Friday 25 July 2014

Foodies Guide to Exile Island 3: WTF is that in my puppy stew?

I finally got hard copies of Magic World, Advanced Sorcery, Enlightened Magic. Magic world is lots better than i hoped from first glimpse. Very nice version of storm bringer for more generic fantasy. Runnable and easy - i will steal some rules for my bronze age game starting soon. Sorcery book looks pretty solid. Enlightened magic is very much like Nephalim.

Chef Quest - winer's and diner's guide to Exile Island
A group of noble youths have graduated university and now want to go on a eating quest across the island and compile the best and worst guide to eating. Little do they know they will have adventures and help invent tourism to the Island. To assist them on their quest, parents of several are hiring adventurers to guard them. The family knowing the youths are badly behaved, trouble making fools want them kept alive and scandals minimised.

DM generates a rich prat for each adventurer. The are zero level but might learn off the players. They might each have a cantrip. A pet or two and some butlers and other servants might be in entourage and make good victims. Maybe some other companions. Perhaps girls chase them for their gold and status. Con men, sorcerers and grifters fool youths and try to hang with them.

As rockstars.they eat and drink constantly, chase women, try any new vice, gamble, graffiti names on walls (art they say), smash things, steal and kill horses and get away with no sense of danger or awareness. They jump on every fashion, buy every pamphlet, try out cults for fun, rob graveyards for a lark. Other capers include starting fights, offending people, not wanting to pay for some reason, Ultimately they will to be complete with food from forbidden places, races and the underlands. Players have to minimise the trouble they get in.

Possibly they will try city district by district then alternate with country region with diversions to write names on local caves and monuments. Given time as heroes go up level so will they. They might even decide it would be romantic to rob somebody and be bandits for some cash. Or they will intrude on local leaders and demand hospitality. "It is our noble duty and quest to sample all the best food and drink we can in our fair realm to see who eats the best in the land".

Early in career they get gods attention. Some by blasphemy and insult and then another god wants to frustrate other god for fun so helps them. Gods of food and drink think the lads are very important. Basically they get increasingly watched by spies, spirits, magical devices and gods. 

There a campaign with plenty of eating and drinking and travel with some side dungeons.

A few wee tables will help:

d100 Waiter WTF is that in my puppy stew?

01 Animal collar
02 Live mouse
03 Live parasitic worm
04 Sleeping drug from someone who fancies you
05 Bent copper piece
06 Note from a serial killer
07 Fingernail size person screaming for help
08 Fingernail
09 Pubic hairs
10 Arrowhead
11 Tiny gravel
12 A tooth
13 A finger
14 A wedding ring
15 A bracelet
16 A magic ring allows you to speak one language
17 An eyeball
18 A fierce maggot trying to escape
19 A fierce gremlin if gonna make your life more fun
20 A sheepgut condom with a ribbon
21 Part of a broken cooking implement
22 Strange medallion from a secret cult
23 Living eye spy for a witch
24 Tiny humanoid footprints (gremlin?)
25 Ladies hair ribbon
26 Great big hairy intelligent spider
27 A live roach
28 A intelligent mouse with tiny pants and coat with suitcase
29 Tiny green eyed cursed idol
30 A shiny silver coin
31 A fresh homeless tapeworm
32 Surface of food briefly turns into map then back
33 Briefly see face of someone you killed
34 Adorable baby gremlin with diaper
35 Evil holy symbol with crude map on back
36 Summons for a lawsuit looks at first like treasure map, bailiff is watching
37 A gold coin of ancient design
38 Otherworldly vision granting mushrooms
39 Fragment of raw chaos, temporary mutates eater, wizards crave it
40 Huge snail snaps at you
41 Live bird hiding, escapes if noticed or disturbed
42 A intelligent dancing rat with gold tooth, tries to charm your heart
43 A live toad hops out having caught the mouse in your meal
44 A live tiny kitten mewling in fear
45 Token from local brothel
46 Admirers name on paper, you have a new stalker
47 Chip from local casino
48 Token from church recording donation
49 Tiny clay beast figure from beast spirit cult
50 Tiny clay human figure from family spirit cult, looser looking for frantically
51 A magic pill not meant for mortals from heaven +1d4 HP
52 Death threat on plate under meal
53 A ladies fine stocking
54 A human finger or small body part
55 Carved gem with script of prehuman civilisation
56 Message appears in writing then disappears
57 Fly crying for help
58 Wasp hiding under food or drink goes sting crazy if swallowed
59 Bee with tiny crown and barely audible voice
60 An arrow from outside or through roof hits meal
61 Brute smashes your meal with weapon laughing with his buddies
62 Stray chicken runs through your meal chased by boy or goblin
63 Dog tries to snatch food
64 Orphan tries to snatch handful of food
65 Horrible person next table flicks his snot into your meal
66 Blood drips in meal through roof
67 Other patron throws up on your food
68 Poison spider hiding in dinner
69 Pearl in food worth 300gp
70 Parrot lands in food, screeches from heat, flies around screaming trailing hot food
71 Drugged by drug cult for demonic orgy
72 Drugged by pimp thinks you would make great victim takes you to their home
73 Drugged by creepy stalker who thinks you are attractive
74 Phantom creature arises from food and tries to scare and menace you for eating it
75 A dark shadow strikes you from the food then arises from the plate
76 Meal put in a state of arousal for 3d6 hours, half is save
77 Meal heals 1d6HP due to "special dungeon meat" used
78 Magical potion emptied into food with strange inconvenient effects like gas cloud form
79 Mutinagenic formula by mad monster making poisoner with difficult needs
80 Magical object to track your location hidden in food by magician
81 Frozen troll meat chunk in meal thaws out and tiny troll bursts from food or person
82 Demonic snake attacks from food
83 While eating hear cooks look for lost baby urgently
84 Dinner full of feces save or throw up for 3d20 hours
85 Dinner is animated and attacks eater possibly choking them
86 A demonic hagling bursts through your dinner and tries to drag someone back in the hole
87 A glowing kyuss grub
88 A live angry rot grub
89 Some human flesh in meal probably stolen bodies or murder victims
90 A were creature contaminated your food possible lycanthropy with some human flesh
91 A magic pill not meant for mortals from heaven +1d4 HP
92 Angels tear falls from heaven turning you good or if good already+1CHA
93 A god sneaks a drop of divine dragon blood into your food +1CON and makes slightly angrier
94 A rat spirit king died in your food, eating him & his tiny crown grants magic +1DAM bite
95 A demon hid his seed in your meal if evil +1STR if not save vs poison with CON
96  A shaman spewed some magic in your meal, see spirits but they see you too and may resent it
97 Fairies drop glowing golden divine crumbs in meal, tastes great, knowledge to cast a spell once
98 Face of divine being appears, commands shh!, and whispers a important mission
99 Hand holding weapon comes from bowl and offers a magic weapon
100 Eating dish sends your spirit on a quest to interact with ancestors, mythic beings and ultimately a god

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  1. Pubcrawl as adventure session definitely helped by this run of tables.


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