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d100 Strange little shops I had never seen before....

d12 Strange location
01 In a wall
02 In a waggon
03 In or under a bridge
04 In street accessible basement
05 Up tiny stairs o cramped upper floor or attic 
06 Inside another shop
07 Inside a Inn or pub in rented room 
08 In a rented warehouse corner or stables
09 In a boat, houseboat or rotting hulk in harbour
10 In crumbling upper floor of tower

11 In a gatehouse spare room
12 In shadows of filthy alley way well hidden from street

d12 Strange Features
01 Strange guardian
02 Strange guards d3+1
03 Spell caster owner
04 Feature in room is a gateway d4 1=mirror 2=door 3=rug 5=painting
05 Something in the shop d4 1=gremlins 2=spirit 3=poltergeist 4=giant rats
06 Shop is alive
07 Shop moves front around city
08 Shop has a teleporter pad
09 Important customers only d10 for minimal level to be served
10 Everything covered in webs and dirt yet always new stuff every visit

11 Shop has many cursed and difficult to use magic items
12 Shop has antique items with ancient scripts and nothing new

d12 Strange Shop Keepers (If not specified)
01 Is a arcane caster like a wizard or sorceror
02 Is a divine caster like a cleric or druid
03 Is a spirit handler like a shaman, medium or 
04 Is a necromancer or evil high priest or summoner
05 Is a sage, bard, monk, mystic or psionic
06 Is a non human race member like a demi human or humanoid
07 Is a beastman or abhuman or automaton
08 Is hideously deformed like a hunchback or even a mutant
09 Is a shape shifter like a lycanthrope, doppelganger or changeling
Is a cultist of an elder god or planar being

11 Is a planar race from other world in disguise as a human
12 Secret police spy op 
to keep eye on murder hobo magic stockpiles

Gender d2
Age d100+d10+10

d10 Quick strange shop subtypes
01 Healing - often have d4 number of d6 healing potions 100gp each
02 Holy - various spiritual magical services like exorcisms, curses cast or cures
03 Arcane - wizards and sorcerers creations d4 minor magic items
04 Alchemy - chemical potion specialists d6 potions
05 Sage - various specialties and books d6 interesting documents or rumours
06 Bard - songs, instruments, poems d6 interesting documents or rumours
07 Cult - d6 interesting idols, drugs, rumours, cursed items or documents
08 Adventurer - d6 interesting supplies, weapons or armour, possibly firearms
09 Divination - d6 interesting goods and services including fortunes told, documents, drugs
10 Planar - d6
 interesting goods and services including fortunes 

d100 Strange little shops I had never seen before....

01 Strange little shrine with healing for profit cult
02 Strange decorated shrine with cultists and 2d6 local cultist attending healing guru
03 A old shaman with snakes in baskets sucks wounds out of victims
04 A old person mixing healing potions and herbs in dirty pots on floor
05 Filthy local people who offer healing milk of sacred d4 1=goat 2=rat 3=dog 4=Caterpillar
06 Shifty man with pushcart offers healing dust at cheap prices (1in6 illusion or poison)
07 Strange foreigner with exotic healing treatment with needles, incense and herbs
08 Person with strange creature that eats wounds away leaving victim healed
09 Robed cultists mixing strange substances sell healing brews and addictive drugs
10 Selling high quality exotic beer and healing brews from imported and found barrels

11 A shaman exorcist from far away wrestles spirits, surrounded by fetishes
12 A modern occultist ghost hunter and exorcist sells spirits and ghosts in bottles

13 A naked priest with shrine specializing in curse removal
14 Curse dealer sells curse items and prepared scrolls to punish your enemies
15 Mud caked mystic who cures poison and diseases via unusual ritual spells
16 A cleric who specializes in breaking spells, enchantment and curses with lots of shouting
17 A lizard man shaman who can restore memories and help you remember past lives
18 A goblin witch doctor using mushrooms to treat all kind of ailments or boredom
19 Cheap holy stuff pop up shop by church in need of quick cash, trying to avoid scandal
20 Holy relics going cheap, saint knuckles or hair, old statuary from ruins, headstones 
21 Dealer in magic weapons and armour from a single exotic ancient source
22 Magical armourer (1in6 Dwarf) makes custom objects over months
23 Wand dealer with many cantrip wands or a few almost burnt out old ones
24 Magical jewelry and gem dealer some with specific saving throw bonuses or better
25 Fetish making witch makes items with +1 one use saving throw or other bonuses
26 Old person with familiars brewing mostly herbal and exotic ingredient potions 
27 Scroll shop selling custom magical scrolls and occasional low level spell book
28 Sorcerer selling drugs, hookas, pillows, scarves, candles, incense and luck charms
29 Wizard selling books some occasional magic scrolls or badly damaged spell books
30 Wizard specialising in one use or limited use magic items
31 Poison maker with foul creatures, potions evil herbs and drugs with creepy customers
32 Golem maker specializes in type but might sell others, mostly household worker models
33 Apparatus brewing strange creatures, alchemist will rent or create custom life forms
34 Potion making lab with apprentices working away with lab equipment for master
35 Potion tester, former apprentice gives pretty good estimates for low price with his test kit 
36 Automaton maker building magic and clockwork devices and creatures, most are toys
37 War alchemist makes gun powder, fireworks, rockets, incendiaries, mines, smokebombs
38 Metallurgist identifies metal, traces in soil samples, makes acid and can refine metal
39 Researching transformation on side will convert currency and change coins cheap
40 Clone master can grow a hostile clone in a vat that hates original, very expensive
41 Sage specializing in dungeon maps and lore who really gets into research
42 Sage interested in dead monster body parts for research and dissection pays well
43 Sage historian interested in lost relics to prove bloodline claims and cause trouble
44 Sage is a expert on languages old new and exotic will translate anything eventually
45 Sage is scholar of identifying magic items and researching histories
46 Sage is historian on ruins and old houses especially in city or area around it
47 Sage is authority on undead and graveyards, collects rubbings of graves and family trees
48 Sage is expert on other planes and life forms, collects interesting left over creatures
49 Sage is keen on other races and collects relics and objects made by non humans
50 Sage collects heroic tales and stories of adventurers, has lots of old dungeon maps
51 Bard sells musical instruments of many exotic types and sometimes a magic one
52 Bard sells gossip, rumours and will spread propaganda about town for money
53 Bard sells sheet music and many include snippets of history, legends and dungeon lore
54 Bard identifies magic and researches history for a discount if he hears good stories
55 Bard sells love poems and inspirational speeches which prove to be very good
56 Bard sells magic stuff he has trades, some very petty, some cursed some good
57 Bard sells clothing for dashing swashbucklers and performers, some is magic
58 Bard shop is front for a brothel but has some very exotic workers and tricks
59 Bard lawyer with documents including deeds for property, dungeons and goods 
60 Bard play writer with stage props and costumes from old productions on sale
61 Squat robed cultist with idols and incense selling exotic tea and drugs
62 Cultist with lots of familiars d4 1=rats 2=frogs 3=cats 4=newts selling as pets or snacks 
63 Cultist selling grave goods like old jewelry, slabs or marble, headstones, sealed urns
64 Cultist butcher selling preserved human body parts for magical reasons and for cannibals
65 Cultist selling adventurers maps he gets sent by boss monsters on weekly basis
66 Cultist goods from converts at low prices for fast quiet transactions
67 Cultist vil books and fragments or forbidden lore, like rumours too
68 Cultist cursed goods and potions for quick sales no questions asked
69 Cultist selling slaves especialy children and useless old people, always buy virgins
70 Cultist assassination contracts for a side business
71 Exotic shields some magical some with mechanical tricks
72 Exotic armour some made unusually or from other races, some magic
73 Adventurer supplies especially ropes, rations and some magic
74 Thieves equipment store including quality tools. hidden things and exotic tech
75 Map shop of world, ancients, ruins, dungeons, sewers, towns
76 Gunsmith selling muskets, handguns, blunderbusses, grenades and a small cannon
77 Adventurer selling exotic animals and monsters in cages
78 Exotic horse dealer has some weird foreign breeds and mounts used by non humans
79 Exotic dog dealer has some weird foreign breeds and animals used by non humans
80 Trap and lock dealer buys olf trap mechanisms and damaged locks and fittings
81 Soothsayer sacrifices animals and studies entrails to warn customers of fate
82 Nomad seer has magical scrying device and esp, can locate people and things far away
83 Shifty diviner with magic cards will tell your future, most are fake but this one is uncanny
84 Tattoo master can give you tatoos with warnings of fate, he is in trance while working
85 Priest specializes in divination magic and astrology skills, has astrolabe and sky charts 
86 Priest or wizard specializing speaking to dead spirits charging loved ones substantially
87 Crazed wizard has spoken to planar beings too much, has great insight but confusing
88 Shaman communes with local or ancestor spirits and questions them for advice
89 Trance prophet inhales fumes through crack in floor to speak prophetic riddles 
90 Dealer in prophetic books, scrolls and books on divination techniques and omens
91 Acupuncturist can change alignment short or long term (takes a year)
92 Has maps and documents and items from other planes and bits of creatures
93 Wizard teleports or plane shifts people for cash, not very exact if he has not been there
94 Weather witch can create weather in locations or give bottles which release fog or storms
95 Wizard sells beings trapped in stasis as statues, not sure when wears off
96 Bumbling mechanomancer builds stupid gadgets that mostly disappoint, some work once
97 Crystalmancer selling possibly magical pretty crystals, some work some alive
98 Beastmaster selling trained tame exotic creatures only one to a customer ever
99 Man selling gremlins in cages, claims some trained specialist who obey one command
100 Crazed mutant selling strange relics and weapons from another reality (lasers?)

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