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d100 Mystery Virgins

When you rescue a maid from a dungeon or bandits cage or a cult sacrifice yo might need this table. Feel free to turn it into a d100 feisty lads table if cultists in your setting more progressive. Not all girls you meet in a dungeon really need saving, but many appreciate help.

Such girls have been handed from faction to faction to end up in current captivity. Many girls manage to keep their virtue and this keeps their price high. The gods must help them or something. Monster bosses usually let their wives keep such prisoners as maids and keep them working. Only when a girl has no offer so ransom or no slave value will monsters abuse them. Selling women to murder cult is more profitable. Boss monsters usually use death threats to keep their smarmy minions hands off such women.

Rescued ladies might be willing to remain followers, join the party, marry a rich hero or more. In a early 90s wargame I played women were a standard treasure from sacking a kingdom and they were used to marry to your generals or allies to cement deals. Certainly they can open more adventure possibilities and quests.

d10 Quick Mystery Virgin Types
01 Local peasant
02 Local town folk
03 Local noble
04 Murder Hobo
05 Gang member
06 Slave labourer
07 Church devotee
08 Non humans
09 Shape shifters
10 Planar travellers

d100 Virgins
01 Local village elders pious child, taken from her room by kidnappers
02 Peasant girl snatched on road visiting grandma by beastmen
03 Girl tempted into woods by beastman of some kind
04 Shepherds girl kidnapped by vile humanoids to trade
05 Girl snatched by orc raiders who laid waste to her village
06 Girl snatched near a haunted forest by dark fey folk 
07 Milk maid captured by wolf riders and has been labouring for goblins in a cave 
08 Girl kidnapped by cult to feed monster but it hasn't been hungry since hibernating
09 Girl has grown feral in woods and lives with d4 1=wolves 2=panthers 3= elk 4=goats
10 Maiden was a cult witch but was captured by another enemy cult who planned to kill her 

11 Girl whose merchant father was charmed by a devil swine into selling her to orcs
12 Lost street girl kidnapped by criminal gang and sold into slavery 

13 Girl kidnapped from home for girls by cult ended up selling her on
14 Maid was a cultist but on mission out of town was captured by some other faction
15 Girl is from a urchin street gang in town was whisked off the streets by enemies
16 Girl on way to convent school kidnapped by bandits
17 Virgin bride sent to be part of business deal, actually she is a rugged barbarian
18 Maiden daughter of government official used to blackmail parents
19 Maiden daughter of pawn shop used to blackmail all kinds of goods
20 Maiden of aggressive merchant house used to provoke them into clan bloodfued
21 Knights daughter who's father searches for her across the wastes
22 Caged girl spinning a loom has incredible weaving skills makes a masterpiece a year
23 Knight's daughter skilled at healing arts and potions
24 Harem girl, formerly noble of doomed race
25 Royal concubine whose virginity saved for nobility only fallen into slavery
26 Young bride sent as part of diplomatic baggage stolen
27 Long lost princess kidnapped from far away land by wizard or witch
28 Long lost princess magically trapped for centuries clueless of modern era  
29 Maiden of a non human race ignorant of the human world
30 Maiden from another plane banished by rulers
31 Horse archer and thief from barbarian amazon tribe 
32 Young warrior priestess captured from group of pilgrims
33 Shield maiden found on beach from some northern berserk clan
34 Apprentice wizard of noble birth now a savage dungeon destroying spell caster
35 Sister of a knight who ran away with her brothers weapons living as a male knight
36 Monster hunter temporarily injured now ready to escape and kill everything in reach
37 Assassin spying on dungeon for faction and treasure info
38 Paladin maiden recovered from battlefield by monster healers
39 Warrior nun on a quest of violent retribution waiting chance to escape
40 Mad serial killer maiden with extra gags and restraints
41 Dungeon clan thief traded by family to other faction 
42 Bandit woman was held for ransom in a treaty
43 City gang member sold to monsters
44 Leader of local bandits, pretends to be innocent and in need of protection
45 Cult spy sent to infiltrate another faction for information, sabotage and theft
46 Professional courtesan and spy, pretends to be innocent merchant girl 
47 Muscle bound handsome thief in disguised as maiden while his comrades eaten 
48 Pit fighter woman purchased and traded between faction, angry and violent 
49 Murder hobo who's party killed, has spied on monsters, plans to escape for fresh troops 
50 Infamous bandit leader traded to monsters by traitor plans to escape and kill enemies
51 Common servant girl goblins stole as slave, scared and ashamed
52 Ladies maid who tricked kidnappers into taking her to save mistress
53 Flower seller girl randomly plucked form city streets, lived in squalled poverty whole life
54 Girl taken as cook by bandit gang was later traded through many dungeon factions
55 Wood cutters daughter kidnapped by witch, has been working as monster house servant 
56 Lady with education acting as translator scribe for illiterate dungeon monsters
57 School mam has been used to teach monsters reedin and rioting and good spilling 
58 Skilled seamstress keeping factions outfits best looking in region
59 Apprentice healer, midwife and apothecary with impressive healing streak 
60 Slave assassin sent undercover to murder another faction leader and promised reward
61 A young nun having ordeal and temptations aplenty, faction use her as medic and scribe
62 Cleric warrior from military order managed to end up with criminal slave stalls
63 Priestess kidnapped to perform rituals for faction shrine
64 Cleric warrior on quest to find relic has found herself a prisoner
65 Blessed warrior maid spoken to by god, faction unsure if to believe her holy status
66 Holy healer maid has been subverting alignments of captors with her divine aurora
67 Priestess of rival evil religion will trick rescuers to return her to her own evil temple
68 Flagellant maid has been letting faction torture her as personal test, horribly wounded
69 Plucky acolyte investigating cult was caught, other meddling youths all sacrificed to evil
70 Nun in disguise from warrior order infiltrating dungeon searching for a relic
71 A elven maiden kept as hostage to keep elves away, great reward for rescuers
72 Gnome woman is a prisoner making jeweller she longs to return to village
73 Fish person hybrid girl kidnapped from the underland depths, breathes water
74 Dwarf woman had been working as a blacksmith and her legs are frequently crippled
75 Elven warrior maid defeated by squid men who sold her for cash, she is deadly
76 Large tall strong maiden actually a juvenile giant 6 foot tall
77 Hobbit woman the captors thing is a human virgin child
78 A savage orc barbarian maiden keen to kill captors and loyal to rescuing
79 Dark fey elf maid looks sweet but dedicated to demons and chaos
80 Faun beastman maid, naked and feral, if tamed will be loyal and become a bard
81 Hungry doppelganger woman keen for chance to steal or eat someone 
82 Changeling maid in human form hoping to escape at first opportunity
83 Maiden is a selkie and desperate to get to open water and escape
84 Maiden is a swan may who obeys because faction hold her magic swan cloak
85 Maiden is a lycanthrope d4 1=werewolf 2=wererat 3=seawolf 4=werepanther
86 Maiden is a devil swine and was in process of taking over captors with charm magic
87 Maiden is actually some type of undead or spirit in human form
88 Maiden is possessed by spirit that has a desperate mission and protective powers
89 Maiden is a rare type of mimic that shapeshifts into attractive girls and brought into lairs
90 Changeling animal spirit has not revealed animal form which she is saving to escape
91 Maiden from a diabolic or demonic bloodline and dedicated to evil
92 Maiden is a Illusionist sorcerer spying on dungeon on quest for relic
93 Maiden from a elemental bloodline and unfamiliar with human language and customs
94 Maiden is a being from the demiplane of shadow and seeks victims to feed off
95 Maiden is a vampire on a mission from her creator acting as their eyes
96 Maiden is a succubi or other type of demon in disguise on a mission
97 Maiden is angel seeking a relic and will reward virtuous but keep her divinity a secret
98 Woman is a witch coven leader and her cult are searching for her
99 Woman is a flesh shredding shoggoth in disguise as crazed hungry maiden
100 Woman is a avatar of a deity on a mission

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