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Foodies Guide to Exile Island 2 Pub Grub

Ive been asked to design a game from source with nothing to do with gaming - from a graffiti artist who saw my Doleopoly game stickers and posters years ago. His plans refreshingly very modest and want to publish Dolopoly too. Will see how goes. Even if i get paid in 50 box sets i could move them. Potential to troll government and can be a jerk and play in dole offices next time i get stuck there trying to get medicine or something.

Pub grub overlaps with Streetfood a bit but more finger food or hearty meals. Then a table for strange things in your soup to get action moving when characters busy eating instead of murdering. Many humans have come to like nutricious and cheap orc food. Many cant handle some orc items but will eat many items. Giant bugs are element most humans skip. Islanders of exile Island and are repulsed by eating shellfish they associate with chaos and insects. They scoff at orcs, foreigners and locals who eat crabs and lobster or even octopus as revolting. Modern empire style preferred by younger set and hip who seek foreign food or rediscover food of ancestral homelands and early empire. Imagine escorting food lovers around kingdom seeking increasingly weirder tastes and protecting them from public and world.

d12 Chef Nationality or cuisine style

1 Sultanate style simple mostly goat, camel, sheep with spices and grain, sesame, lots of sweets
2 Nomadic style mostly eat dairy, grain, meat, blood grilled, stewed, fried, dried with modest seasoning
3 Lotus Empire Style lots of veges, pork and rice or wheat in north, spicy and exotic variety of animals
3 Old Empire Style lots of wine, olives, sheep dairy, beef, lamb and boar, onions, garlic and oil
4 Middle Empires Stye, horrible era used as insult, boiled meat, vegetables, wheat oats, grain, milk
5 Modern Empire Style, very open minded and steal any recipes from past empire or other lands
6 Orcish style is cheap, healthy, flavoursome olives, bugs, rodents, chilli, potatoes, eggplants, radishes
7 Goblinoid style lots of fugi, shrooms, cave lizards, rodents, bats, dog, pig, lots of pickled food and stew
8 Baronial style is bread, roast, meat, vegetable soup, novelty pastry, lots of beer and roast animal legs
9 Elf style is light mild subtle and odd to humans, often uncooked preferring long term preservation
10 Hobbit Style also enjoyed by yeomen class if full of good fattening things and enjoyed by all for a feast
11 Serpentine Style features corn, duck, dog, axolotl, grubs, squash, beans, snake, monkey, spicy
12 Elder Slaver Style is the cooking style of the monster emperors before history when men slaves

d10 Quick Version
1 Finger food
2 Soup
3 Stew
4 Breakfast
5 Lunch
6 Dinner
7 Side Dishes
8 Desert
9 House Challenge
10 Posh Treats

d100 Pub Grub
01 Pickled cucumber 1cp a serve
02 Boiled eggs 1cp for 3
03 Pickled egg 1cp for 3
04 Pickled onions 1cp for serve
05 Dried salted fish, peanuts and chilli 2cp
06 Corn chips and dip 2cp
07 Bowl of tiny spicy or smoked sausages 2cp
08 Beef jerky 2cp
09 Chips 2cp
10 Worms in aspic 1cp
11 Pea Soup 1cp with scraps of bacon bones for 2cp
12 Chicken broth 1cp
13 Spicy red lentil soup in small bowl 2cp
14 Fish bone soup 1cp
15 Dill, barley and fish soup 2cp
16 Thick pumpkin soup served in tiny pumpkin with bread 2cp
17 Rustic leek and potato Soup 1cp thick n chunky
18 Thin rice water gruel with chilli 1cp
19 Rat surprise soup 2cp rat hidden under noodles
20 Dumpling Soup 2cp with fat dumplings and meat
21 Stewed puppy 2cp kids love puppies!
22 Rabbit stew 2cp
23 Pie Floater with bowl of pea soup with pie floating in it with sauce 3cp
24 Rat stew 2cp
25 Sheep head soup 2cp
26 Seafood chowder with milk and cheese and bread 3cp
27 Muscle stew 2cp
28 Frog stew 1cp
29 Oxtail stew 3cp
30 Corn chowder with milk and cheese 2cp
31 Porridge with hot water and salt 1cp with buttermilk and fruit 2cp
32 Semolina or tapioca porridge with milk, honey, figs or dates 2cp
33 Groats, dry biscuit with  1cp or 2cp with milk
34 Bacon and eggs 4cp
35 Omelet 2cp
36 Berries with nuts, honey and milk 3cp
37 Orcbix - "it's good for you but not sure what they are" with probably milk 1cp
38 Grilled rat on a bun 1cp
39 Jam on thick toast with cup of tea 1cp
40 Bowl of fried grubs or worms 1cp
41 Sandwich with sliced bread with various fillings and condiments of the house 1-3cp
42 Smorgasbord with tiny black bread squares with sausage, fish, egg, pickles and cheese 3cp
43 Ploughman's lunch includes beer, bread, pickles, cheese and a apple 2cp
44 Bangers and mash with gravy 2cp
45 Sauerkraut and bloodwurst with black bread 2cp
46 Orc's Lunch with olives, nuts, chilli pepper, tripe, porridge and beans 2cp
47 Shepherds lunch with cold sliced meat, apple, sheep or goat cheese, bread 1cp
48 Rice and pepper and blood fried with chilli 1cp
49 Lard spread on thick bread 1cp
50 Honey.butter and cream on thick bread 2cp
51 Smoked fish with butter and rice or porridge 2cp
52 Pound steak beef or boar with chips and gravy with a beer 4cp
53 Kebab platter with three different skewers with meat, veges or seafood, flat bread and sauce 3cp
54 Roast with mashed potato, beans, carrots and gravy 3cp
55 Roast pigeon or quail, several birds with mashed potato and wine sauce 2cp
56 Giant roast rat guaranteed two footer with gravy and bread 2cp
57 Stuffed backed peppers with meat, vegetables, rice, paprika sour cream gravy 3cp
58 Roast Dog with all trimmings, potatoes and bread and gravy 3cp
59 Pastry over jellied meat in large slice or clay pot with vinegar 3cp
60 Grilled fish with sauce and rice 2cp
61 Bread rolls x3 and butter 1cp
62 Tripe plate with special sauce 1cp
63 Smoked hog foot or jowl 2cp
64 Bean cakes 1cp
65 Mash potato with some onion 1cp
66 Fried eggs 1cp
67 Giant dumpling with meat chunk inside and gravy 1cp
68 Trencher of bread plate size soaked with rich mans leftovers 1cp
69 Fried sheep testicles 1cp
70 Fried cheese and onion and bread 1cp
71 Dried fruit platter 3cp
72 Candied meat 2cp
73 Chocolate coated bugs and chilli peppers 3cp
74 Strawberry and frogs, some prefer cooked with sugar, spice, wine not still hopping 4sp
75 Honey covered pork crackling 2cp
76 Sugar scorpion or swans made from glass like toffee 5sp
77 Marzipan ladies popular with all sorts, 2 inch edible dolls, small amount are erotic or male 2cp
78 Dragon cake mostly meringue, fondant, cream and fruit can be made to cough up its cream 3sp
79 Grog pops, small sugar bottles and barrels filled with strong spirits 1sp each
80 Honey dipped pretzel sometimes with cream, very messy 1sp
81 Huge house sausages, who can eat most gets name on a shield on the bar 1cp each
82 Spicy chicken wings orc style, any human out eating a orc gets a bad tattoo that orcs like 5cp
83 Live Insect scramble - bucket of insects loose on table, who eats most eats free 6cp a bucket
84 A giant steaming 18 inch sausage who gets to middle last pays for sausage 2cp
85 Gluttons challenge eat eggs, beans, boiled cabbage, prunes last eater who runs for toilet wins 10cp
86 Warriors challenge, deadly critters let loose on table, kill and eat raw without hands 2-10cp for two
87 Heroes Salute  drinking game, tear off birds head drink blood 2cp then beer 1cp then another repeat
88 Eat a live gremlin and get a free beer! If he gets loose you pay 10gp pulls a big crowd
89 Squirming challenge drink vessel of live baby eels, frogs, goldfish etc and scull 4cp
90 Choose animal who gets to fight or race other diners then eat your winner, a great night out 6cp
91 Emperors soup tasty chicken cheese & onion broth with floating silver or gold leaf on top1sp/1gp
92 Kobold brain "make you smarterer", cooked or raw style where kobold straps self to table 1sp
93 Dragon Steak usually a small crocodile from sewers slow cooked with side dishes 1gp
94 Stripper cake where a live naked person jumps out huge cake at pre staged moment 15gp
95 Whale steak with extra blubber and barley fish soup and bread 1gp
96 Lion Steaks slow roast for 8 hours with carrots potatoes, truly the king of lunch 2gp
97 Ice cream or sorbet possibly fried with sauces and fruit and nuts 1gp
98 Horse hot pot stew, slow cooked melt in your mouth with bread 1sp
99 Chocolate Dungeon cake serving 1gp (has a cp in every serve)
100 Caviar, boiled hen eggs and black bread, duck or goose fat spread or butter 5cp


  1. Thanks :). May Doleopoly pay as well as the dole!

    1. well it will be a good cv art filler project for year - politics is back in vogue down under with worst leader on our continent ever

  2. Congratulations on the offer! Your work obviously impressed him a lot.

    1. nice to be head hunted by ppl half my age from a sticker i did 7 years ago


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