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d100 One Room Dungeons

So one room dungeons. Not very common and unfortunately have either a whole faction camped or a single great beast. These are often big rooms or chambers or open ruins. You can place them in hexes or just use them when players on their way somewhere. In a dungeon infested land like my setting players might get distracted by other dungeons on the way somewhere. There is at least a dungeon every six miles in the mountains. So this is my way out of that problem. Possibly quick single encounters. Most of these are a single open area but with a few niches and sub rooms. They are open plan by design or accident. Of course you could use them as lairs or develop into bigger dungeons. Lots of these are ruined former dungeons because there should be lots of them in a murder hobo economy. They are mostly not profitable based on monster lairs or piles of rubble with possible scrap and petty loot.

Thinking I might try d100 treasure defences soon. I'm still mostly playing fallout.

d100 One Room Dungeons
01 Hall of sorrow - building exterior wall, insides collapsed, built as lords feast hall, now lair of six trolls who feast here and sleep in remains of the cellar
02 The Ruined Keep - a defencive keep burned down by chaos forces in war long ago. A wight dwells here with his half strength thralls, if slain the curse on  this place departs
03 Tower of Kazmandiar - a wizard tower mostly destroyed by alchemical explosion. A spectre of the wizard dwells here killing adventurers who seek his books or items
04 Forgotten Temple - a basalt slab with long opened door, inside is a great brazen cauldron containing a guardian shoggoth who has protected temple wealth since pre human times
05 The Great Fungi Cavern - a huge chasm with a giant fungi forest, populated by a farming goblin tribe worshiping the great worm who sleeps under the garden
06 Red Fort Ruins - mostly remains of outer wall and earthworks now a bandit gang have occupied it with own tavern, shacks, fishing hole and graveyard
07 The Great Mine of Klanth - a huge chamber hollowed out under a hill, a orc tribe have built a village here to raid local region and support a temple
08 Ruzbaan Hall - crumbling house outer wall within is mass of crumbled bricks and a clan of gargoyles still picking through ruins for treasure by night
09 Slate House - ruined manor house with remains of statues and artworks, a bugbear clan live here and have area covered in traps, a great mound of severed heads lies in the middle
10 Count Yaorga's Manor - a shambling ruined mass of bricks said to be home of a vampire lord, the castle was destroyed to stop him, his coffin is buried deep under rubble

11 Spectral Castle - a battle was fought here and all defenders were killed by orcs, by night spectral soldiers patrol the grounds, by night phantom structures
12 The Golden Hole - adventurers cleared out the dungeon, then locals smashed down interior walls digging for secrets, now just a sprawling rat filled mess with a few coins

13 Goat Hill Barrow - a artificial hill with a great niche filled chamber full of burials guarded by a wight knight who has kept adventurers away for a thousand years
14 Gorgon Hill Mine - a old single chamber tin mine since stone age now inhabited by a gorgon and piles of human remains since cursed by a night hag for not leaving her offerings
15 Erolia Heights Cave - a small cave opens into a huge hollow inside the hill and inside there is a a pair of stone guardians protecting a relic lost aeons ago
16  Golem Hill - a great dark pit a child tricked a golem to fall in hundreds of years ago, the creature rages against all natural life and utters foul blasphemies to taunt the gods
17 Glacial Cavern -n the mountains a huge melt water gave feeds several streams and inside ice toads guard pure crystals belonging to the elemental ice lords
18 Wolf Head Mine - former iron mine now known as  a place where wolves meet and howl together when gathered by a werewolf who issues commands to terrorize local villagers
19 Briarwood Cavern - the village of Briarwood was swallowed up by the earth and was found in a huge cavern, now goblins live here growing mushrooms in a parody of village life
20 Turamgor - a dark elf cave fort abandoned by builders who retreated deep into the earth but still populated by their wild pets, spiders and a few stragglers not welcome home
21 Forrt Wrath - a Dwarf underground ruined fort haunted by undead dwarves and huge rats, dwarf relics are said to be hidden among the rubble sealed chambers
22 Stonecurse Cavern - a cave that used to be used for rituals but a cursed person became a medusa and killed everyone leaving it covered in ruined statues and carnivorous bats
23 Belang Hollow - a powerful evil spirit has it's home here where it cares for and heals local monsters, it hates adventurers and always has guests who seek to protect their benefactor
24 Evil Hollow - a crumbling staircase leads to a huge grain storehouse of the ancients but now it is haunted by several wight knights and their undead horses who raid locals monthly
25 Stinkfish House - a house on marshy coastline where the internal floors have collapsed but locals have seen glowing lights, heard odd croaking and found webbed footprints nearby
26 Shambling Dungeon - this dungeon was being built by a evil wizard but destroyed before completion, villagers come to steal bricks but have reported kobold hammers sounds of late
27 Ballast Hill - mound of rubble dumped by ships as ballast. After decades it was discovered evil gnomes had hollowed out the mound and built a village inside
28 The Old Hulk - a floating ship hulk has been abandoned for years and after a storm was lifted onto rocks. Inside a family of evil mermaids have settled in and snatch victims to eat
29 Old Stooped House - was abandoned after rat men came through the floor through a tunnel leading to a huge cavern where ratfolk live, as numbers grow so does their evil
30 Crag Hill is a steep difficult climb but recently a cave was uncovered at the peak, since then hobgoblins have been creeping out by night to raid local farms, a great cavern is within
31 Split Hill a grassy hill with a crack in the top since a quake a few years ago. Evil vapour came out, a child lowered in on a rope saw gibbering humanoids in a great temple cave  
32 Black Creek Cave the source of a toxic stream has a cavern within. Goblins operate a mushroom leather tannery inside which pollutes the stream, they are not malicious really 
33 Hell Hall Dungeon was a former evil temple smashed into a huge empty chamber by holy templars. Cultists, dungeon vermin and beginner adventures can be found 
34 Murder Hall where a evil noble who tortured villagers was burned alive by the mob. In recent years strange lights and sounds possibly of undead have been seen within the shell
35 Tin Hill Ruins once a smelting and metal crafting factory operated by a wizard till the mine was empty. Now lights and noises scare locals. Tin golem folk are having loud parties
36 Slime Cavern home to slime creatures but since a demon cult came things have been wandering out for food. Inside a crude idol of the slime god has been sloppily erected 
37 Marsh Cave is a haunted cave long shunned by locals and is home to a hag and her guardian pets with a bone cage full of adventurers she abuses and eats
38 The Old Quarry was abandoned years ago but the semi flooded pit has some tentacled horror living in it that snatches sheep and wild goats that graze on the edge
39 Blue Hill is noted as a place where lightning strikes and visitors disappear from. A cavern at the base is home to a blue dragon and his charmed adventurer followers
40 Glacier Falls is a cavern mouth covered by waterfall. Inside a white dragon lurks who likes to freeze the falls solid into a ice wall while enemies passing through
41 Craggy Hill Cavern is a great cave with spectacular stone formations and spike filled natural pits. A family of camouflaged cave lizards live hear living off giant cave crickets
42 Nightmare Gully is a rectangular gully with steep cliffs surrounding it and is filled with long dead trees. Several giant spiders live here trapping stray mountain goats 
43 Chicken Hill Cave was formerly a favorite place for chickens to graze till farmer refused a wizard his daughter. Now a cockatrice has poisoned the area and the farm is a ruin
44 Blood Gully a sight where a famous murderer dragged his victims till caught and placed in a gibbet. Now avoided due to the killers spectre and his gruesome remains
45 Shit Hill Gorge is a stool shaped grassless hill with a famous stench. The gorge on one slope has only one entry where a Otyugh wallows in a ancient sewerage pit
46 Midden Hill is a ancient mound of garbage with earlier layers mostly shellfish remains from pre humans. A hidden tunnel opens into a chamber where local were rats plot evil
47 Hell Cavern is a smoking cave covered in soot with upen bubbling magma caves. Salamanders like to frolic and wallow here leaving bejewelled egg shells scattered around
48 Chunder Cavern is behind a old tavern where drunks for hundreds of years vomited in on the way home. A few drunken adventurers ladened with gold even fell in. Goblins live inside.
49 Wizards Crack is a split in the earth into a huge chamber where failed wizards used to meet to spoke lotus resin till one day bugbears ambushed them and moved in
50 Hellfrog Hill Cave a huge flooded cavern where giant frogs eat bats and giant cave crickets. Locals say a military payroll was lost in here and fools disappear often seeking it
51 Sunken Quarry is a flooded quarry growing with reeds and several steep stair cases cut into the rock. In the bottom live dimetrodons released here as babies and giant dragonflies
52 Goat Canyon used to be where feral goats lurked but now a clan of goat men have taken over commanded by a witch who shelter under the cliffs and perform foul rituals
53 Demon Dungeon was a feared cult complex purged by templars eighty years ago, now it is a huge cave with shattered masonry where zombies and skeletons still arise from rubble
54 Shattered Keep is a hilltop crumbling fort and within a band of orcs live in the rubble and raid area with their dire wolf riders. The shaman has been declaring death to human kind
55 Cragmoor Falls a isolated mountain gorge with a waterfall and marsh land where a civilization of crested newt folk who are last of their kind but can breed rapidly
56 Blood Canyon is site of a massacre many years ago and remains of weapons and zombies can be found here. Young evil priests come to enthrall undead servants
57 Hobgoblin Hall a ruined manor the floors and roof long missing, now a hobgoblin band of mercenaries and bandits live here with goblin serfs growing fungus and labouring 
58 Hammer Falls Cavern a isolated mountain cave behind a heavy waterfall with a dangerous churning lake at the bottom. Behind the falls is a cavern with a nereid and nixies
59 Old Squid House a fraternal order of fisherman long wrecked and abandoned and windows boarded up. Cultists inside perform diabolic elder rites and sacrifices
60 Mistletoe Cove is a cliff shrouded hidden bay wit beach one side and a circle of oak trees where nature cult used to meet when resisting the modern church, cultists often hide here
61 The Old Log Fort was a temporary fort to suppress robber knights years ago and long abandoned. Now it has become occupied by a gang of bandits heavily infiltrated by cultists
62 The Great Shroom is a hidden forest hilltop but is actually a gigantic toadstool cap. Inside the great chamber underneath is a dark elf camp site used for millennia for surface sorties
63 Crannock Hole is a great fog filled pit with a narrow spiral path to the bottom. Ogres live here guarding a closed chaos portal sealed for a thousand years   
64 Bloodrock Manor is a shell of a ruined estate famed for a aristocratic cult who murdered and sacrificed local children. The mob burned the cult but phantoms have been seen
65 Elder Temple in a great rock hewn temple from pre human times guarded by a golem, remains of aeons of mushed adventurers litter the steps 
66 Great Stone Temple a great hollow carved into a mountain top once home to monks now the survivors are spider hybrid chaos cultists dedicated to feeding their demon god
67 Great Ape Ruin a sprawling heap of rubble of a ancient civilization where angry apes live. They hate humans who betrayed them in the dawn age and ruined their civilization
68 Sunken Palace was a ancient complex mostly sunken beneath water now only a ruined great hall chamber is on the surface where fish folk gather for sacrifices
69 The Great Tree is the hollow stump of a dawn age giant tree that once reached the heavens, now grubby worm people live in the hollow eating the remains of the wood
70 The Churn Dungeon was destroyed when a relic was used to turn interior walls into mud flooding the great expanse into a muddy rubble drowned pit with some possible treasure 
71 Porridge Hill Dungeon was burned out and the wooden interior walls were destroyed leaving a single burned out chamber, local villagers come to collect useful scrap and bones
72 Bleak Valley Temple has been long forgotten and the statue of a dead forgotten god is worn featureless. Goblinoid tribes meet here to plan war and fling feces at the statue
73 Warmasters Folly was a sprawling dungeon where a villain planned conquest with a humanoid army until a quake collapsed the dungeon killing all and leaving a great ruined pit
74 Well of Pain a great black flooded pit once a dungeon complex that collapsed and was flooded, now a sobbing water spirit mourns the dead victims of the dead prisoners
75  Owl Peak Cavern a ghastly cave where were-owls dwell. They worship a demon owl idol. The floor covered in regurgitated pellets of human remains and feces
76 Goblin Gully is a small isolated hollow in the hiills surrounded by steep rubble slopes and filled with gnarly trees. Goblins meet here for markets and festivals on full moons
77 Vile Crater is a meteor fall site now flooded and inhabited by slime creatures. Decades ago a anti paladin threw holy relics here and many pilgrims have died recovering them
78 Harlot Gorge here a mad priest had dozens of prostitutes hurled off a cliff now is haunted by banshees and avoided by everyone sane. The priest himself jumped in with his gold later
79 Fanny Hill Dungeon was a multi level complex that collapsed crushing most lower level occupants then abandoned. The rubble filled chamber inside still has hidden treasure 
80 Crow Hill Mausoleum where a cursed family was interned in this huge single chamber tomb. Now the family arise as undead to worship the demon prince of undeath nightly
81 Misty Moor Quarry is a great mist shrouded pit on a haunted moorland quarried by dungeon builders long ago and abandoned. A stone giant family live here with children
82 Gauntlet Keep was a mountain fort destroyed but the outer shell. Inside the shell a humanoid garrison is camped preventing humans from returning but mostly lazy 
83 Bloodthorne Peake is a mountain retreat dungeon of a wizard for his menagerie but a monster escaped and killed him collapsing the structure leaving a massive chamber
84 Bean Hill Dungeon was swallowed up by a planar portal mishap leaving a great burned out cavern where xorn and earth elementals frolic and crystals grow
85 Temple of Therizorn was a great chaos temple dedicated to a fake god. When crusaders came they removed all the idols but cultist pilgrims still come seeking the false god
86 Iron Hill Mine is a great hollowed out hill where meteoric iron was removed. Now degenerate derro pick at the remains to build a iron golem and hate ray beam array
87 Smoke Hill Cave is avoided by most locals and believed home to salamanders but instead deep gnomes have a workshop building steam automatons in secret 
88 Forbidden Temple is a great walled enclosure with hundreds of defaced demon idols. Cult pilgrims come to worship  and paladins come to deface idols and kill worshipers
89 Peatbog Gully is a huge rectangular pit in a swampy gully. It was mined for decades before a layer of sacrificed peat bog mummies was uncovered who now haunt the pit 
90 Fever Hill Dungeon is a dungeon where all the inhabitants died from plague due to poor hygiene or the machinations of the rat god. Now were rats mostly live here 
91 Black Temple is a square slab of obsidian with great square pillars built by serpent men aeons ago, a giant snake with human torso and arms guards the holy texts and idols   
92 Temple of Zagorax the horned demon god whose cult were shattered and idols smashed long ago. In recent hears a great horned beast has been seen in the temple chasing looters
93 The Great Air Plaza is a great stone slab connected by stairs to the ground seldom seen. The plaza is covered in a invisible force maze with air elementals in the centre guarding a gateway. Skeletons of lost travellers litter the maze. Air elementals area thriving comunity  
94 The Onyx Dome is a demonic prison sealing away a demon lord since the dawn age and built by the gods. If the magic puzzle door is bypassed you can meet the giant demon
95 The Terrible Stone Circle was used for ancient blood rites long ago. The stones are demons and if any treasure hunters disturb the site demons awaken one by one
96 The Colossal Beetle is a gigantic insect exoskeleton left since the dawn age. Demon parasites inside feed off remnants, an adamantium splinter from a god weapon is inside
97 Pleasure Pit of the Flesh God is a great pit in the mountains overgrown with fleshy growths and alien organs. From time to time monsters spawned here wander to civilization
98 Titanhelm is a great chamber under a mountain formed from a lost titan helmet. Cultists who hate the gods come to worship and plan rebellion against them 
99 Skullhill Cavern is formed from the rotting head and skull of god killed in the dawn times. Inside maggot men wizards plunder arcane secrets from the god brain
100 The Prismatic Dome has sat in a valley for aeons made by pre deluvian wizards to store the sacred relics and monsters of their age. If breached the relics and monsters will scatter and menace the world. The archive contains secrets of stopping the monsters and relics like the uranium golem, the obsidian dragon, the opalescent aurora and bound elemental beasts lords  

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