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d100 Empty Houses In Shadelport

Shadeloport has many empty buildings. Not just the pre human haunted ruined areas where only desperate or adventurers go, but throughout the city. The wealthier areas are hard for adventurers to enter and wealthy houses abandoned are often guarded and and the militia will protect then more and listen to complaints from locals. In the poorer areas abandoned houses are common and many are inhabited by squatters.

Slum lords often pay adventurers to clean out houses. Such houses are cheaper and a good investment if you can repair them and chase out squatters. Many have worse things than squatters however and some are very long abandoned.

I had whole campaigns revolve around real estate empires.

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Properties are seldom empty when purchased. Some have tenants with leases (some for life and cheap). The rest have squatters or worse.

d12 Quick Squatters
01 Homeless old drunks camping here
02 Drug addict youth gang use as base
03 Refugee family desperate for accommodation
04 Gang of thieves hiding from bigger gangs
05 Cultist using as a makeshift shrine and flophouse
06 Gang renting out as a flophouse for poor
07 Crazy homeless spell caster
08 Plague carriers
09 Humanoids d4 1= goblins 2=orcs 3=kobolds 4=beast men
 Demihumans d4 1=dwarf 2=elf 3=halfling 4=gnome
11 Viscous murder hobo adventurer party
12 Clan of mutants sick of normals telling them what to do

d12 Quick Property Damage
01 Crumbling rotting wood with leaking roof
02 Termite infested crumbling with termite mound in middle of main room
03 Roof missing with canvas tied for some cover
04 Fire damaged, blackened, holes in walls and leaking
05 Interior walls and furniture smashed everywhere
06 Gang graffiti and vandalism everywhere
07 Broken and empty bottles everywhere
08 Piles of discarded rotting camping supplies and stolen bags
09 Huge rat nests with rats under floors and under walls
10 Occult graffiti and ritual paraphernalia from cults like goat skulls and candles
11 Flooded lower floors and water damaged
12 Floors collapsed into basement and possibly into sewer 

d12 Quick odd features
01 Stables with lane way entry
02 Small plot of garden d3x10 square feet
03 Barred and locked
04 Attic room
05 Sub basement below normal one
06 Strong room
07 Courtyard
08 Water feature (1in6 working fountain or pool) 
09 Hidden cache
10 Secret room
11 Entrance to sewer system
12 Small plot of land with graves or crypt

d12 Types of Building
01 Cramped one room shack
02 Single floor with basement03 Town house with two floors and basement
04 Shopfront with apartment on top and basement
05 Three story town house with basement
06 Shopfront with two apartments on top and basement
07 Four apartments including one in basement
08 Three story inn with basement
09 Tavern with apartment on top and basement
10 Four story inn and basement
11 Four story townhouse and basement
12 Court with inn, townhouse and d3 shops in one complex

d100 Empty Houses In Shadelport
01 Former murder house with blood spattered about and hidden corpses
02 Spiderwebs with hundreds of large spiders and a giant mother, web bound corpses
03 Phantom haunts house until body in wall crawlspace buried
04 Escaped apes and monkeys from sailors and zoo have taken over
05 Fishmen spawning in flooded basement and kidnapping locals
06 Goatman coven use to sacrifice street urchins
07 Drug dealers have made crude lab for refining narcotics and growing mushrooms
08 Yellow musk creeper and guardian zombies live here 
09 Former alchemist house tainted with potions causes hallucinations
10 Gang of thieves actually were rats with loot, prisoners and pile of chewed bones
11 Robed cultists mostly laying about high on drugs led by a sorcerer
12 Cultists left ritual paraphernalia of crude altars, candles and blood, they might return

13 A evil wizard left his imp familiar behind which plays deadly pranks on intruders
14 Gremlins live in house with pet rats and horribly torment homeless squatters
15 Three witches squat in the house and scare away attempts to evict them
16 Cannibal clan from country squat here and use their young to lure in victims to eat
17 Ghouls come from the basement and rest here in between graveyard raids
18 A thieves guild has set up a sweatshop making bootleg merchandise
19 A young ogre came to city and has fattened up eating landlords and homeless 
20 Frogmen came to this flooded house as tadpoles and now they perform vile rites
21 Drunken ork beserker brotherhood squatted here with goblin slaves
22 Filthy dwarves squat here brewing narcotics and drinking chase away human pests
23 Elvish squatters have planted vines, trees, flowers and beehives and removed the ceiling
24 Halfling squatters operate a dining house preparing fine food and beer in the house
25 A elder race catfishman warlock in flooded basement turns other squatters into thralls
26 Devil swine charms homeless squatters and has them acting as a savage gang
27 Lizard men left a bonebreaker egg here and the small angry dinosaur eats squatters
28 An evil intelligent swamp squid crawled into the flooded basement as a baby
29 A necromancer squats herewith his zombie sweatshop workers and skeleton guards
30 A wraith haunts here, remains of a evil high priest who was killed and dumped here
31 Basement crypt is home to a crusader wight with a magic sword and lesser wight guards
32 A mummy sarcophagi left here by an alchemist, now the mummy guards the house
33 A lesser demon summoned by a cult years ago uses as a base for nocturnal murders
34 A witch and about a hundred cats live here, any cats harmed enrage her
35 Flooded basement is home to a giant toad who eats giant rats and homeless squatters
36 A spectre of a evil merchant lives here with piles of corpses of intruders
37 A clan of shadows dwell here growing slowly, by night they hunt the streets
38 Doppelgangers pretending to be squatting adventurers welcome newcomers to dinner
39 Crabmen came in through sewers and have clusters of eggs in flooded basement
40 A mad wizard believes this is his palace and is served by junk golems
41 Waggon nomad family squatting here working as thieves gang and fortune tellers
42 Local arsonist with incendiaries in bottles and shrine to evil fire elemental lord
43 Full of rotting leaves and garbage with roof missing, home to shambling mound
44 Full of sewerage bubbling from sewer home to a neo otyugh
45 Flooded basement home to several water weirds and a dozen rotting drowned corpses
46 Horde of gibberlings from sewer nest here and swarm maniacally if disturbed
47 Several dark stalkers from Underland living in building with boarded up windows
48 Troll grew from blood on murder hobo boots and ate sleeping squatters
49 Collection of elder relics including broken stone urn guarded by dark spawn of Tsathogua
50 Pool of slime mold in basement surrounded by grey oozes and gelatinous cubes
51 Building caked in yellow mould colonies, shriekers and crumbling human skeletons
52 Green slime colony in ceiling grew from hobo who crawled here to die
53 Pack of stray rabid berserk dogs furious at any who invade lair
54 Grell from sewer resting from sewer journey snaking on some homeless squatters
55 Dark elf spies with zombies and spiders using house as base of operations
56 Goblins have spread a giant fungi garden here and tend crops of magic mushrooms
57 Goblins running a sly piggery and recycling local garbage, enjoy wallowing with pigs 
58 Homeless war vets not going anywhere against will as long as they live
59 Secret police station with cells and torture chamber, always manned and unwelcoming
60 Thieves using as a warehouse for stolen merchant goods in crates
61 Merchant with hired thugs running discount warehouse with free rent
62 Beggar runs orphanage for street urchins teaching them pocket picking skills
63 Flagellants drinking, seducing local youths and whipping selves amid empty bottles
64 Giant rat nest mounds with many dozens of fat happy rats with king size of a black bear
65 Ratmen warlocks brewing plague potions and communing with netherspace rat demons 
66 Phantom family haunt building until corpses hidden by murderer are buried
67 Sheet phantoms and zombies among dusty rooms with sheets over old furniture
68 Spirit adopts human form to try and persuade adventurers to avenge their murder
69 Drunken bards if bullied out will lampoon and mock party ruining reps around city 
70 Thieves run as vice den for bucks nights with dancers, drugs and donkeys
71 Religious pilgrims sworn to poverty sheltering with makeshift shrine
72 Nuns operating soup kitchen for the poor with grizzled old homeless war vet recipiants 
73 Wizened corpses with crazed looking old man possessed by a ghost
74 Sly butchers shop with bloated butcher selling mystery and dungeon meats to locals
75 Sly grog shop where cheap grog sold from bucket by alewife technically a crime
76 Second hand shop run by retired old thief couple, charming and loved by locals
77 Halfling selling buttered stewed sewer lobsters, lampreys and eels with big grin
78 Hundreds of pigeons dwell here fed by homeless old man, actually a wizard
79 Hook horror has wandered up from basement to feed off homeless squaters
80 Owlbear escaped from wizard menagerie and found lair, pining for a mate
81 Dwarf sly brewery and distillery with copper pipes, barrels and clay bottles
82 Semiconscious pale homeless dwell here selling blood by night to vampires
83 Gang have set up a slave pen to store slaves bound for market, unwelcoming to guests
84 Low class brothel here run by local street gang, some workers polymorphed stray dogs
85 Gang of werewolf cultists in hiding from law pretending to be common squatters
86 Clan of mole men digging for pre human cult relics to restore their ancient glory
87 Hundreds of bats live here, floors about to collapse into flooded basement from guano
88 This building used for illicit sexual acts and orgies by a sex cult, full of mattresses
89 Grinning cannibal hobos cooking city land inspector on a spit roast 
90 Bugbear with goblin servants in fancy clothes have kept house in good contition
91 Artist colony with painters, actors, poets and others living bohemian lifestyle
92 Colony of street urchin kids suspicious of adult exploiters, will burn house if evicted
93 Old druid with pet giant lizards helping colony boom, local pets vanishing
94 Student squatters from noble backgrounds will call on families if harmed
95 Gang running sly casino with enforcers, card sharks, rigged games and bad booze
96 Giant scorpions nesting in heaps of rubble that crawled out of city sewers
97 A golem left by former ocupant scares everyone away, furnishings intact
98 Gang running coin clipping and counterfeit agressivly murder anyone nosing around
99 Crackling portal to plane of chaos guarded by a shoggoth and used by cults and mutants
100 Nest of stirges in attic  and pale corpses of homeless squatters on lower floors

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