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D100 Weird Dungeon Idols

Idols are common in dungeons and often dedicated to obscure cults unfamiliar to adventurers. Occasionally you even find a good one sealed away or used as a trap or semi defiled by evil. Just roll the d100 and ose d10s to fill out detain or just roll d10s to create something. Why didn't I do this years ago? 5% might not seem like much of a chance for a miracle but thats better than some realities get.

d10 Quick Idol Type
01 Ancestral god or spirit  - the great ancestor watches all anf judges you all
02 Elemental being - brings power from other dimension
03 Monster or evil god - one of the great evil powers of the world
04 Obscure strange cult - strange cult little known about purpose
05 Dungeon spirit cult - dungeon is alive and demands sacrifices
06 Monster Hero or evil saint - a past evil doer is revered as a hero
07 Beast Spirit Cult - evil version of a animal cult
08 Diabolic - lawful evil idol dedicated to devils of hell
09 Demonic - chaotic evil idol dedicated to demons of the abyss
 Great Old Ones - dedicated to pre human elder horrors

d10 Decoration
01 Gem Eyes
02 Leaf gold or silver
03 Anointed with oils or blood
04 Wrapped in cloth as if clothing
05 Wears a crown or necklace
06 Sits on pile of skulls
07 Creature skin draped over like cape
08 Lit candle or stove or lamp before it
09 Carpet with exotic mythical patterns
10 Painted or made up

d10 Accompanying Artworks

01 Mural on walls depicting mythology

02 Tapestry depicting patterns and mythology
03 Candelabra of exotic design
04 Braziers burning strange scented offerings
05 Book or tablet of stone before idol
06 Tiny statuettes or dolls arranged before it
07 Musical Instrument used in ceramonies
08 Ornamental bowl with oil, booze, unholy water or blood
09 Weapon or tool in rack often used for ceremonies
Small separate altar for sacrifices

d10 Popular Sacrifices or Offerings
01 Incense or essential oils
02 Meat or guts
03 Blood or rendered body fat
04 Food items or drugs or booze
05 Hearts or Bbrains
06 Coins or semiprecious stones
07 Skulls or bones
08 Small animals
09 Humanoid Corpses
10 Weapons

d10 Idol Security
01 Fake treasure cursed or poison
02 Trap or alarm activated when offering touched
03 Curse spell on any who touch it
04 Fear or Confusion spell on any who touch it
05 Magic mouth scolds anyone touching it disrespectfully 
06 Illusion Spell guards it tries to scare away intruders
07 Magical damage spell guards it
08 Monster Guards it
09 Evil Priest or shaman or cult hero guards it
 Protective spirit guards it possibly animating it

d10 Magical Powers
01 Heals supplicant if sacrificed to
02 Blesses supplicant usually before battle for sacrifice
03 Causes weird dreams if slept near
04 Aids in communion with dead if corpse lain before it
05 Grants a petty minor mutation once
06 Used for simple Y/N divination for sacrifice
07 Makes Warriors who sacrifice go beserk during next battle
08 Protection from Good for sacrifice or other alignment for sacrifice
09 Purifies or Creates food or drink if sacrificed too
10 Creates a skeleton or zombie or petty undead if sacrificed to

D10 Idol enjoys

1 Acts of sadism and torture
2 Lewd dancing
3 Sexual performances

4 Sacrificial murder
5 Chanting or singing for hours
6 Offerings left for it
7 Acts of betrayal or injustice
8 Unspeakable oaths to perform vile acts
9 Humiliation of slave or prisoner
10 Self mutilation

d100 Weird Dungeon Idols
01 Crude idol of rat god with 2000cp arranged in in neat pile before it
02 Squat gjade idol curses any who touch with jealousy and paranoia
03 Vampire ancestor idol worshipped out of fear of the dead
04 Squid demon in green stone that causes nightmares 
05 Death cult idol used to speak with sacrificial victims for information
06 Bat idol to attract bats to area some but some specialize in vampire bats
07 Insect god used to attract food or vermin to area
08 Fungus god idol attracts fungal blooms and mould to area
09 Jewelled eye demon curses any who steal gem with impotency
10 Gilded six armed snake demon emits narcotic vapours if dance before it

11 Idol to Xor the flesh god rewards devotion with chunks of bloody fresh meat
12 Scorpion idol if set off will grasp victim and sting if treasure touched

13 Dog idol will heal wounds if food offerings left for the dog goddess
14 Spider idol can call swarm of spiders if non believers touch
15 Dungeon Spirit idol will reset local traps if given offerings
16 Crystal ball idol with show horrible false visions of future
17 Dungeon pie shrine contains one magic pie sent by the dungeon god
18 Black lotus demon idol if lit emits narcotic vapours that cause dreams
19 Swine idol improves fertility if sex act performed in front of it
20 Demon idol will reward you with vision of desire if you sacrifice an eye to it
21 Worm god idol will brand forehead of defiler with rune visible to goblinoids
22 Succubi idol 5% summon a succubi if masturbated in front of it (or incubi)
23 Satyr idol if given wine all worshiping will feel drunk for an hour
24 Sphynx Idol if gems crushed for it will answer a y/n question
25 Spirit lord idol if sacrifice accepted makes invisible spirits visible
26 Wolf demon idol if given a human heart or baby fat will make you a werewolf
27 Assassin Demon will drip poison onto a blade before it in a ceremony 
28 Goat head demon if danced before it will heal worshipers a HP each
29 Orcus idol if sacrificed person to will arise as a zombie to guard the shrine (one only) 
30 Jubilex idol if sacrificed rotten food will vomit a tiny gelatin or slime monster
31 Hellcat idol will deliver prayers to lords of hell 5% chance will call a hellcat to help
32 Hellhound Idol if leave a human heart will 5% summon a hell hound to protect the idol
33 Elemental idol for sacrifice will call a elemental guardian spirit to guard it
34 Devil Idol will bless a weapon +1 for an hour for a blood sacrifice
35 Asmodeus idol if prayed to supplicant will be offered a wish for your soul 5% chance
36 Rakshasa Idol is worshiper sacrifices self is reincarnated as other creature 5%
37 Snake demon idol will show visions of sleeping serpent men location for sacrifice
38 Rat shrine if bowl filled with milk will make rat beings ignore you for a day
39 Elf shrine if offerings left will prevent faeries pranking you for a d6 days 
40 Black dwarf idol if fed iron will sharpen a weapon +1 for first blow
41 Fire demon shrine if offerings burned fire will stay lit for a day
42 Phallus Idol if sacrificed to will increase fertility within next full moon
43 Blood Goddess for cup of blood will make dagger +1 until hits
44 War behemoth demon will give +1 STR for a hour if victim burned alive
45 Black crystal trapezohedron will summon shadow if covered with a cloth
46 Head hunter demon will grant +1HP for a day for every head you sacrifice to it
47 Ice Toad Demon keeps food and flesh fresh if kept nearby
48 Salamander idol 5% chance of calling a salamander if incense burned in brazier
49 Raven Idol if offered eyeballs might give you vision of what you seek 5%
50 Black skinned aroused demon idol, if genitals kissed get +1 next saving throw
51 Naga Idol if left food and wine will grant +1 on your next saving throw
52 Ugly toad demon will call random encounter if area touched by non cultist
53 Strange idol of the render of veils if human sacrificed gives vision of another plane
54 Fly idol crawling with flies and maggots which swarm at any who try to damage it
55 Dragon idol will accept coins in slot and will breath burning hands on any theif
56 Angry sky god will shocking grasp any non believer who touches it used as cult test
57 Troll demon idol, human flesh eaten before regenerates wound with disgusting lumps 
58 Reptile demon idol if bathed in blood a recently missing limb will regrow over a month
59 Cyclops demon if one eye sacrificed to it user gains infravision 6" range
60 Vulture god idol if fed human meat will grant +1 WIS for a d4 hours once a week
61 Water demon if victim drowned before it will 5% chance become invisible as spell
62 Hungry Giant idol if own flesh served to it d4 HP will grant +1 STR for d4 hours
63 Ogre Mother demon if fed treasure gives 5% chance of remove curse
64 Crude monolith with hole for severed head, 5% chance will speak to spirit of head
65 Eunuch demon if you sacrifice your genitals to it gain +1d4HP permanently
66 Peacock-horse demon if valuable incense burned will clean and repair your clothes
67 Lioness demon if fed human blood of a prisoner it will grant +1HP for the day
68 Fish god idol if given gold or human flesh will make next fishing better for a day
69 Ape demon idol if you stab yourself with dagger before it grants +1 STR for a d4 hours
70 Faceless demon idol if you sacrifice a HP to it your shadow will rise from your corpse
71 Demon idol if self torture before it get 5% call a lesser demon per day
72 Lava demon if fed d4 HP of your blood -1 fire damage per dice for d4 hours
73 Lamprey Demon if fed d4 HP of your blood will give you visions of when demons ruled 
74 Star Demon Idol if human sacrificed to calls a byakee from space 5% to serve till dawn
75 Dungeon Spirit Idol will summon a spectral hammer to fight intruders for 2d4 rounds
76 Orc ancestor spirit if anointed in blood allows you to dream of any orc ancestors
77 Famous Evil High Priest idol if swear to it gain protection vs good 1 hour once per day  
78 Hunter god if fresh skeleton left for it grows a new animal 5% of the time
79 Shaman idol if fast before it can commune with a ancestor after d4 days hunger
80 Zombie god if you sacrifice a HP to it you become a zombie on death
81 Tentacle eye thing idol will drip nutritious slime to worshippers who flog themselves
82 Frog god idol if you lick it will cause a d4 hours of nightmarish halucinations
83 Chaos mutant idol will grant a lesser mutation once if a 1HD being sacrificed
84 Insect demon idol if fed well will guard shrine area with a insect swarm 
85 Shrieking Fungus Demon will scream if non cultists enter the shrine room
86 Cave god shine if evoked with ritual will give 6" infravision and make you an albino
87 Tick demon idol if fed a drop of blood will keep all lice and parasites away for a day
88 Mummified hand idol will bless true believer for an hour or curse false believer
89 Shark idol place hand in mouth as test of faith, will bite for d4 damage pleasing the god
90 Crystal demon idol will contact other plane if you sacrifice a INT point
91 Slug demon idol for a sacrifice of beer will gather a pound of delicious slugs to eat
92 Trilobite Demon if given blood will increase AC +1 for a d4 hours once a week
93 Centipede Demon idol if fed meat will gain +1"Mov rate for a d4 hours
94 Horned Devil idol for a piece of silver will burn like a fireplace for d6 hours
95 Efreeti Idol if fed blood will make your next urine highly flammable like alcohol
96 Djinn Idol if given maiden tears  will cover nearest 6" radius area in fog for an hour
97 Dinosaur demon for a d4 HP per day will make dinosaurs less interested in eating you
98 Troll Idol shoots a magic missile at anyone uttering swear words or foul language 
99 Farmer Idol keeps elves and fairies away if offering of pubic hair burned every day
100 Shoggoth Idol allows wielder to call long hidden sleeping horror 5% per week prayer

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