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d100 Mental Mutations

Mental powers are some of the most exotic mutations and have a increased chance of mental defects or powers that will cause problems. Most powers have visible effects when in use. Mental powers might be known as psionics or psychic powers or spell like abilities are used for such powers.  Names used for practitioners include mesmerist, medium, mystic or even witches.

Powers not divided into types like most mutations based on organs or body parts. Possibly more powerful than other tables but some more detrimental. Some of the major mutations are problems too. Some of these risk your characters personality and behaviour while previous ones are mostly cosmetic. Psionic mutants probably blend in better but might go crazy or look scary using powers. Many petty powers are in fact brain defects or mental illnesses. Some of the later major powers might seem liabilities - serenity, pacifism, berserker.

I do also have a Psionics spell system that has proven popular in my games replacing standard psionics and illusionists. I let ppl take this list for clerics or elves or bards or wizards if they want to be from a alternate tradition.

Psionics Spell list and Classes
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 1-3
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 4-5 with Shaman Class
Psionics and Sorcery Mentalist Spell List 6-7 with Psionicist Class

Trained psionics tend to look down on mental mutants.

This is probably my final word in mental powers and psionics for my games. I've always hated creating whole crazy new systems for powers and felt most oficial systems broken.

Mutation tables so far
Xor Bio Mutations
Necro Mutations
Reptilian Mutations
Diabolic Mutations
Plant Mutations
Faerie Mutations
Possible: Fish, Amphibian, Arthropod (crabs, arachnid, insect), Ape, suggestions????

d12 Sources of mental mutation
01 Among first born of the coming race
02 Family bloodline of strange abilities
03 Experimentation on your bloodline
04 Exposed to psychic phenomena
05 Non human taint in bloodline from hidden race
06 Exposed to cosmic or reality warping forces
07 Exposed to weird crystals
08 Ate brains of a planar entity or some plane shifting organ 
09 Haunted by spirits growing up
10 Attacked by parasites from overspace

11 Exposure to powers of a psychic awoke your powers
12 Modified by superior beings

d100 Minor mental mutations
01 Smell or feel uneasy if mental or spirit phenomena used within 3"
02 Ectoplasm forming can produce a pound of slime within 1"
03 Sense evil intent towards you within 1"
04 Trance for one hour replaces sleep
05 Temperature drops when unhappy by ten degrees within 1"
06 Temperature raises when andry by ten degrees within 1"
07 Eyes glow when mad or using powers
08 Hair raises when exited or using powers as if in wind or from static
09 Mental resilience +1 wisdom bonus score
10 Hibernate three months once a year

11 Horrible nightmares and flashbacks make you mutter and sob in sleep, 
12 Fried nerve endings diminished sense of touch and pain
13 Split personality offers flawed advice nobody else can hear 
14 Memory lapses and repeats telling people things annoyingly
15 Mutters and and tells rambling stories even when alone
16 Prone to irrational weeping in all kinds of situations
17 Prone to irrational laughter in all kinds of situations
18 Unnatural charm +1 Charisma bonus
19 Insects, vermin and parasites repulsed and try to keep a foot away
20 Directional sense always feel magnetic north
21 Perfect sense of time to the second with clock precision
22 Numerate as if had a calculator or advanced abacus skills
23 Highly sensitive to pain and paranoid about threats of injury 
24 Empathic sense can feel strong emotions within 3"
25 Phobia as strong fear of a specific thing like strangers, spiders, darkness, etc
26 Hostility field disturbs people you meet -1 Charisma modifier
27 Suicidal tendencies and gloomily fixated with death and risk taking
28 Mental block has 1% chance of any stressful situation being forgotten after
29 Narcolepsy has a 1% chance of any stressful situation inducing d10 minutes deep sleep
30 Aura sight can see aura of living things within 3" can use to target in dark
31 Enormous ego is sure is the greatest and best at everything ever
32 Amnesia when HP below 10% of maximum 
33 Mania is obsessed with something like fire, darkness, stealing, sex, etc
34 Planar sense can feel dimensional gates or multiplanar beings within 3"
35 Defective alter ego will seize control for a d4 hours if reduced to 1 HP and fail save
36 Seizures has a 1% chance of any stressful situation inducing d4 minutes attack
37 Unconscious calling attracts hostile creatures increasing chance of wandering monsters
38 Heal one HP once per person per day 
39 Spectral breeze everyone in 3" cone feels a chilly breeze one round per level per day
40 Glow aura makes mutant glow at will 1" radius light
41 Can ignite small fires by concentration within 1" as if using a flint on flammable material
42 Animal bond can form strong empathic attachment to animal over range of 3"
43 Glimpse invisible spirits or astral bodies for one round per level per day within 3"
44 Can over hear spirits or astral bodies talking on spirit plane or telepaths within 3"
45 Plant empathy can sense well being of a plant by touch
46 Sense location of dramatic past events like murders or torment within 1"
47 Automatic writing allows a spirit to use your hands to write or draw while in a trance
48 Can repulse dirt and water from body and clothing once per day per level
49 Thoughtography can burn a image from mind onto a surface once per day per level
50 Call ethereal fog over 1" radius once per level per day
51 Control a small hand sized rodent or bird one round per level per day
52 Call a swarm of flies or harmless insects to do bidding one round per level per day
53 Aport a small hand size object to and from ethereal plane once per level per day
54 Astral knife can be formed at will only harms non corporeal or other planar beings
55 Can see inside sleeping persons dreams by touch one round per level per day
56 Can scare a animal under 4HD if fails a save once level per day within 3"
57 Can calm a animal under 4HD if fails a save once level per day within 3"
58 Make a hand size object levitate one foot if concentrated on within 1"
59 Objects in room rattle and make noise when mutant is angry, upset or scared
60 Hostile spirits are attracted to mutants inner anguish, most are petty and troublesome
61 Always knows is a certain loved one in trouble or within a mile often a sibling
62 Can control several cubic feet of smoke, fog or fine particles one round per level per day
63 Can form ice crystals on water or fluids or chill food by concentrating within 1"
64 Long lived mutant expands life expectancy by 2d4 times
65 Cause a object to vibrate within 1" by concentrating often noisy
66 Able to tell if attacked with disease or poison at moment of contact
67 Can sense medical condition of others by touch ans amount of HP
68 Can sense hidden water within 1" through ground 3" with some kind of divining rod
69 Can speed read if literate reading and studying ten times faster
70 Photographic recall memory can specifically remember something specified when seen 
71 Can measure distances and lengths from sight 
72 Can accurately predict weight of persons or objects
73 Alignment extremist is driven to judge everything be extreme moral code
74 Ambidextrous can use hands equally well
75 Improved split personality offers useful advice and second opinions 
76 Can survive comfortably without food or water a day per level
77 Hear whispers and moans of the dead even more depressing in certain locations
78 Have dreams about ancestors lives often triggered by recent events in own life
79 Orgone energy accumulator gains a d3 HP per day from sexual act
80 Has perfect sense of harmony, rhythm and can play any instrument instantly
81 Can douse a small flame (torch or smaller) within 3" once per level per day
82 Immune to eating off food or drinking diseased water but not poisoned
83 Eyes or nose bleeds when using powers or very stressed
84 Can animate a small cubic foot dust devil one round per level per day within 3"
85 Can enter death like trance for one hour per level using 1/10th the air supply
86 Can labour twice as hard performing work of two in any manual labour
87 Spot weakness adds +1 to hit one attack per level per day
88 Aura Barrier HP +d4
89 Aura Shield +1AC
90 Sense pain or death within 3"
91 Have extra two contradictory personalities who disagree on everything
92 Rage can add +1 damage bonus one round per level per day 
93 Ectoplasmic hand size item creation one round per level per day d3 knife possible
94 Evil eye victim within 3" saves or -1 on next saving throw
95 Resistance +1 on a saving throw once per level per day
96 Attribute Amplifier pick one stat gain +1 for one round per level per day
97 Open or close a door or chest or bottle within 3" once per level per day
98 Lesser regeneration regrow fingers, ears, nose and heal double normal HP from rest
99 Third eye can see spirits or non corporeal on astral plane one round per level per day
100 Probability control gain a +1 on any dice roll once per level per day

d100 Major Mental Mutations
01 Sense any living being or spirit within 6" unless blocked by four inches of wood or stone
02 Read surface thoughts in 6" who fails saving throw one round per level per day
03 Heal 2hp per level per day by touch can spread points out as needed
04 Power Shout add 1d3 damage to any attack once per level per day
05 Mental Bolt d4 damage once per level per day within 9" victim gets a save
06 Telepathy can communicate within 9" one round per level per day with known person
07 Bio Control can add +3 to a save vs disease or poison once per level per day
08 Push a person with telekinesis, save or fall once per level per day
09 Defencive Aura +2 armour once per level per day
10 Aura Barrier provides effective +2HP per level once per day
11 Spectral Mist formed from ectoplasm 3" wide once per level per day
12 Evil Eye reduce foes save roll -2 
once per level per day
13 Rally causes a demoralized person to make a new morale check once per level per day
14 Sense Weakness +d6 dam +2 hit once per three levels per day with one round prep
15 Animate Weapon once per level per day can use a weapon telekinetically within 6" 
16 Confusion Cloud once per day all within 3" save or confused for 1 round/lv
17 Fear 3" cone effect once per day all in area save or flee for 1 round/lv
18 Empathic Sense can feel emotions of others within 6" can enhance communications
19 Dual Mind can perform two mental acts at a time or one can sleep while other on guard
20 Inflict Madness 6" range, saves or paranoia and delusions for turn, once a day 
21 Pyrokinesis can generate a d4 fire with one round intense concentration
22 Cryokinesis can generate a d4 cold with one round intense concentration
23 Image Projection once/day can project self image to communicate to a friend for round/lv
24 Accelerate Healing with a turn concentration can heal d3 per person per day
25 Mental Screen can resist attempts to read mind +3 save
26 Telekinetic Arm can be used to manipulate or hold items one round per lv per day
27 Hypnosis as charm person 6" range once per four levels per day
28 Allurement aura makes living things attracted to mutant within 3" not always for best
29 Psychometry can read history of location, corpse or thing once day per level 
30 Sense Home always knows distance and direction home, takes month to change home 
31 Fearless is immune to any psychological effect causing fear or anxiety
32 Illusion can make a victim who fails save see a illusion one round per level per day
33 Inhibitor field prevents mental mutations working within 3" if fail save per round
34 Levitation can float with concentration 1" across or 3" up a round per level per day
35 Mind Meld can communicate and share thoughts by touch one round per level per day
36 Mental Block any attempt to interrogate or probe mind causes mutant to block memories
37 Danger Sense mutant only surprised on a 1in6 chance
38 Life Drain once per day can drain by touch 1HP/level from victim by touch and heal self
39 Exorcism can repel spirit occupying a victim giving them a extra save once per day
40 Possession can by touch dominate a person's body by touch once per day for one turn
41 Enhance Strength +1d4 for one round per lv per day
42 Paralysis can hold a being in 6" still for a turn once per day if they fail to save
43 Phobia can make victim have fear of one thing for a turn once per day if they fail to save
44 Force Barrier one round per level per day that blocks missile weapons from one direction
45 Seizure induces a being helpless in 6" for a d10 rounds once per day if they fail to save
46 Stunning Force stops a person for a round who fails save in 3" rage once/lv/day 
47 Planar Voices give possible advice once per day per level give d3 contrary suggestions
48 Prophetic dreams warn of danger or death or disaster, greater threat more days warning
49 Sense planar beings or gates or other disturbances within 9" or further for very powerful
50 Suggestion by talking for a turn to victim if fail save changes alignment for hour
51 Fanaticism can add +1 once per level per day day on any roll, can use any or all at once
52 Life Drain Touch, heal self by sapping life from others or by withering plants 1hp/lv/day
53 Animal Attraction can draw small animals, fish or birds near, possibly kill and eat them
54 Draw Beast once day call wild beast near to serve as a mount or pack animal or eat
55 Healing Trance one HP recovered per hour in deep trance
56 Berserker can enter homicidal rage +2 hit/dam can fight until -9 hp, fight till no victims left
57 Group Mind can place self and one friend per level into a mind link if within 12"
58 Psychokinetic Bolt 2d6 damage 9" range once per 3 levels per day
59 Psi Bolt 3d6 damage 6" range once per 4 levels per day, save to resist only affects living
60 Heat Touch can inflict 2d4 damage by touch one round per level per day
61 Suspended Animation can enter trance for predetermined time using 1% food and air
62 Pyrokinetic Bolt 2d6 fire damage 9" range once per 3 levels per day
63 Psychoelectric Discharge d8 electric touch one round per level per day
64 Aura Barrier one round per level per day, can absorb level in HP
65 Poison resistance can get extra save vs any poison  once per level per day
66 Disease resistance can get extra save vs any poison  once per level per day
67 Illuminated can get extra save vs illusions once per level per day
68 Iron Will can get extra save vs mind control once per level per day
69 Advanced Mind +1 Intelligence 
70 Advanced Forethought +1 Wisdom 
71 Advanced Magnetism +1 Charsima
72 Call Swarm can call flies, moths other bugs to fill a 1" square round/Lv/day
73 Ectoplasmic Discharge once per level per day can slime someone or 1" square
74 Visibility can make spirit or invisible thing visible to all if fails save one round/Lv/day
75 Animal Empathy can crudely communicate with animals and possibly calm them
76 Dream Travel once/night can appear in dream by touch or very distant for loved one
77 Genius Loci can speak to spirits of a place and ask a question per three levels per day
78 Planar Eye can see beings hidden in other planes, strike any out of phase or displaced
79 Compel Truth with frightening gaze, victim saves or tells secret once per 3 levels/day 
80 Ectoplasmic construct form hand size object round/Lv/day, at 5th can be weapon size 
81 Soul Gaze can detect unusual souls of secret undead, supernatural or planar beings 
82 Biological Sustenance does not require food but still enjoys eating
83 Astral Travel can once a day enter trance and soul can enter spirit world, risky
84 Ghost Light can glow illuminating 1" radius or project a 3" cone of eerie coloured light
85 Psychic Wind can raise a breeze disturbing sand, snow, paper or leaves in 3" radius
86 Call Darkness reduce light 3" radius to night, dimming light sources not direct sunlight
87 Disturbing Force can make everyone in 9" feel on edge, disturbs animals and sleep
88 Telekinesis can move 10lb per up to 1" per level one round per level per day
89 Poltergeist when angry small objects thrown about and people slapped in 3" radius
90 Telekinetic Manipulation fine motor work like lock picking within 1" by concentration
91 Psychokinetic Choke once/level/day within 3" victim living saves or helpless for round 
92 Iron Fist once per day per 5 levels unarmed attack can inflict 3d6 damage
93 Arouse erotic feelings in other living beings who fail save but mutant no longer feels any
94 Summon Spirit can call on petty invisible spirit for aid round/level/day most 1HD 
95 Serenity the mutant experiences no highs or lows and is is immune to strong emotions
96 Pacifism the mutant is incapable of deliberately killing any living being
97 Jaunt can teleport up to 9" once per four levels per day by sight or to familiar location
98 Teleport once per week to any well known place random and risky otherwise
99 Plane Shift once per week to any well known plane random and risky otherwise
100 No longer naturally ages by act of will force, possibly other forces might age them 


  1. Hey Cameron DuBeers just did a blog post on his Beer Pretzels and 20-Sided Dice blog that shared some advice I wrote down someplace, but I think if you go look you will see your fingerprints all over it

  2. it is very much what my players do
    though marrying monsters common in my games


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