Thursday, 10 November 2016

d100 Whats in a giant's sack?

This handy for trolls, ogres  and giants
Animal and human prisoners are common

d100 Whats in a giants sack?
01 2d6 throwing rocks
02 Log for a spare club
03 Anchor from a boat or ship
04 Waggon Wheel
05 Small tree
06 Goat
07 Farmers corpse
08 Load of fire wood
09 Dead pony
10 Pile of coal

11 Pile of turnips
12 Pile of stones 

13 Live beehive
14 Beef or elk or pig carcass
15 Several sheep bound and gagged
16 Sack of 2d4 giant rats
17 Sacks of 2d4 giant centipedes
18 Sack of 2d4 huge spiders
19 Sack of 2d4 stirges
20 Sack of d4 kobolds
21 Barrel of stolen cider
22 Barrel of beer
23 Barrel of wine
24 Wheels of cheese 2d4
25 Pile of cabbages
26 Load of fish
27 Sacks of wool
28 Old lady and spinning wheel
29 Statues head
30 Monster skull
31 Pig skin of water
32 Filthy snot rag
33 Loaf of bread partly from bone meal
34 Collection of bones for cooking
35 Cauldron with lid for cooking
36 Filthy sleeping roll
37 Load of onions
38 Load of beetroots
39 Dissembled wooden shack
40 Load of animal fodder
41 A unhappy black bear or lynx
42 Cave bear skin rug
43 Cave lion skin rug
44 d4 Mammoth tusks 100 gp each 
45 d10 x 1000 cp
46 d4 x 1000 sp
47 d4 x 100 gp
48 Cast iron stove with chimney
49 Huge cleaver
50 Crab spider
51 Carrion Crawler
52 Wolf
53 Giant loaf of bread
54 Huge skin full of goat milk
55 Bundle of 120 feet of rope
56 Mountain lion
57 Goat
58 Carved piece of pretty rock
59 Unconscious goblin
60 Orc in a sack
61 Huge blob of earwax
62 Bag of toenail clippings
63 Pile of acorns
64 Bag of giant caterpillars
65 d6 Giant maggots in hog leg
66 Huge quartz crystal worth d6 x10gp
67 Giant woolen hat
68 Dead mermaid
69 Sack of blackbirds or pigeons
70 Sack of d100 human skulls
71 Huge net
72 Bola
73 Stone axe
74 Throwing club
75 Carved fighting maul
76 Stone hand axe
77 Hunting Spear
78 Bundle of d6 crude torches
79 Huge flint and tinder bag
80 Bundle of d6 javelins
81 Huge stone dagger
82 Huge ripe ribcage of some beast
83 Huge lizard bound in string
84 Giant tarantula
85 Gigantic tallow candles 2d6 5lb each
86 Bottle of paste
87 Barrel of honey
88 Dead giant rats tied together by tails
89 Giant pie
90 d6 gigantic eggs
91 Sack of foul laundry
92 d6 x100 gp in gold nuggets
93 d6 x60 gp in silver nuggets
94 d6 x10 gp in pounds of copper lumps
95 d6 x10 gp in pounds of iron
96 Huge fish 60lb 
97 Hammock 
98 Stone hammer
99 Huge toad
100 Giant mushroom

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