
56 Druids performing ceremony to awaken the trees (calling tree spirit folk and dryads)
57 Druid led country people pulling a huge monolith on a sled dedicated to faerie
58 See in reflective surface of a pool a fabulous faerie kingdom city
59 Great megalithic Stonehenge archway where a stream of faerie beings marching from
60 Huge wild thorny hedge maze overgrown landscape
61 Human army have discarded weapons and armour worshipping a faerie lady 
62 Naked hairy man with a collar on covered in scratches laying on roadside
63 Sleeping old man with thirty foot long beard under tree, been in faerieland a millennium
64 Mushroom houses of faerie folk village by roadside with sprites or gnomes
65 Friendly smart animal really a pixie follows party as a spy 
66 Peasants dancing around a maypole led by druid priestess according to the old faith
67 Priest yelling abuse at peasants revelling in ancient naked pagan rite to faerie folk
68 A great burning wickerman with singing druidic cultists, new faith priest inside screaming
69 Cultists frolicking naked and talking to great horned faerie serpent in magic fruit tree 
70 Dwarves, gnomes and forest animals dancing and feasting together in joy
71 Druidic wedding ceremony between a human and a elf or wildman
72 Abandoned merchant caravan and clothes with naked wildmen looking about confused
73 Scholar translating text on a newly appeared ancient elf monolith
74 Farmer arguing with cow that refuses to go to market
75 Hunter has been trapped by forest animals who are giving him a murder trial
76 Dark elves raising dead farm animals and farmers as zombies for a laugh
77 Dark elves pouring potions into river causing poisoning and mutations 
78 Korreds having a rock throwing contest invite travellers to join in contest
79 Procession of woodland elves and fey folk at waters edge meeting sea fey folk envoys
80 A parliament of giant owls talking will go silent when they realize humans near
81 Hundreds of arrows in ground sprouting rapidly into oak trees
82 Sickly human refugees carrying elfpox heading to city to escape faerie invasion 
83 New trees overgrowing road up close see warped features of anguished humans
84 Hairy wildmen solemnly carrying a fallen elf in a funeral procession
85 A wizard catching flower fairies in a net and bottling them to sell
86 Humans sprinkling iron filings on road to annoy faerie invaders
87 Humans torturing elf captives with heated pure iron rods for information
88 Inquisitor leading a mob to burn pro elf cultists as a message 
89 Priest leading line of human soldiers towards the front lines, sombre and fearful 
90 Formarians wallowing in bog eating rotting human corpses cheerfully
91 Formarians with cages on their backs with captive humans marching to next village
92 Flying elven skyships with escorts of griffons and giant geese passing by
93 Elves singing and calling down celestial fairies and elves to join their ranks
94 Hear distant treant songs awakening long slumbering tree folk for miles
95 Goblins throwing human corpses into a bog while dark elf lord raises them as orcs
96 Hundreds of dead soldiers with horrified twisted expressions and white hair
97 Soldiers throwing off clothes and walking into water to follow sirene lovers
98 Elf queen with every being that meets her eyes falling in love and following her
99 Elf king in giant form striding over land with faerie minions
100 The wild hunt led by horned god leading faerie minions on rampage 

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