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d100 Doomed Immortals

Immortals are cursed or a curse on the world. If they come into your life trouble follows. While some immortals are just long lived these are doomed to live by gods. Some are reborn again to a new womb human or otherwise, some simply awake somewhere else if disintegrated. Many can be imprisoned or buried alive and await release to return to their quests. Some are of any gender you need.

D100 Doomed Immortals

1 Prince Dorian Cursed to complete quest for evil relic someone else destroyed already, melancholic wanderer sometimes helps adventurers and villagers
2 Maranep Tonari Cursed mummy able to seem human by day constantly trying to recover items looted from his tomb hundreds of years ago
3 Samari Tollardan a lady Vampire seeks to kill creator and dead lover uses adventurers to aid her in finding and killing her ancient enemy or any other vampires in area
4 Tremina Dezoras gypsy girl cursed to be forever homeless and alone, occasionally hooks up with adventurers who can resist menaces the curse sends to ruin her life
5 Karsad Terranigor cursed berserker who kills all his companions and always wages war, tries to help various causes but mostly spoils everything by entering battle frenzy at wrong moment
6 Kostachichei the immortal necromancer keeps his heart and soul hidden, kidnaps princesses and often becomes involved in great world shaping events, may sometimes aid hero
7 Makani Thessalard a trickster thief who loses everything he steals and compulsively steals again and again, may team up with adventurers to loot great treasure
8 Makath the Wanderer doomed traveller who if attempts to settle down the place is stricken by disaster, miserable but willing to adventurer and travel for a time and tell stories
9 Karaman the Pauper, a miser cursed by the gods, loses any money or possessions other than his stick, bowl and tattered robes, warns others against greed and selfishness
10 Mirannah the Prophetess comes to publicly warn people of danger but doomed that her warnings never listened to by populations, she may convince adventurers to try and avert a disaster
11 Talarja the Plague Carrier desperate for company, brings a plague wherever she travels, tries to make friends but they always die, may be found imprisoned in crypts
12 Tarnakki the Miser only eats gold the more he finds the more hungry and fatter he gets, in times of poverty he is skeletal, always scheming and plotting for a feast, might involve adventurers
13 Sir Ravemorn the Hunter of a questing beast he is doomed to pursue, it leads him through dungeons and often forces him to solve local problems, often runs into adventurers
14 Karakas the Undying a Lich who longs for love and deluded to believe he can find it, even when he finds a mad necromancer lover he usually kills them by accident, likes adventurous girls
15 Jaritha the hunted, constantly hunted by monsters always on the run. Occasionally meets a poor fool willing to try defend her, only to face a monster at least once a day
16 Gartham the dwarf killer, doomed to life until all dwarfs dead, used to hate them now has come to pity them, he is hated by them as a monster, always reborn if slain again
17 Sulia the elf killer, hated elf lord for not loving her now kills brutally any elves she can find and tries to rally locals to hate and hunt elves, also includes druids and rangers for being too elfy
18 Gamrantz the halfling killer, hunts and eats halflings and cursed to persecute them till all gone. Saved some from an evil god and he cursed her to this monstrous conditions
19 Malastra the lover, seeks true love and ever willing but lovers all attacked by monsters and eaten, she mopes about until she finds a new love interest who lasts a few days at best
20 Kratan the Seeker, quests for lost lore trying to finish his book but new events keep making task more impossible, follows adventurers and records biographies, has hidden library
21 Trakas the plague bearer always hideous diseased mess then dies and returns to life intact only to catch every local illness again, offended a goddess seeks help in finally dying forever
22 Lord Parnac the orc slayer, cannot rest till all orc dead and secrets of creating them destroyed from minds of mortals, often works with adventurers but will not flee
23 Gargax the Troll hunter, gruff brutal thug who is devoted to killing trolls to the point he breeds them and lets them loose, seeding them across the world for his future hunts
24 Horad the hunchback, hideous ugly malformed man always persecuted, exploited and hated, tries to do goods so gods will restore his form or kill him, often hides in sewers or ruins
25 Tarmar the Insane, famed wandering mad person wanders world often following adventurers, known that mad rants often contain hidden wisdom, sometimes imprisoned by exploiters
26 Kaliras the drunkard, wandering ugly drunk with power to turn liquid into grog, has some useful knowledge and he might even com on adventure but unreliable mess
27 Tanikas Larzarian, eternal drug addict always looking for fix of any drug or potion he can get hands on, has some knowledge in sober moments and will join party for all potions found
28 Elmarond the lover, a sleazy seducer who repulses women and is obsessed with sex, cursed by love goddess, may stalk women around and returns from death when inevitably killed
29 Trezipag the Jester, annoying not very funny comedian who follows heroes often causing trouble and offending strangers, difficult to lose until he finds another poor victim
30 Kanan Gelharod doomed to fight minions of an evil god who destroyed his kingdom, may aid heroes especially those defiling the temples of the god 

31 Karzahad Dhuun fights minions of a good god, brutally murdering and torturing them, can be imprisoned but not killed unless a virgin sheds tears of love for him
32 Morgizad the blood lord, lead a evil sect and is reborn from a sacred blood well beneath his kingdom, only its destruction threatens him. He seeks power through fear
33 Tsi Ksaan lead a conspiracy of criminals and drug dealers from beneath a mountain where he directs his assassins to kill enemies of his organization, master of sadistic traps and torture
34 Grandmaster Kritann leads a bloody cult of assassins for hire from a secret underground city who menace rulers over a wide territory spreading war and dissent between kingdoms
35 Tenlorus Malnast battles a widespread conspiracy and is doomed to live till the order is destroyed. They are well aware of him and manage to seal him in sealed crypts every century or so
36 Morag Crowthorne, a bit of a nag and annoyed a god, now follows parties pointing out their flaws to help them do better, excellent nurse and medic with many many cantrips learned over time
37 Mirrana Peledron hunt demons menacing human kind especially those controlling leaders in secret, running cults or ruining innoceents. Often teams up with adventurers on missions
38 Karraz Garran hunts were beast infiltrating societies, highly suspicious he may test many persons before finding his prey, often teams up with adventurers but his methods are flawed
39 Dr Pariusz Grungozer vampire hunter wages eternal war on undead but will recruit assistants and considers them cannon fodder.Many undead hate him and assume any with him are enemies too
40 Marizza Pelinghast, undead hunter wanders the world supporting undead hunters and cleansing nests of evil often recruits adventurers for her cause
41 Pelzorg the limbless, a human torso bitter beyond belief often tries establishing strange cults to care for him but his bizarre unwholesome cravings are his undoing
42 Dr Menorgus Clusterbion, golem maker extraordinaire has turned his own body into a magical construct and always making golems to guard his labs where he works on creating magical life
43 Sir Mariuz Carmunger, defender of the empire, works in secret to eliminate threats to the empire and recover lost artifacts for use in the dynastic civil and foreign wars
44  Kalanz Franzo, Chef who longs to cook and eat every delicacy imaginable.Seems nice and jolly but may want to eat party monster trophy or dragon egg or an elf child and do anything vile to get it
45 Dernona Colombarg, works to close gateways to other worlds or planes and destroy artifacts responsible and destroy knowledge of otherworldly communication
46 Korag Drublezorg alive since the stone age seeks to destroy civilization with fire and war, convinced old ways best he ferments war and disaster and material shortages
48 Master Arsung Griel, weapon smith extraordinaire spends hears making incredible famous weapons then goes on pilgrimage to learn new techniques of weapon making and fighting
49 Saramung Delthrun, wizard killer seeks to kill magicians and cleanse world of magic. Burns scriptures, magic books, beheads wizards, burns sorcerers and incites commoners to do same
50 Culung Drong, moronic idiot barley aware of anything going on likes to follow interesting people often gaining employment as a baggage handler, lantern bearer or servant despite his idiocy
51 Soran Drunn blind sage has survived many fallen courts and doomed civilizations, manages to work his way back up and move from court to court hiding his identity
52 Karlan Serraris a mute witness to history unable to speak. Often works as a scribe or royal servant, seen many secrets of kings and wizards over the aeons
53 Katora Mindlebast immortal child always on move as her lack of aging gains suspicion. Often a witness to disaster and fall of royal houses, usually flees when she sees warning signs
54 Korran the Ever-Witch, immortal coven leader travels the world spreading witchcraft in isolated communities and cursing witch hunters. Some practices questionable but will unite vs common foe
55 Emorgan the Gardener, travels the world collecting samples of plants for his hidden gardens. Teaches  arts of horticulture and spreads useful food plants. Some evil forces try to stop him
56 Tolmar the Librarian, collects lost books and takes them to his secret libraries in the clouds and deep beneath the earth and under the sea, often joins adventurers on quests
57 Zoran Kadel follows disasters and tries to warn common folk to leave without getting noticed by authorities, gloomy and despairing but tries his best to help commoners
58 Tarian Zrolot eternal explorer, driven to travel and map and trade within the kingdoms and beyond, may seek helpers on difficult journeys

59 Hezikia Zordan makes undead and teaches necromancy in backward places, then moves on. Her many times copies primer spell books are frequently found in undead creators lairs 
60 Kerrigan Herzan the cannibal preacher, father of thousands of degenerate cannibal clans. Discovering one of his clans in the local caves better than finding he is your ancestor
61 Organg Dromung, child napper and murderer often killed by lynch mobs and buried then he revives and moves on.  He dreads being found out and punished in some way he cant escape
62 Trellingbar Slamthrung the recorder of heroes deeds, follows adventurers and records their glories, might help a bit if things seem desperate or meddle behind scenes for story
63Torian Dearan cult leading sorcerer starts bogus sects, conspiracies, fraudulent cults, fake healing springs and holy relics. He usually gets lazy and decadent and has to move on
64 Ramzan Ramazman must eat soul of someone they truly love every year to fuel his immortal life he wont discard and so he continues and feels guilty constantly. Charming, handsome and eager
65 Monduer Casitini seeks an alchemical formula which will allow him ascension to divinity or at least a form of it. Also nabs philosophers stones and can brew dragons in glass vessels
66 Zardan Mundelzhan hunts dragons across the world but focuses on ones that bother humanity. He does it for the sport and has become a well known hated enemy of dragons
67 Varakan Mangonar seeks extinct species and cannot rest till he takes it to the great hidden ark of the sea god. Has been searching for aeons and has tried breeding and alchemical recreations
68 Moinen Vaadrahsi proliferator of dragons spreads and aids dragon kind, preserving bloodlines for a secret reason of cosmic significance in the end time. Uses horrible dirty tactics on monster hunters
69 Varda Konraiden demon master, always seeking power over demons, trying new formula and spells to influence demons for a goal in the end times, doesn't care about innocents or leaky gates
70 Vodran the soul seller, buys and sells souls to desperate needy people, granting them petty or even wishlike effects in return.  May appear to tempt desperate adventurer
71 Tarjan the mariner, can only live on water so constantly avoids land if possible. Disaster tends to follow him driving home ever on and preventing him from settling down and enjoying lifespan
72 Jaana Karun immortal gender changing shape shifter. change gender but tends to live military life always at war but occasionally carried off by warlords, knows locations of many artifacts
73 Doran the Reptilian breeds dinosaurs in isolated places by his use of Druid magic of a long lost ancient school. Often forms armies of saurian abhuman races and has summoned a primordial reptile god on several occasions and triggered a swarm of dinosaurs to war against locals
74 Kizraa Mortishead, former caveman seeks to conquer world with superior experience and skill. Has spent decades asleep under lava so is wary of attempts to stop him, ruthlessly strikes first
75 Kralshalzezzer, eternal warlord, raises and usurps armies to wage war on the living for the dukes of hell, encourages victims to seek rescue from devils to spread corruption, imprisoned in a dungeon
76 Master Therasmard master abbot of the golden monks, monks spread law and goodness and are wiped out every three  generation or so but the master returns to re make the order anew
77 Caria the witness of kingdom dooms, a innocent maid who cursed the gods when her kingdom and family was destroyed, now she is witness to endless fall, wrack and ruins of kingdoms since
78 Malangar the imprisoned one cursed the gods for his unfair treatment from lawmakers in a early city and since then keeps finding his way into prisons and rescued by do gooders
79 Shebalbaz the glutton seeks exotic food and drink for he has grown fat and bored on most mortal food. Constantly craves new foods like cooked dragon heart or or ambrosia of the gods
80 Marlax the hunter seeks trophies and new creatures or human victims to hunt, only the fittest and best are worthy. If beaten to a great beast to slay then he hunts beasts killers instead
81 Satharion of Calreax, protects own family from threats and menaces but never reveals identity to them as clan founder. Often employs adventurers to cause against threats to family or estates
82 collects loot must keep on person
83 Kirigor the fire born,mad arsonist cursed by the gods, burns houses, orphanages, castle gates, palaces whatever he can and willing to burn with them, but always returns again
84 Summersazan the restless can’t sleep same place twice and as ages roll on and civilization retreats options grow smaller. Even the same boat in a different place is unacceptable
85 Himarax Donderstaadt seeks decadent novelty experiences from drugs to human sacrifice if vain attempt to stimulate self. Occasional experiments with being virtuous but mostly end in depravity
86 Meeklethrast the collector gathers trinket collections and is always seeking novelty teaspoons, ceramic cats, wooden elephants, erotic flutes and other endless crap he keeps hidden
87 Coorias the gambler is always scamming, chasing gold dreams and losing everything and still looking for a break. May pretend to lose to party with some other agenda
88 Leisteran Golgan immortal child constantly on the run from mortal would be parents, dodgy priests, demons who want her blood and many other horrors facing a doomed eternal child
89 Kasamas the truthful cannot lie and suffers consequences constantly. Constantly hunted for past misdeeds arising from his condition, blurts out everything no duplicity possible, may wear a muzzle
90 Kogerath the Chaos spawn, constantly mutating and changing with a new form each day, his own hordes and followers turn on him. When he can pass as human he enters civilization to sew disorder
91 Markan the Dungeon Builder, mad wizard who builds dungeons with his custom spells and kobold servants. He can just teleport his crews in from afar spending little time in any dungeon
93 Mother Karas immortal mother always pregnant and on the move, gives birth every nine months, even differentraces, some mighty heroes of the past claim descent from her
94 Karanaganth the spawn master seeks to awaken elder gods with acts of ritual murder, uncovering dark relics and unspeakable acts of depravity. May dupe adventurers to recovering ghastly relics
95 Volupus kaxingor wolf lord, lead werewolf covens since stone age, keeps recruiting and teaching various means of lycanthropic power. Delights in betrayal and eating screaming innocents alive
96 Volaria Thesperia a great beauty who longs for mortal love but must return to the sea in the form of a sealion, compelled to return to sea every 24 hours or suffers crazed fever and unconciousness
97 Andraz the bloodletter, requires innocents blood every week to be sacrificed, victim must be betrayed and surprised. Has become adept at charm and finding gullible victims
98 Coorla Vrastentard documents the lives of common folk, especially those doomed to death or mass extermination, travels as a scribe seeking to record ordinary lives before lost forever
99 Zaardan Kandaril must anoint self in human blood every full moon , usually establishes a coven tempting mortal stooges with powers like his that he cannot grant
100 Karzuul Vrangastard hunts and kill other immortals especially those who prey on innocents or cause mortals trouble. Spared some immortals, most he decaptates and throws heads in volcanoes


  1. A beautifully chaotic jumble, though I'd say death and killing features too much ... perhaps I should make a list of d12 silly immortals to complement this.


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