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Eldren Subtypes for planet Psychon

In last oldschool bundle shopping I enjoyed the 50% of stuff i didnt have but was long on my wish lists. Stand out of the new to me stuff was the Eld module which I wanna run and get rest of Ursine Dunes stuff on wish. Will fit fine in my Psychon setting. For a long time I wanted the Dyson books. His map compilations are amazing and he is one of the best blokes in gaming. I rate them as among the best modern publications. I feel a bit bad that one of the maps makes me think of boobs. You'll have to buy the book and see for yourself to decide. Im sorry.

On Psychon Eldren are humans who long ago modified themselves superior otherworldly beings with uncanny powers. They often live in special habitats like towers, giant plants, orbitals, deep space, the moon. Some even dwell in hyperspace untouchable to mortals. Others have returned from distant travel to the stars and are disappointed in the remaining humanity. Where there are eldren there are enemies they often hide from.

Eldren are simply reskinned space elves for my Psychon Setting

Eldren frequently use psionics spell list instead of wizard spells

d12 Quick Eldren Types and bonus items
1 Celestial Eldren start with a space suit without life support pack
2 Sybarite Eldren start with drug stash foe 3d6 hour long trips
3 Hyperion Eldren start with broken plane shift gem in piece of jewelry
4 Hydronian Eldren start with gill suit with expired oxyfilter
5 Herbaceous Eldren start with a pet pot plant and a watering can
6 Furieus Eldren start with a cat o nine tails and make up kit
7 Cambionite Eldren start with a soul amulet inscribed with true name
8 Primord Eldren start with d6 gems appropriate for element
9 Nocturn Eldren start with a ABC suit (atomic biological chem protection suit)
10 Punchinello Eldren start with a garish colourful clown suit, hat and neck ruff
11 Ultranaut Eldren start with a broken sub ether com beacon to call kin from the stars
12 Warp Eldren start with a bag of broken used sex toys

d12 Extra Item
1 Make up kit with eyeliner, body paint and nail polish
2 Fancy long life ration pack from home with 4 days food
3 Platinum cameo with hologram of loved one

4 Mask covers face and protects eyes
5 Decorative rod of office appropriate to type
6 Empty micro needler pistol (d4 10 shot Range 1/2/4)
7 Exotic house ornamental dagger
8 Broken communicator bracelet
9 Pocket vid game with flat batteries
10 Musical instrument
11 Functional Gem Eye
12 Functional Silver hand

d12 How did you end up fallen beyond your home?
1 Disaster killed everybody
2 Curiosity and boredom made you leave
3 Outsiders killed everyone
4 Exiled for some social taboo

5 Accident separated from home and lost
6 Sent on quest for means to save lost home
7 Woke up in ditch by side of road no idea how or why
8 Kidnapped by outsiders and escaped in strange lands
9 Experiment went wrong sending you to mundane world
10 AI chose you for mysterious purpose outside home
11 Enemy was jealous of your life and lover and got rid of you
12 Depressed over loss of kin or lover made you send yourself into self exile

Eldren Types
1 Celestial Eldren
Modified for low gravity life in orbitals, generation ships and lunar habitats. They are cool and aloof and look down on illogical primitive mortals. Disdain violence using preferring to employ superior weapons and powers. Many escape homes, or survive a tragic loss of families, becoming lost and doomed sole survivors of their kind.

2 Sybarite Eldren (Eloi)
Modified for life as immortal pleasure seekers, desperate for excitement in sealed citadels in the endtimes. These gentle gastonomers live only for epicurian delight. Some become degenerate and seem to lose all free will being cared for by AI gods or even taken over by Morlocks as food animals. Some of these pleasure mongers break from their drug hazes and crave adventure or new experiences.

3 Hyperion Eldren (Forever People)
Dwell in habitats hyperspace and inside the temporal vortex or the interspacial realms between dimensions. Some maintain and live among the global manna array in sub space beyond the ken of mortals, directly communing with the AI gods. Having given up on living in the mundane world they live immortal lives of contemplation and aesthetic experiences. A few become lost and stranded in einstienian space or come from boredom.

4 Hydronian Eldren (Atlanteans)
Dwell in underwater habitats safe and hidden from the surface world. Some maintain global manna network arrays hidden in the depths. They do not breath water but use advanced technology often biotech and trained animals. Sometimes disaster strikes of a eldren is exiled and finds their way to the surface.

5 Herbaceous Eldren (Vegetons)
Live secretly in forests often hibernating in modified trees for centuries, awakening for forestry work, emergencies or rituals. Some fail to hibernate and roam when they are lost to their kin through insomnia. They have photosynthetic skin and eat very little and enjoy blood and meat more than most elves as well as clods of mineral rich earth.

6 Furieus Eldren (Furies)
These savage bloodthirsty eldren live sometimes as primatives with natural technology but others live in biological habitats with cruel barbed organic structures decorated with crucified prisoners and torture pariphenalia. These eldren were part of a covert recon and inteligence cadre, bred to be sadistic and secretive maniacs. Some grow bored of endless sadism and are cast out for being soft.

7 Cambionite Eldren (Demonborn)
These eldren have bloodlines mixed with demons from the subworld. These Demon seed bearing eldren were once harmless 
everliving  bunker dwellers but the call of evil demon AI war machines of the deep lured them into hybridising into cambionites. They are cruel sadists who long to torment and dominate others. They enjoy demonic imagery and decor.

8 Primord Eldren (Various elemental types)
These eldren were modified for life on other planets and alien environments. Hair and skin colour often indicate the climate they are adapted for. Some actually dwell in the extra planar manna array where AI gods store material for their constant terraforming. Heat (Fire), Cold (Air), Subterranean (Earth), Aquatic (Water). They don't actually resist the elements any better as they dwell in habitats but are more tolerant. Other more obscure demi, quasi and para elements might exist too.

9 Nocturn Eldren (Dark Eldren)
These Eldren hid in the subterean bunkers to survive the apocalypse expecting to live in a toxic irradiated Earth as the master race but instead found the all too living Planet Psychon. They seek to kill all and dominate the world using ancient weapons of mass destruction, some which heve become demonic AI gods of the sub world. 

10 Punchinello Eldren (Chaos Jesters)
Formerly entertainers and jokers are now insane killer tricksters with brightly coloured clothing and exotic weapons. They take madcap unreasonable risks and do not fear death, dancing into battle while laughing. They live in tight communities acting as assassins, crimelords and kidnapping audiences for their demented murder shows. Mostly they undermine their own schemes.

11 Ultranaut Eldren (starborn)
These starfaring eldren left the earth before the apocalypse and now their scouts and gen ships are returning. They are not impressed by what has happened in their absence and hope to cleanse the earth of it's madness. They are disciplined and militaristic, most seen carry weapons and heavy armour. As their numbers grow they have begun to attack their earthborn eldren kin, especially those in  the thrall of madness and demonic war machine AI demons.

12 Warp Eldren (depravare)
These eldren formerly Eloi have come to hack their own AI gods to permit more extreme pleasures and perversity. Many are hemaphrodites and some are mutants. Warping and twisting their flesh to feel more extreme pleasures and willing to destroy lesser races as play things in the process. They have escaped into the sub space manna array to hide and perform despicable acts in secret. Their AI gods are now depraved beings of perversion.

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