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Carousing on Xor

Xor can be harsh but has many exotic pleasures which are strange to outsiders. Partying on Xor can get you in all kinds of trouble. Fermented milk is one of the most common alcoholic drinks. Xorians are generally healthier and take less risks than people of most lands. Partly because so many bad things can happen Xorians tend to be guarded with strangers. Larger settlements with markets are more likely to be places for adventurers to celebrate but locals may be quick to turn on strangers.

d100 Carousing on Xor
01 Awake up in room of stinking drunks covered in vomit
02 Awake up with d4 drunks who followed you home and think you are now buddies
03 Stinking old man dead in your bed with bottle in hand
04 Awake with headache and hideous mutant cooking you breakfast
05 Awake in slave pen in the market place with drinking buddies
06 Awake in cell with local sheriff demanding you pay for damaged property
07 Awake in marriage bed with d4 new brides of different species
08 Awake in cramped burrow of guineapig folk offering you breakfast
09 Awake with mutants in shack and a d3 petty mutations and a single major one
10 Awake with 
d4 signed IOU notes from last nights gambling companions  
11 Awake with interesting map tattooed to back
12 Awake with a new pet who follows you about like a sphynx cat or capybara 

13 Awake in witch shack with her brewing you a potion in payment for your services
14 Awake with awesome tatooos all over your body detailing your adventures
15 Awake with tatoos dealing with religion (hopefully one you ascribe too)
16 Awake with a girdle of gender change locked and cursed to be unremovable
17 Awake with 2d6 foot long beard and hair from drinking odd potions
18 Awake in room with dance band and a dozen drunken dancers partying
19 Awake with naked halflings in a nest made of hair in their shack
20 Awake with belly button missing
21 Awake lost in fleshy subterranean maze but manage to find way home
22 New growth with a face declares it is your conjoined twin and how great this will be
23 Awake with horrible lice infestation causing itching and sores
24 Invited to secret pleasure cult orgy with drugs, slaves and demons
25 Awake in harem room with exit guarded by unforgiving mutant eunuchs
26 Awake floating in a septic tank with singing rats
27 Awake dizzy with shred of strange map in hand
28 Awake from erotic dream, aroused in barn being licked by goats
29 Tried some strange drug now can detect magic for 24 hours
30 Tried some strange drug now can detect chaos for 24 hours
31 Wake up after partying with wizards now speak d4 exotic or dead languages
32 Awake naked in bed of local leader
33 You were having great time when Xor sent you visions of demons entering via a gate
34 Skin pigment has been changed from wizard potion sample party
35 Vomiting in morning, spew contains party of tiny drowned adventurers
36 Invited to secret subterranean pleasure garden by nobility
37 Charmed bored nobility at party and invited to be a courtier when visiting settlement
38 Awake with a bandaged wound, later see a wizard selling a clone of you 
39 Cooked a delicious meal by gourmet chefs and now everything else seems shitty
40 As you awake sore all over a tentacled thing oozes away into a drain
41 Have become addicted to toad licking visions and always looking for new types
42 Wild rumour about you and octopus folk spread everywhere
43 Awake in formarian feeding pit where they wallow in rancid foodstuff like a hot tub
44 Awake in bedroom of sacred virgins of a dangerous cult
45 Awake in bed of wizard who is obsessed with you, likes stalking and meddling
46 Awake in cult robes in acolyte barracks with your new family
47 Awake in artist studio arranged in scenic orgy tableau
48 Awake in abode of crab folk, they declare you crab friend for what you did last night
49 Awake on surgical table with newly sculptured face "just as you requested"
50 Awake in home of old wizard who declares you his heir for saving his life
51 A kindly priestess has brought you a gift of the gods you cant refuse, a d6 babies
52 A local leader you met at a orgy is obsessed with you and abuses their power 
53 A wealthy lover sends you valuable gifts d4 1=slave 2=ivory 3=healing potion 4=food
54 Narrowly escaped being eaten at orgy full of doppelgangers, cannibals or cultists
55 Attended fabulous feast with 5d6 courses of exotic and rare delights
56 Joined a secret society seeking power and fabulous feasts and drug abuse
57 Joined secret cult hoping on finding secret pleasures, instead they have a sealed gate
58 While in a banquet discovered secret door to forgotten subterranean complex
59 Awake in bed with partners corpse chewed up and blood drained
60 Chased by lovers angry partner naked through the streets
61 Awake in sweaty mess in bed, local goblins wink and smile at you all day
62 Drug induced dream of running from strange nightmares in dreamworld
63 Drug induced dream of paradise with wealth, fine food and strange beings serving you
64 Drug induced dream showing lair of a chaos infestation nearby
65 While staggering to your place of rest followed by creepy shadowy occult being
66 Awake with carved ivory armbands with no idea of where they came from
67 After drinking with a stranger discovered they were a shape shifting dragon 
68 Lost in a dust storm wandering home found a weathered bone idol of a god
69 Awaken naked in gutter covered in slime
70 Found a mysterious egg in nest on way home
71 Found a wandering idiot who follows you home and serves you faithfully
72 Found a stray hairless dog hungry and friendly
73 Found a broken bone astrolabe to navigate to a mysterious location
74 Found bone tablets in some rubbish indicating a cavern full of drug filled organs
75 While at orgy saw pile of used animal gut condoms crawl away into drain
76 Given a brain in a jar that can talk telepathically by touch by a moleman shaman
77 Awake to find a d6 kobolds who declare you are their master in your bed 
78 Met a human from beyond Xor who gave you a map of their travels
79 Found several burnt shadow like remains of people in a back alley
80 Saw robed cultists sneaking into hidden well with bound sacrifices
81 Witnessed a murder and required as witness before lawmakers
82 Saved a local from death and family grateful, offer to help you any how they can
83 Priest recognizes your being sent by divine ones and declares you a cult saint
84 Witnessed local leaders fuse into a shoggoth during a orgy, now they want you dead
85 Given bottle by hunter of pheromones to attract savage pack of giant mole rats
86 Eat strange fleshy fruit, gain knowledge of hidden garden of unearthly delights 
87 Escaped orgy where participants fused into a shoggoth and chased you till dawn
88 Met trader at a party who had old pistol and powder horn and shot to trade
89 Met priest who tells of lost settlement of outsiders in the mountains
90 Find a giant beetle wing casing with strange carvings and maps
91 Develop case of worms that keep away all other parasites and second save vs poison
92 Flesh sculptor improves your CHA by +1 in return for sex
93 Offered "food of the gods" gain 10% height and weight and +d4 HP
94 Found a living spell book made of flesh with d6 spells and notes on lost treasure 
95 Wealthy merchant hears of your adventures and gives you a slave gladiator
96 Gifted a +1 tooth dagger by a kind wizard you told your stories too
97 Captured a evil cult wizard and locals made you sheriff and gave you a +1 bone sword
98 Priest of Xor transplanted some of your organs  with better vat grown ones +1 CON
99 Priest removes all scar tissue, wounds and stat below 9 increased to 9
100 Priests of Xor attach new muscle fibres to your body +1 STR

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