Sunday, 13 July 2014

Psychon Log: To Slay A Necromancer

So party united with new members when mists of the god Virgil rolled over the grasslands leaving party members lost a month ago and bringing new friends....

Tonight I made a horrible fight between party. Then ended session. Newbs all realized CHA not a dump stat when only had one follower.

Party include
A rogue in special forces gear with two swords on a riding beetle
A sword dancer monk with insectisteed horse and a goblin servant
A new abino warrior with a jet black mohawk and a battle axe
A Unicorn changeling woman in a coconut bra with swords with pet dog
A Eldren healer priest in heavy armour with a pregnant pocket pony and riding cassowary
A Eldren psion with a talking jewel in his skull and a clockwork swordsman
A new degenerate green Eldren savage psion with a greatsword he can throw and his bard
And of course the evil psion Choctopus cthulhu cultist with hatchets and alien ray guns

Before them was the pleasure dome of Malak Nar. A great wicker structure covered in mud. At gate drunken guards welcomed them in and a few were in a state of semi undress. A robed acolyte led them to guest room and asked if they could wait. Till morning to see master who was having a ceremony. Gang could hear a wild party. Offered to join in but had to pay 100gp. Some got confused and thought they were going to be paid. Monk conviced cultists she was exotic dancer and got a free ticket. Pleased master and allowed to stay. Bejewel headed Eldren inviibly sneaked in and stole drugs. Rest of party stayed in hut drinking, eating and chatting up cultists. Unicorn and Jeweled Eldren got it on. Several slept with cult members. In morning they examined area and found remnants of poppy heads and shrooms in bottom of cauldron. Master needed rest till lunch so they waited more.

At lunch treated by cult to fine meal, cakes and cool-aide. Leader came and chatted and warrior asked the inevitable question.

"Who do you want us to kill"

He named the necromancer a rival power and offered a bonus if the killed the mysterious science temple priest also. Offered ten slaves each or magic items. Party set off impatient to kill somebody and choctopus stayed behind. Saw distant yellow robe druids having lakeside ceremony and saw distant hobgoblin hunters. Came to plateau with what some realized was a observatory and dish up on top. Came to entry ramp and questioned by AI while watched by twin cyber sentry 20mm auto-cannons. Dumb Eldren kept asking voice how he got in tiny box at gate. AI tried to explain but let morons in.

Found dead bodies of starved runaways who came to hide here. Rogue found AI panel and asked for food. Allowed them in souvenir shop with popcorn, soda and hotdog machines. Rogue had paper cash that every one he had met had shunned but here he was a king. Everyone ate well. Unicorn nabbed a snowglobe. All talked to AI but it just crapped on about science as it was lonely. Party left but said would recommend other visitors.

Came to the following great citadel skirted it and spoke to peasants about the whickerman ceremony and thousands of druids having ceremony on beach.

Surroundings: Farmland with farmers shacks and barns, people retreat in citadel in emergencies
Surface: Vegetation with food and industrial resources with animals and birdlife and streams
Additional features: Covered in gang graffiti, some from earliest post apocalypse times, changes often
Event: Solemn religious parades and prayer, business closed

Sub levels
Storage: Toxic waste depository with thousands of leaking metal drums and concrete blocks
Dungeon: Heavily sealed and trapped, something sealed in here best forgotten long ago
Catacomb: Artwork depicting gloomy afterlife
Mine: Concrete supported tunnels with remains of mining machines
Power station: Titanic shoggoth captured in vault manually cranks turbine
Ghetto: Strong folk community who take care of own live charming idyllic cultured lives

Ground floors
Defence: Lockup or stocks where vagrants and miscreants and enemies are temporarily detained
Defence: Training area with firing range, commando course, test dummies and other aids
Ghetto: Rebuilt by well meaning officials but flawed and already in decay
Ghetto: Rebuilt by well meaning officials but flawed and already in decay

Mid levels
Ghetto: Cottage crafters where dwellers operate light industry and sleep among workbenches
Ghetto: Cruel police suppress this area due to constant riots. Brutality drive resistance underground
Merchant: Shifty blackmarket with goods sold off back of carts, no questions asked
Manufacturing: Shoggoths imprisoned in great vaults working on all manner of goods
Ghetto: Fire trap frequently redeveloped and rebuilt with new fires being common
Middle housing: Modular living habs built in stacks in huge clusters like giant children’s blocks
Middle housing: Biological habitats with food growing from walls with ecology of cleaning critters

Upper level
Museum: Space museum with retro space suits, re-entry pods, rovers, alien heads in jars, flying saucer
Church: A mausoleum with hundreds of interred dead and a chapel
Middle housing: Subdivided decrepit old palaces size of city blocks turned into hundreds of units
Library: Crumbling mess of damaged books, rotting shelves with no organisation and vermin
Crowning Feature: Landing bay for aircraft, shuttles or airship docking bay (nonfunctional, not repairable)

Went south toward necromancer but decided a bit late to fight undead so went to village. 40 undead spearmen chased them and party went kill crazy. A few hurt but undead destroyed. Found village  undead wary yet preferred them to insect men. Seems necromancer was main foe of insects. Party leveled up.

Several party members slept with locals then in morning all went to ruines of necromancer. Crumbled ancient city scape of concrete and wire infrastructure stuck rudeley from lake shore including ancient 10 story hotel. Up stairs inside doorways they saw dead leaders and spoke.

Undead offered party membership and the offered 10gp a corpse they brought in. Some party keen, one suggested murdering nearby village. Fight broke out because unicorn said dealing with corpses  with undead is always evil. Monk argued these undead fight insects so are ok. Rogue asked if they could kill all morlocks as they had killed his riding bat. Some suggested attacking bugs. Others thought citadel needs a check. Undead a bit silent on where insect men bodies go. Party infuriated I ended game for now...

Ive always enjoyed toying with morals and money but this time the ambiguity and factional jerks really screwed with them. All faction blamed each other and feuded. The Yellow Warlord of the citadel seemed to be using insects to unify people who hated each other while selling corpses to undead also while publicly shunning undead.

Then someone muttered a murder hobo classic:

"This isn't Dungeons and Diplomacy, I just wanna kill not talk to everyone!"

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  1. I love all the wacky stuff your heroes have. Clockwork swordsman? Riding cassowary? Pure gonzo awesome.


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