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d100 Goblin Tribes and Their Customs

Goblins are the the most common faerie kin and the most adaptable of the humanoids, rapidly mutating and adapting to environments and breeding rapidly to fill any niche. Elves often breed them to occupy borderlands between them and as servants. Goblins might evolve into hobgoblins or bugbear tribes and many tribes have a few hobgoblins and bugbears born among them and end up serving the ruler. Some goblins might even crossbreed with other creatures. So many types of goblins exist and some are more horrible or helpful than others. They are curious for food or magic and secrets in general and often mischievous if not evil.

Each tribe has a tribe name, a habitat and prefered habits and lifestyle. Goblins are mostly short lived and impulsive but some live much longer especially magic ones.

Some tribes hire out specialists to other tribes. Goblins come in many colours which unite them in tribes and allegiances. Ogre Magi are infamous for recruiting from many tribes especially mutant goblins. Elves might breed them and even give birth to them occasionally if needed to guard borderlands.

Goblins are pretty good at using any materials to make weapons and naturally good at craft. Some are quite advanced in metallurgy, armour and weapons or even siege war. They are pretty good at salvaging from other races or victims and are capable of digging whole dungeons.

Hobgoblins are hard working and make good labour but are easily offended and provoked into violence. They tend to be more disciplined and when goblins wage war for longer times more hobgoblins are born. Hobgoblins can be employed as labourers but you need to be wary not to offend them. just swearing near them might set them off on a violent tantrum. Bugbears are elite troops and stealthy assassins and appear when hobgoblins populations peak. They tend to eat other races smaller and fancy human children most of all so humans never employ the except as assassins. Gremlins are like stunted goblin children who never grow bigger and some reach plague proportions. Other mutations and breeding experiments and hybrids are common. Goblins are very good at domesticating monsters and animals.

Goblins mostly fight as skirmishers often alongside larger races. Their craft skills make them excellent at supporting war machines of other races.

This is part of my long neglected goblin mine zone series which probably needs more work.

d100 Goblin Tribes and Their Customs
01 Bone Forest Tribe dwell in a haunted forest and the underlands, they are white skinned and grind bones for their bread and eat bones in general. They are nasty and hungry
02 White Worm Tribe worship the worm god and breed maggots and grubs. They are mostly scavengers but also burrow and live in holes. They farm worms and milk giant caterpillars
03 Black Mushroom Tribe dwell in fungi caverns growing and trading fungus. Some are known as assassin's also and the tribe take berserker shrooms in mass combat
04 Slimefang Tribe enjoy living in swamps, sewers and flooded caves often along side domestic slime monsters. They have green skin and are filthy and smelly
05 Batriders are small jet black goblins known for stealth and domestic bat riding. They are quite nasty and often work as mercenary scouts but also make bat milk cheeses and yogurt
06 Yellow Scar tribe are sickly yellow skinned goblins who enjoy torture, cannibalism, mutilation and self scarification. Most other goblins think them extreme and avoid them 
07 Seasting Tribe are cyan skinned goblins adapted to coastal life who can hold breath for ten minutes. They also throw stinging jellyfish and poison fish which they are immune to 
08 Bloody Claw tribe are red skinned goblins who drain and feed off blood from victims in vile rituals. They also keep pet stirges and flightless birds as pets
09 Bile Eaters are a green skinned tribe who eat rotten food and garbage, raiding human midden pits which isn't a huge problem. Many of them can vomit on foes in or after battle
10 Centipede Brother tribe dwell in caves with pet centipedes who they hurl at enemies. They have red skin and file their teeth and bone pierced noses

11 Wasp Brother tribe live in tropical forests and swaps and have bright yellow with black stripe markings. They ride giant wasps, drop hives on enemies. Use blowpipes and darts
12 Swamp Fiends are olive green-brown skinned goblins who ride huge frogs. They are notorious drug users and shamans brew narcotic cocktails they test on prisoners

13 Flesh Fiends are naked pink goblins who engage in fierce orgies and tests of torture. Other goblins avoid them. They like to hunt prisoners and make them run gauntlets
14 Nightspider tribe have purple skin and live in the deep underland breeding and living with their pet spiders. They often work for other underland races as scouts and builders
15 Maneater tribe are a blue skinned tribe who have necromantic shamen to make slave human zombies. These act as soldiers pack animals and mobile food
16 Fish suckers are a tribe known as cowardly who mostly live by water and catch fish by hand, net or rod and eat them raw. They fear sea monsters more than they do humans
17 Bean Eaters are a orange skinned tribe famed for flatulence and farting contests. They might spare a human who can out fart them. they also hurl rotten eggs at enemies 
18 Sons of Fire are a fire elemental worshiping tribe who burn victims alive and brand slaves with occult designs. They train various creatures and shamans are famous
19 Brain Eaters are grey skinned goblins who enjoy eating brains various ways but noted for putting victims in apparatus and to eat brains while victim alive. They laugh creepily
20 Plague Eaters are yellow and green skinned with pustules all over. They live in swamps and sewers and use the diseases they carry to infect animals and people 
21 Face Stabber tribe have mutilated faces and wear human face leather jerkins over their grey skin. They torture and tear off victims faces leaving them alive to serve their cruel god
22 Black Mirror tribe are contrary fiends who came from a magic mirror. They are grey skinned but are healed by weapons and harmed by healing magic, they think this is funny 
23 Head Taker Tribe collect severed heads to decorate their hut shrines and bugbears garrotters are tribal heroes. Brown skinned and hairy the like to wear ancestors heads 
24 Corpse Eaters are grave robbing bastards who defile burial grounds and even eat lesser undead. Shamen animate zombies to transport meat home. Like to leave corpse fragments 
25 Gut Stompers like to disembowel prisoners and squeeze out partly digested food into their mouths. They are bile green wallow in pits of offal in rituals to their demon god
26 Brachen tribe were guardians of elfland borders who acted as a buffer between elves and man. They live in forests and are quite sociable with sylvan beings and run markets
27 Red Bastard tribe are cruel wearing blood soaked pointy caps but also live with swarms of gremlins who aid them and warn them and help torment enemies
28 Fever Brothers are plague carriers whos devotion to the plague god allows them to live while rotting. Many have vile gremlins living in their distended burst bellies
29 Fang Bothers are huge goblins with fangs using stone, bone and wood only. They live in caves and are less organised and a bit dim but get a club and bite attack and have 1HD+1
30 Sky Fiends are a tribe with glider membranes under their arms who can glide like a flying squirrel. They prefer tree or mountain habitats and are excellent climbers
31 Big Brain tribe have swollen brains bulging their skulls. They have a tribal mind link, speak with a polysyllabic polite phrasing. They boast of their genius but otherwise act same 
32 Hill tribe are yellow skinned common tribe who war against mankind ceaselessly for taking their land. They are great dungeon builders and accept any ally to wage their war 
33 Monopod tribe have a single leg and large foot and can leap 2". They are quite acrobatic and often attack while jumping over a victim and fill their lairs with spiked pits
34 Mist tribe are mysterious pedlars of magical faerie food that makes victims adicts. They like to tempt children but the most pure are resistant to their charms, victims become slaves
35 Bloodhammer tribe are red skinned mining goblins who occupy abandoned mines or drive out humans from ailing ones. Their drumming is famous and quite intimidating
36 Lizard Brothers ride giant lizards and have been known to deal with lizard and serpent men. Their mounts are sometimes unruly if hungry but are incredible trackers 
37 Skull tribe have emaciated skull like heads and no visible ears. The talk less but mutter and chatter among own kind. They are savage and brutal killers who worship death
38 Iron Brothers are technically advanced enjoying complex traps, crossbows and siege weapons. Their inventions are not always well made but deadly enough most of the time
39 Black Cauldron tribe are alchemists and magicians who brew potions and make undead in their pots. Some wear pots helmets and cook in their iron shields, are good cooks too
40 Wolf Riders are goblins who ride common wolves and live with them as equals. They are savage and predate on human farms. Serve as scouts and messengers 
41 Vile Horn tribe are red goblins many with one or two short straight horns. They often serve ogres and wage war against men and dwarves with great glee 
42 Ratkin tribe live with rodents some even riding bear size rats. Some tribes are hairy with rat like heads if they have pleased their rat demon patron. They sell rat milk and cheese 
43 Goldgobs Tribe have glistening gold skin and are crazed gold eating fanatics. They are fearless if there is gold to be gained. Make good mercenaries if you have more gold 
44 Phlegmgobbo tribe are green skinned with long red tipped constantly running noses. They are poor at sneaking due to sneezing and leave drps of mucous everywhere
45 Seemly Tribe are obsessed with occultism, superstition and magic. Violet skinned and covered with magica design tattoos. Gullible to magic threats and love fortune telling 
46 Frostborn Tribe hail from cold regions and mountains and are white or pale blue and highly resistant to cold -1HP/dice. Masters of camouflage and building with ice
47 Toadskin tribe are warty toad faced brown goblins with toxic skin secretions that cause blindness if bitten (if fail save) and hallucinations if licked. Like in burrows or swamps
48 Goatkin tribe are hairy white eyed goat headed goblins. Ruled by covens of goblin witches and often serving witches. They often join in witch festivals and moonlit dances
49 Greykin tribe use zombies made by shamen as slaves and even to care for their children making them very fond of their undead pets, they tell prisoners how happy they will be
50 Humbug tribe are confectioners who love to make candy and cakes, cover dungeons in magical candy canes, lollipops and other treats. Their shamen keep secrets to the death
51 Porter clan are hard working goblins who perform menial or skilled labour for hire and are not usually violent. Mostly they just work hard for low pay which annoys human workers
52 Magigob tribe are in love with magic and like to wear pointy caps, carry sticks and follow wizards annoying them with questions. Some learn magic proper and become wizards
53 Greycloak tribe excel at sneaking, climbing and sneaking like thieves and prefer ambushes, sneaking and secret doors to lairs rather than fighting directly
54 Shield tribe are martial goblins who employ professional military tactics and small size to occupy dungeons with great efficiency. They use shield walls and spears with sling support
55 Purple Mushroom tribe are lascivious and sleazy more interested in sex than violence. Some hang around towns and dungeons harassing passers by with lewd comments
56 Rancid Tentacle tribe are mutants who revel in chaos and mutagens. The like to force prisoners to drink vile experimental potions and they herd shoggoths
57 Turnip tribe are vile little angry turnip headed goblins who serve the turnip god, mostly growing turnips and sneaking them into fields of peasants not growing enough
58 Tree tribe live in branches of huge trees building walkways and tree houses. They also make nets, pits and snares and traps to catch food on the forest floor
59 Rootrot tribe live in roots of great trees, hollowing spaces underneath and hiding to catch the unwary. Little secret doors on trees hide their labyrinths among the root mass
60 Swampie tribe cultivate marsh plants in their hair and use them to hide in bogs and among plants. They cover selves in muck and slime and like to use poisoned darts
61 Sand Dweller tribe hide under the sand or glue sand to their bodies to ambush prey. They often live in desert ruins and desicate and mummify their ancestors to worship them
62 Swinerunners live with pigs and love them dearly. Some run with wild pigs eating acorns and truffles in the forest but more and more work on farms as swineherds
63 Burrower tribe live in concealed burrows. They often share with rabbits, badgers, moles and other animals and eat roots and fungus and things from the surface world 
64 Sporecap tribe are a aggressive shroom worshiping tribe who battle enemies using weaponised fungus including trained fighting fungus, spore puff balls, narcotics and poison  
65 Blackcap tribe live in giant mushrooms and underland fungus forests nut are quite civilized and magical. They can be spiteful and kidnap children to be servants
66 Fishgut tribe have webbed fingers and toes and live in saltmarsh areas. They are sneaky and mean and catch fish bare handed and suck their guts out raw. They dislike humans 
67 Rubblekin tribe live in ruins some imitate the original inhabitants with ridiculous ill conceived parodies claiming to be the original builders and highly sophisticated68 Rockrunner tribe live in rocky cliffs, canyon sand mountains often with goats. They build communal mud brick pueblos and practice handicrafts including pottery and gold smithing   
69 Grave Eaters tribe are corpse eating grave robbers who steal by night. They often pretend to be spirits to drive away nosey people so they can eat in peace 
70 Stone Brother tribe live in dungeons and seek to occupy and control them. They might act subordinate or serve a master but in the long run they seek to outbreed rival powers
71 Crypt Brother tribe invade and occupy tombs and mausoleums as homes. Their shamen enslave local undead to serve the tribe. They attempt to scare away intruders  
72 Demon Tongue tribe worship demons and spread the word of chaos and evil. They fight among themselves frequently and love torture and slavery. They worship many evil idols
73 Ruby Thirst tribe love wine and getting drunk so much so they help humans pick and prune crops for a share. They publicly dance naked and perform drunken lewd acts
74 Yellow Hand tribe are mean spirited slavers who also use narcotics for themselves and to keep slaves obedient. They deal with smugglers, drug dealers and gangs far and wide
75 Glowcap tribe live with luminous fungus and insects and themselves glow eerie green. They live in swamps and underground and use their appearance to scare enemies
76 Nightwing tribe are part demon and have wings which allow them to fly like a bat. They often serve wizards and demon cults. Awareness of their rarity makes them seek patrons
77 Redcaps are bloodthirsty bandits who wear blood soaked pointy hats. They often serve other fairy creatures with similar habits and engage in cruel victory festivities 
78 Red Brick tribe live near riverbanks and craft pots and bricks which they sell or build labyrinth like dungeons with. Their bloody urges are kept sated with brickworks in cities
79 Stone Skin tribe have stony grey skin and can keep still for hours often hiding in stone walls or pretending to be statues. They love building secret passages in dungeons
80 Marshgargle clan are googly eyed, shy and secrete slippery oil making them hard to catch or grapple. They have many irritating habits like bobbing their heads idiotically
81 Runescibble tribe are famous for copying and recording any writings or engravings they come across and hiding them away in underground library vaults. Many work as scribes
82 Haemogoblin tribe are blood drinkers with gliding webbing under their arms and are expert climbers. They vamparise mostly herd and farm animals and dislike tool or clothes
83 Woodworm tribe grow deer antlers and older ones have moss and lichen growing on skin and antlers. The live in the dark woods and dislike human hunters or intruders
84 Onion Eaters farm onions and garlic and make flat bread and bean dip. They often sell these in dungeons and outskirts of towns. Mostly harmless except for their breath
85 Thunder Brothers like explosives and fires and frequently experiment and rob alchemist rubbish heaps. They make all kinds of potions and powders some which actually work
86 Grimhelm tribe always wear helmets and carry cruel weapons. They are fair smiths and often serve humanoid war bands as skirmishers and craftsmen. They love mass warfare 
87 Skulkmonger tribe are sneaky, devious murderers who prefer to eliminate enemy leaders by stealth than wage open warfare. Many are employed as assassins by dungeon dwellers
88 Bleaklamp tribe serve dark elves as footmen and and scouts. They are often well equipped and disciplined and able to call on masters for advice or aide
89 Mosswing tribe have clear insect wings and live among sylvan folk and elves as messengers. They are cheeky, evasive and avoid conflict but will use darts or bows
90 Black Arrow tribe are famous for great archery and their disgusting hygiene. Green skinned but covered in black filth and they never bathe. Arrows are dipped in vile potions 
91 Fell Sister tribe are goblin witches who serve other tribes with magic and advice and healing. The males act as fanatic bodyguards. They utter terrible curses to egg on warriors
92 Fallen Star tribe are grey skinned with large black eyes who claim to have come from the sky. They are fond of kidnapping victims from bed and leaving them in fields after defilement
93 Mazerunner tribe like to modify dungeons into confusing mazes then use secret passages to confound and ambush intruders. They giggle and titter just out of sight 
94 Seerbender tribe use fungus potions to see other dimensions and tell fortunes which sometimes they sell. Most are unhinged and speak in confusing riddles
95 Weaselknocker tribe train giant weasels and live with them like siblings. They ride the weasels and train small young ones to run up big 'un enemy trouser legs
96 Cricket Brothers herd giant crickets in underworld fungus gardens and leave them as noise making guardians near their borders and cave entries. Some ride bigger crickets
97 Snailkin wear discarded snail shells as hats and many carry large pet slugs and snails as pets adhered to skin. Some train war flailsnails or giant battle slugs to ride into battle  
98 Snortgargler tribe have piggy snouts, ears and small eyes. They like eating and wallowing in mud. They can be fierce if egged on by a leader who feeds them well
99 Biletounge tribe are renowned for their foul mouths uttering sexual depravity and blasphemy. They enjoy defiling holy places with feces and writing abuse with shit on walls100 Chestsplitter tribe ritually butcher victims and decorate their homes with rib cages, sinuous bones and sacks of gore. They like to make captives watch them work

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