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Quick Monster Sub Breeds Again

Well these seem to flow from my brain pretty well and it is a start to producing work again. Mostly working on red tape of health, tax, job hunting at the moment.

So returning to my quest for making monsters more interesting. Will try and work through the 1st ed MM. As usual requests welcome but monsters for this series moreso right now.

d12 Zombie Sub Breeds AC12 HD2 Dam d8 Mov6" always strike last in initiative

01 Feral Zombie - faster Mov 12", d3/d3/d4 claw and bite attacks, no initiative penalty
02 Wrathful Zombie - regenerate 1hp/round if damaged by non acid, fire or holy water
03 Goblin Zombie - smaller and slightly faster AC13 HDd6 Dam d6 Mov12", good climbers
04 Vege Zombie - plant seed implanted in corpse arises, entangling tendril 2" range *
05 Fungi Zombie - victims killed infected with spoor arise, if killed explode d6 1" radius *
06 Lotus Zombie - human temporarily turned into zombie by ancient drug formula *
07 Barb Zombie - shoot a d4 bone spur from mouth instead of melee attack
08 Bound Zombie - skinless, wrapped in hooked chains, can make 2" entangling attack
09 Blood Zombie - naked blood covered zombie, leaves dripping trail Mov9"
10 Hook Zombie - hands replaced with sickles for two d4 attacks, if both hit do extra d4   

11 Pyro Zombie - immune to fire, blazing with hellfire, d4 damage to unarmed attackers
12 Bale Zombie - glows green, only harmed by magic weapons or attacks, Mov9"

*not strictly undead so immune to turning and mind control but vulnerable to cold

d12 Skeleton Sub Breeds AC13 HDd6 Dam d6 Mov12" 1/2 dam from edged attacks
01 Bloody Bones - scream, aggressive and inflict d8 by draining blood from living
02 Golden Skeleton - require magic or precious metals like gold or silver to harm
03 Skeleton Mage - have beards and use daggers or staves, cast as a 1st lv wizard *
04 Spectral Skeleton - green glowing bones, fly at 12", screech, damage by touch
05 Reapers - wear robes, often use scythes or sickles, intelligent, steal corpses
06 Plague Skeleton - wear shredded clothes and filth, d8 dam with filthy claws
07 Crypt Knights - wear battered arms and armour AC17 Dam d8
08 Maiden Skeletons - long hair and dresses, illusionary form of welcoming pretty girls
09 Bone Gorger - insane, screeching, try to eat flesh pointlessly, bite attack, HD2
10 Eternal Skeletons - reassemble via regenerate 1hp/round, unless holy or fire damage

11 Guardian Skeletons - take minimum damage from edged weapons AC15
12 Burning Bones - immune to fire, flaming +d4 Dam and any unarmed attacks take d4

* higher level ones also exist with 1HD/lv, know the spells they last learned, cannot learn

d12 Killer Frog Sub Breeds AC12 HD1+4 Dam d2/d2/d4+1 Mov 6"/12"swim/3"jump*
1 Venomous - brightly coloured, poison to touch or on frog attacks, +2 save

2 Killer Toad - warty and earth coloured, burrow 3" and ambush attack from underground
3 Zombie Frog - undead benefits and always attacks last, rotting putrid flesh
4 Bullet Frog - Mov 12" land jump 6", makes ram leap or bite att from ambush d6, no claws
5 Man Frog - More intelligent, injured victims save or turn into man frogs next full moon
6 War Frog - AC15 Dam d3/d3/d6, bred to be extra vicious by goblins
7 Glider Frog has huge fingers with membranes can glide 1" for every 1" up, can climb
8 Killer Croaker - once per battle can release killer croak d4 damage all in 1" radius
9 Blink Frog - can micro teleport in battle to attack rear and confuse attackers
10 Vampire Frog - will hang on with bite automatically and keep slashing with claws
11 Hell Frog - regenerates non magic or non silver weapons wounds or fire or holy water 
12 Spit Frog - spit d6 acid 4" range instead or melee attacks, immune to acid

*Jungle goblins, halflings and small humanoids use them as mounts. They can swallow anything same size so adult human out but small human, child or goblinoids possible. Frog claws are finger bones which break skin in fight and rapidly grow back

d12 Lizard Men Sub Breeds AC15 HD2+1 Dam d2/d2/d8 Mov 6"/12"swim*
1 Pterodactyl Men - fly instead of swim never use shields, don't swim

2 Gila Men - stocky and thick set, venomous bite +2 save, use 2H weapons, don't swim
3 Chameleon Men - only surprised 1in6 surprise 3in6, entangling 1" toungue 
4 Frill Neck Lizard Men - When angered large frill opens +1 AC, run 12"
5 Marine Iguana Men - hold breath 30 minutes, vegetarians and mostly peaceful
6 Skink Men - run 12" bite only d6 but prefer missile weapons and skirmishing
7 Serpent Men - advance weapons & magic d3+ levels as wizard, poison bite
8 Goanna Men - run 12", diseased bite save or become helpless in hour for d4 days
9 Thorny Devil Men - desert dwelling, cry tears of blood when angry, dont swim, d4 claws 
10 Dragon Men - d6 breath attack 3 times a day, fire or other types, fly instead of swim
11 Triceratops Men - AC17 horn att Dam d4/d6/d6, mostly peaceful unless attacked
12 Raptor Men - HD3 larger with bigger claws d4/d4/d8, excellent ttackers

*primitive ones use no tools, high ones use weapons and shields especially darts, nets, 2d4 obsidian clubs and javelins, standard breed hold breath 10 minutes in water, heroic ones bite and use a melee attack

d20 Giant Lizard Sub Breeds AC15 HD3+1 Dam d8 Mov15" double damage on 20 roll*
01 Lava Lizard - Orange and immune to heat and fire, can spit a d6 firebolt per fight
02 Slime Lizard - bite does extra point of acid damage per round for d6 rounds
03 Thorny Devil Lizard - any foe using unarmed attacks on lizard takes d4 damage
04 Frill Neck Lizard - when angry opens up skin shield +1 AC also protects any rider
05 Tiger Lizard - Stripey and excellent tracker also has two claw attacks for a d6
06 Spit Lizard - spit a blinding venom 6" range attack instead of bite, save or blind d6 hours 
07 Necro Lizard - undead, Mov6", if kill humanoid it arises as a zombie next night
08 Pack Lizard - docile vegetarian, easily tamed, carry camel load, Mov12", Dam d6
09 Whip Lizard - 20 foot tail can use to whip for d6 damage, hold breath in water for a turn
10 Fang Lizard - diseased bite, victim saves or dies over d6 hours, superb tracker

11 Ice Lizard - chilling bite, save or slowed for d6 rounds and -2 all rolls
12 Spine Lizard - porcupine like quills, shoot a d6 dam range 12" spine or bite
13 Cave Lizard - climb walls at Mov9", drop on prey ambush, camouflaged as stone
14 Stench Lizard - devolved kin of troglodyte with same stinking cloud like ability
15 Glider Lizard - cling to walls or trees, glide with rib membranes Mov 1" for each 1" up
16 Wizard Lizard - cast spells as a third level wizard once a day, purple shimmering skin
17 Ironscale Lizard  - AC 13 with metallic scales that can be made into two chain suits
18 Pipe lizards - Intelligent, can speak, colourful, smoke drugs from pipes & hookahs
19 Sabretooth Lizard - bite does d12 from huge fangs, squat and muscular
20 Peacock Lizard - shimmering metallic feathers, more lively and constantly hungry

*Many breeds make good riding beasts and are popular with reptilians and orcs, you need to be overcome their desire to eat things if hungry and their laziness when fed

Considering were frogs and lizards
Basilisk men for high level battles
Other humanoid versions of monsters might be fun like behir men

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