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D100 Dungeon Boss True Love

Dungeon Boss Hierarchy of Needs
It's a lonely life being a dungeon boss, but it doesn't have to be. Your dungeon boss or faction chief has plenty of things to worry about. When the most basic needs of life forfilled looking for mating opportunities becomes important.

Food source - regular reliable and storage of food source
Water source - regular clean water supply and storage
Lair - safe secure stronghold, hidden, fortified and guarded

Territory - control a safe zone around lair
Outposts - secondary sites with permanent garrison
Romance - opportunities to find mates

Waste - remove waste and effluent safely from community
Hygiene - personnel personal grooming and food preparation
Breeding - breeding and raising children and colonising territory

But bosses get served first and get to do everything even if they restrict their minions. The boss getting a lover can seriously change their priorities and goals of a faction. Monsters might complain the boss is overly satisfied and not fighting for territory since they built the new master bedroom.The gang doesn't count concubines and abusing prisoners. It's only when a specific lover influences the boss over a period of time they cant. After several editions of torrid popular dungeon love novels in the last few years lots of foolish rich romantics have surrender themselves to dungeons. The more recent novels have taken a more realistic tone. "Life among the wild kobolds" was a big seller.

If party are captured and imprisoned they might be able to use the bosses lover to escape. Pretending to have same interest or helping their desire could earn a better position and more freedom in the dungeon.

d12 How did they meet
1 Lover was taken from local rival faction
2 Lover was taken from distant raid
3 Lover was introduced by clan for complex deal
4 Lover was formerly from adventuring party
5 Lover was met from dealing with a cult
6 Lover was a wanted criminal
7 Lover found with memory loss in dungeon (the dungeon born)
8 Lover is agent of a sinister force from far away
9 Lover rescued from enemy factions or a agent of another faction
10 Lover fled to dungeon from enemies in civilization
11 Lover was snatched from a trade route
12 Lover was bought as a slave from slavers or trading humanoids

d12 How Serious Is This
1 Started recently d4 weeks
2 Going Steady d4 months
3 Lovers d12 months
4 Favorite slave of boss d12 months
5  Concubine 2d12 months
6 Consort 4d12 Months
7 Engaged d12 months
8 Married d12 Months
9 Parents with new child or pregnant
10 Parents with at least d4 children
11 Parents with at least 3d4 children
12 Long Term Married no legitimate surviving children

d12 How Influential?
1 Partner influences lover subtly
2 Partner is bit of a nag and desires more status
3 Partner a terrible gossip
4 Partner has lover wrapped around finger
5 Partner has control of concubines
6 Partner has control of house hold
7 Partner acts as leader while boss away
8 Partner Important religious role or leads a sect
9 Partner has noble blood and kin of own
10 Partner has secret supporters and agents
11 Partner has everyone afraid
12 Partner uses charisma and is popular with the clan

D12 Special Abilities
01 Wizardry or Sorcery
02 Cleric or Druid
03 Bard or assassin
04 Professional competent warrior
05 Espionage Connections
06 Criminal Connections - underworld and guild links
07 Cultist Connections - knows many sects and cult agents
08 Able manager - runs household and defences well
09 Shape Shifter - actually a spirit, undead or were beast
10 Healer - expert with herbalism and medicine

11 Knows Magicians
12 Knows Monsters 

D100 Dungeon Boss True Love
01 Unwholesome relation to sibling which is ok in monster or elf culture
02 Grumpy elderly parent who interferes in everything and love life
03 Arranged strategic marriage from a lesser but well off bloodline
04 Arranged strategic marriage with equal clan for strategic reasons
05 Arranged strategic marriage with more powerful clan to gain status and allies
06 Child bride from arranged marriage, several years away from adulthood
07 Hideously ill and elderly partner kept around for political reasons
08 Partner is dangerously insane and needs supervision or runs away on murder spree
09 Partner is feeble and ill under treatment from a d3 expensive but fraudulent healers
10 Partner is older and belonged to previous boss and is vary wise in boss methodology

11 Partner constantly hunting and desires exploration of territory
12 Craves feasts, parties and celebrations beyond means

13 Desires fancy jewelry and not too fussy where it comes from
14 Enjoys torture and executions and pushes for harsher punishment
15 Enjoys rolling in treasure and loot
16 Enjoys killing and mistreating slaves, prisoners and servants
17 Enjoys training slaves and trading them like tokens
18 Insists is the most attractive of gender and has rivals tortured
19 So boastful invites disaster from the gods for hubris, claims to be god like
20 Is amorous and enjoys sex as often as possible with as many partners
21 Jealous of imagined rivals and torments any who might steal attention
22 Likes to spy on people through servants around the court and informs partner
23 Likes to mix it up with commoners and very popular with peons, maybe too popular
24 Has been bringing in new foreign cult and conflicting with the old holy teachers
25 Has a disgusting familiar everybody hates
26 Runs a breeding program of a dungeon monster type and lets loose rejects
27 Interested in divination attracts soothsayers and wise ones to court
28 Interested in magic and attracts visiting spell casters to demonstrate craft29 Keen to expand territory through digging and construction of grandiose plans
30 Enjoys fancy candy and bon bons and cries when supplies low
31 Collects terrible art works but likes to show them to interested prisoners
32 Collects exotic incense and scents, makes minions bathe and practice hygiene 
33 Enjoys lavish baths like the ancients with servants, heating and steam
34 Enjoys killing small animals or humanoids for fun
35 Enjoys rambles through nature with servants and guards
36 Likes underland fungus gardens with dramatic decor and slave gardeners
37 Likes to brew potions and fine grog, likes to keep herbalist or alchemist on staff
38 Hypochondriac always feeling ill keeps a healer at hand always 
39 Secretly practicing infanticide and kills children around court
40 Likes fancy clothes and fur, demands best tailors and furriers help
41 Invites witches or warlocks into community which upsets older gang cults
42 Terrible drunk and encourages servants and courtiers to join in, demands more booze
43 Terrible drug addict wants everything especially lotus resin and tea
44 Enjoys watching animal fights and gambling over outcome
45 Enjoys gladiator battles as a spectator sport
46 Enjoys cross dressing and fancy theatrical costumes, puts on parties or dramas
47 Enjoys latest poems and tries to have best kidnapped as slaves
48 Wants to renovate and redecorate dungeon and improve sewerage
49 Enjoys music and has musician or band on hand constantly
50 Interested in crack pot inventions and charletan therapies, wants dwarf or gnome slave
51 Enjoys bathing in local mud pool or body of water naked
52 Spends time grooming with servants and wants latest hair and make up
53 Spends time on toilet with privy keeper with large tool kit
54 Likes riding and uses slaves or monster or goat if they cant find better
55 Thinks adventurers should marry their servants and join the faction
56 Likes exiting tales and easily distracted by new stories
57 Likes to read and collects whatever possible in dungeon
58 Interested in new weapons and will deal with skilled tradesmen to get latest (guns?)
59 Fascinated by supernatural stories, demonstrations and the dark arts superficially
60 Obsessed by secrets of alchemy and collects occult and lab paraphernalia 
61 Likes to poison and drug others for fun and power
62 Enjoys fires and watching victims be burned for fun
63 Likes watching others fall to death
64 Likes to bathe in in youth blood, a old family recipe, but tricky to get
65 Still has not consummated relationship with sex and torments frustrated partner
66 Loves elderly relatives visiting constantly
67 Collects teeth and interested in amateur dentistry
68 Likes tatoos and tries to keep a artist on hand, craze spreading around dungeon
69 Interested in Astrology keeps scrolls and always consulting crack pots
70 Enjoys fabric craft including weaving, clothes making, tapestries and knitting
71 Keeps small fluffy pets and treats them like little royals at expense of people
72 Is unable to breed with partner and trying to find any experts for treatment
73 Partner is infertile and blames previous lovers, so looking for eligible surrogates
74 Likes to play cruel games with slaves like kobold crochet, dwarf throwing, etc
75 Likes to explore and make maps of territory and beyond
76 Enjoys trading and a cunning business person
77 Enjoys keeping a jester slave and always looking for a new one to torment 
78 Incredibly lazy, carried everywhere and goes to toilet with at least 2 servants
79 Keeps a sex golem in a trunk
80 Actually always wears a gender changing magic girdle 
81 Enjoys fine crafted furniture and keeps several carpenters busy
82 Keeps a menagerie of dungeon creatures as pets
83 Enjoys disease and wallowing in filth of dungeon
84 Necro fetishist keeps a priest or necromancer on payroll and zombie sex slaves
85 Collects magic items and has several cantrip wands and domestic magic items
86 Desperately wants to visit big city and longs to live these as a somebody
87 Wants a more competent partner so has eyes out
88 Caries a virulent disease sterilizing the whole tribe
89 Desperately wants a pet halfling or gnome or elf
90 Likes playing pinata with hung corpses and a rod, laughs when they burst
91 Is actually a doppelganger
92 Is actually a lycanthrope of some kind
93 Is actually polymorphed from true form by a wizard
94 Is actually a succubi
95 Is related to a hag or witch
96 Has several magic scrolls for summoning
97 Is favored by a malignant deity
98 Spent several years in a dragon or other monsters lair as hostage
99 Receives messages from a dark power by magical meals like a dream or bird
100 Comes from a lucky divine bloodline who the gods love

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