Sunday 11 June 2017

Monster Sub breeds Three

These have been going well and inspiring some new monsters too. Id rather modify existing monsters than make up endless new ones or create one shot monsters. Have printed Xor character sheets for game. Will hand colour some and scan next so will have colour and B&W versions. Will try and expand xor community gen and pre create a bunch for a d100. Possibly some kind of online random generator maker will help. Gun rules for my setting on the way as all guns do about a d8 is boring. With lots of multi barreled ones and blunderbus scatterguns and small artillery and grapnel guns and whaling harpoon guns you can put on wagons and blow away dragons with. d100 One Room Dungeons might be a goer too.

This is my third attempt to rewrite monster manual now. Id like something tablified for one hand and descriptions in booklet separate. Simpler descriptions with types grouped together. I can see this I will be able to edit in with my earlier versions.

No way do dolphins get a page when i can read a encyclopedia or a children's animal book. In DnD dolphins and whales are fucking fish like people thought they were for most of history.

So today's boring old monsters....

d12 Ant Sub Breeds  AC17 HD2 Att d6 Mov18"
1 Ant Swarm AC13 HD1 Att d3 Mov6" larger swarms are just multiples of these  
2 Giant Ant AC17 HD2 Att d6 Mov18" standard giant ant workers
3 Giant Ant Warrior 3HD Att 2d4 these are suicidal fighters, some breeds are berserkers
4 Miner Ant AC17 HD4 Att 2d6 these mine gold and guard it possibly for the gods
5 Fire Ants HD1 but have painful venom -4 to hit and half move from pain if fail save for hour
6 Stinger Ants - giant ant but with venomous bite +2 save or die over ten minutes in agony
7 Carpenter Ant - giant ants saw down trees and houses and build own wooden forts
8 Termites - related to giant ants but blind, build huge mounds and eat dead wood
9 Colossal Ant - HD10 Att 2d8 rare but regard humans are rivals to enslave and eat* 
10 Slaver Ant - sit on human back, mandibles around neck, decapitate to enforce ants will*
11 Tree Ant - these cause trees to fuse into a mass to become nest, grow fungus inside
12 Pyro Ant - these spit self igniting fluid, each spits one d6 bolt per fight, immune to fire 

*Intelligent breeds have pheromone like telepathy and practice slavery of other ants and possibly humans. Slaves might be made to work in tunnels, process food or care for grubs or eggs or might be farmed as food

d12 Rat Sub Breeds AC13 HD1hp Att1hp Mov 15"/6"swim diseased bite

Common Rat - standard rats most black with grey and brown becoming recent arrivals
2 Rat Swarm - group of rats attacking together some fused by tails HD1-2 Att d4
3 Giant Rat HDd4 Att d3 Mov12"/6"swim common monster rats found in town sewers
4 Wolf Rat HD1 Att d6 Mov15" used like hunting hounds by some humanoids, grey
5 Plague Rat HD4 Att d3/d3/d6 diseased bite, black, spreads plague miasma over area 
6 Pack Rat HDd4 steal shiny things to hide in their burrows which they defend if have young
7 Colossal Rat HD8 Att d6/d6/d10 Mov 12"/3"Swim bear size, will burrow own tunnels
8 Gargantua Rat HD 30 Att 2d12/2d12/2d12 very rare usually primal spawn of rat god
9 Splat Rat - resemble giant rats but come in odd colours, explode on death d4 5ft radius*
10 Chem Rats - as rat swarm, green-yellow, releases choking gas like stinking cloud spell
11 Rat Lord - hideous intelligent ten headed rat HD6 Att d4x10, some cast spells and talk
12 Slime Rats as giant rat but covered in green mucous, d3 acid touch, damages weapons

*possibly developed by dwarves or alchemists as alternative powder charge for guns

d20 Bear Sub Breeds
 AC13 HD3+3 Att d3/d3/d6* Mov12"/6" 
1 Black AC13 HD3+3 Att d3/d3/d6
2 Grizzly AC14 HD5+5 Att d6/d6/d8
3 Cave AC14 HD6+6 Att d8/d8/d12
4 Polar AC14 HD 8+8 Att d10/d10/2d6
5 Panda AC14 4+4 Att d4/d4/d6 black and white omniverous
6 Owl Bear AC15 HD5+2 Att d6/d6/d12 owl head and feathers
7 Hook Horror AC AC15 HD5 Att d8/d8 vulture head with hook hands
8 Croc Bear AC15 HD7+3 Att d6/d6/d12 desert dwelling, cults mummify them
9 Wolf Bear AC14 HD6+2 Att d6/d6/d8 wolf headed
10 Tentacle Bear AC15 HD8+4 Att d6x4/d6/d8/d12 4 tentacled bear monster, 1" reach
11 Magma Bear AC 16 HD8 Att d8/d8/d12 live in lava can spt 4d6 firebolt or mele
12 Demon Bear AC18 HD12 Att d8/d8/2d6 only harmed by magic, invisible in darkness
13 Necro Bear AC15 HD6 d8/d8/d10 drain level on touch, victims arise half strength wights
14 Serpent Bear AC 16 HD4+4 d6/d6/2d6 poison bite, intelligent and serves elder demons
15 Night Bear - shape shifting evil corrupting bear, invisible in dark, charm person 3/day
16 Mole Bear - burow at 3", hairless, poor vision, ambush from underground surprise 1-4
17 Blood Bear - grapples victims, sucks blood leaving gory husk, half hp drained heal it
18 Spirit Bear - protect humans from supernatural for offerings, see and attack magic beings
19 War Bear AC17 HD6+6 d8/d8/d12 wear full plate and are intelligent serving good
20 Phantom Bear - can pass through walls and evade harm in spirit form and turn invisible
* both claws hit will grapple and deliver equivalent of bite 
automatically, will crush victim till dead, bears are berserkers and fight up to -9 hp

d12 Crustacean Sub Breeds
 AC17 HD3  Dam 2d4/2d4 Mov 9" Surprise 1-4 4 foot shell*

Giant Crab AC17 HD3  Dam 2d4/2d4 Mov 9" Surprise 1-4 4ft shell
2 Colossal Crab AC18 HD12 Dam 2d8/2d12 Mov 12"  12ft shell
3 Gargantua Crab AC20 HD50 Dam 4d12/4d12 Mov15" 40ft shell
4 Giant Shrimp AC15 HD1 Dam d3/d3 Move 4"/12"swim, dislike leaving water, 2ft shell
5 Giant Isopod AC 15 HDd4 Dam d4 Mov 9" 1ft shell sea bugs
6 Giant Dragonfly Larvae AC17 HD6+1 Att 3d4 Mov3"/24"Swim 9ft long
7 Cave Lobster AC16 HD4+4 Att 2d6/2d6 Mov 6"/12"Swim, surprise 1-3 8ft shell
8 Giant Trilobite AC15 HD2 Att d6 Move 6"/16"swim 3foot shell
9 Giant Hermit Crab AC18 HD6 Dam 2d6/2d6 Mov9" live in variety of giant shells
10 Giant Horseshoe Crab AC17 HD8 Dam 2d6 Mov 9" 6ft shell
11 Sea Scorpion AC17 HD5+5 Att d10/d10/d4 plus poison Mov 9"/15"Swim 8ft shell
12 Sea Spider AC15 HD3 Att d6 Mov 6" once bites hangs on and sucks fluid each round

*move equally well on land and water mostly unless specified, many have limbs and antennae making size almost double from shell

d12 Flightless Bird Sub Breeds AC13 HD1-3 Dam d4 peck or 2d4 kick Mov 18"

1 Giant Kiwi HDd4 1ft 10lb small fat bird, long curved reed beek, can be trained to write
2 Dodo AC 10 HD1 3ft 30lb delicious plump, inept, inability to ID threats, can talk but stupid
3 Rhea HD1d3 or kick d4 5ft tall 90lb small grazing grassland birds peck 
4 Emu HD2 d4 peck or d6 kick 6ft 130lb scrubland grazers wish shaggy brush like feathers
5 Cassowary HD2 6ft 130lb Att kick or axe crestbutt d6 or charge 3d4, tropical forest birds
Ostrich HD3 7ft 300lb ridable and can be used to pull carriage as light horse
7 Axebeak AC14 HD3 Dam d3/d3/2d4 vicious pack hunting bird, can be ridden
8 Terror Bird AC14 HD4 8ft 330lb Dam d6/d6/d12 vicious pack hunting bird 
9 Elephant Bird/Dramornis AC15 HD8  Dam d8 peck or d12 stomp 10ft 1100lb omnivorous 
10 Moa AC15 HD9 Att d10 peck or 2d6 kick 12ft 1200lb herbivorous fearless bird herds* 
11 Achaierai AC15 HD 5+4 Dam 2d8/2d4/2d4/2d4/d10 four legged, stinking cloud/per fight 
12 Fire Strider AC14 HD 2+2 Att d6 kick or spit d6 firebolt 9" range, exotic mounts  

*also called honkers for resonant long range call 

d12 Cetacean Sub Breeds
 AC16 HD12 Att 5d4 Mv30"

1 River Dolphin AC16 HD1+1 Att d6 Mv24" small often odd looking some bright pink
2 Marine Dolphin AC15 HD2+2 Att 2d4 Mv30" common dolphin
Narwhale AC14 HD6+6 Att d12 double with charge Mv21" unicorn of the sea, eat men
4 Beluga Whale AC 14 HD8 Att d12 Mv30"
5 Killer Whale  AC16 HD12 Att 5d4 Mv30"
6 Humpback Whale AC16 HD18 Att 2d8 slap Mv18"
7 Sperm Whale AC16 HD36 Att 10d6 Mv18" huge toothed whale
8 Blue Whale AC17 HD50 Att 6d6 slap Mv18" good whales will chase evil whales
9 Lyngbakr AC19 HD72 Att 10d12 Mv18" might pretend to be small islands
10 Basilosaurus AC17 HD24 Att 6d4 Mv24" prehistoric sea monster
11 Bull Whale - evil whale calls cows to shore with charmed bull call to eat them 
12 Shell Whale AC19 HD36 Att 10d6 Mv18" has armoured barnacle layer and attacks ships


  1. OK, croc bear and snake bear are wonderful.

  2. Slime Rats for the win. I'd make the player roll a save vs acid for any weapon that hits them, every time they hit them.


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