Saturday 5 July 2014

Roadwar2000 Gentech Supply Catalogue pt1

Starting to compile equipment lists for my players to waste cash on - will do weapons and car stuff later. This is just to get going. Will revise a bit. This a mix of top secret/si, FREElancers, car wars, brp, cyberworld, cyberpunk.

1d12 Second Hand Goods Table
1 Break first use - defective
2 Breaks 1d4 weeks or uses - warranty just expired
3 Noisy, flimsy, needs to be whacked a few times
4 Shop soiled or only used by old lady on weekends, seems ok
5 Bootleg inferior copy knock off crap
6 Old model spare parts cheap and common
7 Contaminated by biotoxins
8 Contaminated Radioactive
9 Stolen goods on police files
10 Stolen goods owner wants back
11 Stolen goods or bugged or tagged by real owner
12 Improved custom modification

Living Costs
$50 Cube Hotel and vending machines and public transport
$100 Flophouse room in dangerous area
$200 Cheap Flat 1d4+2 rooms in low risk area
$500 Secure apartment in complex in secure area

$1 Soda can or soychoc bar or 1L decontaminated water
$2 Dole yeast or algae supplement in tin
$5 Soylent green burger or 600ml springwater or can of beer
$20 Cheap distilled fuel grad grog 1L
$50 Top shelf imported grog 1L
$50 Real food in city (1/2 price in wasteland but 10% contaminated)
$1 Water purification Tab
$5 Decontamination pill

Hotel outside controlled district
$5 Cube hotel 30% available
$10 Church charity bed (bribe) 10% chance available
$20 Sleazy flophouse 50% available
$30 Good motel with toast breakfast 20% available

Hotel in controlled district
$15 Cube hotel 60% available
$30 Motel 50% available
$45 Good Hotel
$90 Classy Suite in Hotel
$300 VIP Suite in international hotel

Recharge Vehicle - electric cars
Bike $10
Economy Car $15
Car $25
Truck $50
Solar Cells recharge 10% fuel per day in sun x100 5% of available space

Bike $25
Economy Car $40
Car $75
Truck $200
Biofuel Recycling Plant x100 turn roadkill or organic into fuel 10% of available space

Travel Costs
100 per state by cheap bus
200 per state by underground bullet train but limited connections
300 per state by airship
1000 per state by luxury jet or airship with own cabin

Electronics Store
$100 2kg Walkitalkie 10km range
$100 Headset radio kit 1km
$10 AMFM Pocket Radio
$15 AMFM Radio
$30 2kg Cassette Player
$100 CD Player
$100 Walkman Cassette
$200 Betamax VCR
$400 Multi Disc Player
$1000 Video Disc Player
$2000 8-Track tape deck
$10 000 4kg Digital Media Player
$20 2kg 6" Monitor
$100 4kg 14" Monitor
$200 8kg 21" Monitor
$1000 12kg 32" Monitor
$2000 20kg 48" Monitor
$10000 40kg 64" Monitor
$100 1kg Basic Security Camera B&W
$100 1kg Still camera (20 shots on a 3.5 floppy)
$1000 2kg Press digital camera with 1 meg HD
$1000 .5 Spy camera (20 shots)
$1000 2kg Handycam
$2000 5kg IR Digital camera
$40 000 12kg Press digital camera
$50 4kg Speaker System
$500 12kg Mega Base Amp
$1000 40kg Bleeding Ear Cinematic Amp system
$2 Blank 90min Tape
$2 Blank cd
$2 Beta Blank video tape
$10 Album Music
$20 Movie betamax tape
$4 Blank betamax
$1 3.5 Floppy disc
$40 Laser disc movie
$5 Cassingle
$100 8-track album cassette
$1000 8kg Portable Computer 10Meg HD PC
$100 CB Radio
$300 Multiband radio
$100 1kg Mobile Phone works in cities terrible connections and rates outside
$10 000 12kg Satellite uplink and credit transaction in a case
$30 000 2kg Satellite  phone
$10 000 4kg Digital Media Player
$10 000 8kg Gentech Nova laptop 1Gig HD PC
$30 000 12kg Army surplus combat cyberdeck
$100 000 6kg Aelita aerospace satellite deck
$1000 1kg Security system kit
$100 Concealed mike
$6500 8kg Voice Stress Analyzer
$500 3kg Parabolic Mike
$50 2kg Bullhorn
$1000 Laser mike
$100 2kg basic metal detector
$1500 10kg 1k range 3k underwater
$2500 3kg Radar microphone 2km range
$2000 5kg Fingerprint Scanner
$1000 2kg Giegercounter
$4000 8kg Retinal Scanner
$18000 3kg Transistor detector
$900 10kg Transmitter locator antenna
$9000 2kg Compact transmitter detector 1m range
$400 Scrambler 1kg need one each end
$100 1kg Line Tap detector
$25 000 10kg Line Tap Analyser
$300 1kg Voice Mask
$30 000 40kg Bomb Detector
$10 000 30kg Narcotic detector
$100 1kg Radar detector
$1200 6kg Gas Detector
$50 Smoke Alarm
$1000 Universal remote control kit - control multiple drones
$1000 Apple Newton tablet 20meg HD

Medical Supplies
$20 .5kg First Aid Kit
$100 2kg First Aid Kit
$500 8kg Paramedic Kit
$2000 20kg Field Surgeon Kit
$100 0000 100kg Surgical Suite
$1000 000 800kg Auto surgeon
$100 Truth Drug dose
$5 Extra tar lo filter cigarettes 24mg
$250 Dermal Stapler - faster than stitching wounds
$200 Microsponge injector - stops bleeding
$100 Universal anti toxin dose
$100 Ultracillen anti infection dose
$100 Pneumatic auto injector
$100 Medi slap-patch heals 1hp
$1000 Can of plasti flesh bandage heals 1d3 6 doses
$1000 Advanced trauma pack heals 1d4

Body Armour and Combat Accessories Shop
$20 Safetey Specs
$100 Armoured Goggles
$1000 Unbreakable Mirror Shades
$750 5kg Soviet low light goggles 20min battery slightly radioactive
$2000 4kg low light goggles 10min battery
$40 1kg Gas Mask
$200 4kg Air Mask
$100 3kg Driving Body Suit 2AP
$1000 4kg 3/5AP kevlar body suit melee/bullet
$2000 6kg Ballistic Suit Suit 6AP
$1000 4kg Fireproof Suit 10AP ablative vs fire only
$100 3kg Ablative crash helmet 10AP
$450 5kg Riot Helmet with gasmask, radio, megaphone, 12 AP
$2000 12kg Flack Suit 12AP
$2000 20kg Polycarbonate & titanium 20AP
$5000 6kg Stealth suit - lo IR sig 2hr 4pt armour
$100 5kg Riot Shield - many with gun port 12AP
$450 Riot Helmet with gasmask, radio, megaphone, 12 AP
$300 5kg Parachute

$400 Laser Targeting Scope
$10 000 Stuttershot targeting scope - won't hit las painted target or transponder carrying
$1000  Low light Scope
$100 Telescopic Scope x4
$1000 Telescopic sight x10
$10 000 Advanced Scope
$100 Flash Suppressor kit
$400 Silencer kit
$1000 smartgun adaptor kit
$2500 Cyber manacle
$25 Handcuffs
$10 Box of extra strong cable ties
$400 22kg Scuba gear
$200 6kg car trap - folds out to block 2 lanes with tire piercing spikes
$400 Gun cam - photographs each shot
$100 Gun trigger lock
$1000 Fingerprint gun lock
$1000 Electronic firing mechanism (linked to neural jack)
$150 Laser designation for painting targets

Tool Kits
$40 Cheap Lockpicks
$200 Expert Lock picks
$300 Lockpick gun
$300 Electronic lockpicks
$200 2kg Mini Tool Kit for belt
$600 20kg Tool kit
$4000 1000kg Portable workshop
$100 Pocket Multitool
$100 12kg Cutting Torch $10 for refuel 10min cut 30cm per min in 1cm plate metal
$300 6kg Telescopic ladder
$50 3l fire extinguisher
$10 Holster
$30 Webbing vest
$50 Armoured utility belt
$15 Dynamite per stick
$10 300m fusing cord
$250 .5 Plastique
$10 Timed detonator
$50 2kg Plunger detonator
$75 Remote detonator
$200 .5 Thermite bomb
$10 Box of extra strong cable ties

Dodgy Dealers
$75 one litre radar proof paint
10-30% Counterfeit cash or credit card
$200 Radioactive trace powder kit 2d20x100 metre trail


  1. Wow this is very comprehensive list, you have a cyberdeck listed so I assume there is cyberspace/hacking?

    1. well as game car vs car focused the high end of tech is cyberpunk the low end is late 80s - it is future year 2000 as imagined in 1990 - most advanced cars have hacking and electronic warfare and can take on jet fighters - im giving players 80s model cars refited with electric and biodiesel plants that turn anything organic into fuel to start

  2. "Cassingles".... wait a minute is this some sort of 80's retro future?
    "Beta Tapes".. it is, it is, totally gnarley.

    1. 10 meg hard drives, 3.5 floppies 8tracks yes it is a retro future setting - kids i meet think cyberpunk is a funny retro genre about hair styles and sunglasses

    2. nobody remembers apple newton tablets?


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