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d100 Witches

Some very nice ideas for magic items here i will use..

Local witches are a must go to stop in any village they are allowed by the law. They perform healing, divinations, sage consultations, sell love potions, abortions, prostitution, secret women's rites and other practices.

What are witches good for?

Curse removal

name table a bit lazy but handy - can use either order but a roll of each works

d50 Descriptive Witch Name Generator
1 Mad
2 Crazy
3 Crooked
4 Bent
5 Black
6 Grey
7 Blue
8 Red
9 Green
10 Old
12 Screaming
13 Cursed
14 Dread
15 Nightmare
16 Crone
17 Hunched
18 Touched
19 Haunted
20 Grim
21 Bloody
22 Scary
23 Old
24 Wicked
25 Awful
26 One eyed or milk eye
27 Foul
28 Ugly
29 Wizened
30 Wise
31 Magic
32 Cunning
33 Toothless
34 Shadowed
35 Crafty
36 Forbidden or banished or caste-out
37 Tortured
38 Burning
39 Charming
40 Crooked
41 Saggy
42 Hollow
43 Grinning
44 Cackling
45 Iron
46 Silver
47 Little
48 Big
49 Sharp
50 Bent

d50 Witch Name Generator
1 Molly
2 Mandy
3 Jenny
4 Judy
5 Meg
6 Mimi
7 Cora
8 Agnes
9 Alice
10 Sally
11 Mildred
12 Mother
13 Polly
14 Bridget
15 Pat
16 Mary
17 Hag
18 Granny
19 Maid
20 Woman
21 Holly
22 Dora
23 Nettle
24 Bane
25 Bitch
26 Mildred
27 Beth
28 Betsy
29 Crissy
30 Thorn
31 Thistle
32 Daisy
33 Bonny
34 Lulu
35 Blossom
36 Cassy
37 Claw
38 Kelly
39 Milly
40 Sandra
41 Sousie
42 Nanny
43 Auntie
44 Cousin
45 Sister
46 Wife
47 Harlot
48 Dorris
49 Sapphire
50 Ruby

d12 Local Witch Welcome Table
Might not suit every witch type but useful in some cases

1 Witches are part of public code, needed for state ceremonies and consultant to leaders
2 Witches common at public and civic ceremonies and events
3 Witches are not a big deal just another job like farmer or dairyman
4 Witches live in secret among village, people dont believe the stories
5 Witch popular and liked but dwells in cottage on ringe of community
6 Witches rule in secret and wary commoners fear their powers in silence
7 Witch tolerated and lives on fringes of community, public embarrassed but still rely in secret,
8 Witch shunned and lives somewhere dank and unwelcoming
9 Witch lives in secret outside of town, only a few know and use her
10 Witch lives partly in otherworldly faerie dreamland only some believe in
11 Witch hunters visit and spread anti witch doctrine, mobs persecute any one acting witch like
12 Witchhunters common and on the prowl for anything suspicious, public whippable into frenzy

Witch lives in a ...
1 cave
2 run down shack
2 cottage
3 crude nest or humpy or lean to
4 house under a bridge
5 in a well
6 campsite
7 caravan or cart
8 abandoned house
9 burial ground
10 ruins possibly castle or temple
11 house inside or under a tree or in a nest
12 roll on weird sub table

d12 weird sub table
1 yummy edible cottage acts as sedative
2 cottage is mobile with legs or teleports or has wings
3 inside belly of great mostly buried passive beast
4 underwater cottage
5 up a ladder into clouds has a cottage
6 doorway in cliff or tree shrinks down to tiny size complex
7 in a giant boot, butter churn, kettle or other domestic object
8 built inside skeletal partly buried remains of great beast
9 underground burrow with old mines or caves connected
10 inside a run down shack or cupboard but opens into a pocket dimension or dream land
11 witch really lives in faerie realm and her cottage travels back and forth at will
12 witch really lives on another plane through a door or gateway to a room

d12 Witch house defenses
1 gate and fence heavily warded and magically guarded
2 spirits on site protect and warn witch
3 carved idols, golems and fetishes come to life to defend her
4 other planar beings watch her and will send aid
5 booby traps with poison and curses
6 animals of local area defend witch and property and warn her
7 a monster protects the witch but mostly it hides
8 witch has a mount like a broom or a nightmare or
9 witch has stockpiles of potions and charms ready
10 witches home and tools are alive
11 witch has children, followers, adventurers or coven chums visiting constantly
12 witch coven detect her peril and come to aid

d12 Witch reactions
+ CHA bonus
+ per alighment step same
- per alignment step apposite

under -1 Witch seeks horrible doom or death for party
0 to 1 Witch openly hostile on sight
2 to 3 Witch suspicious, will use, evil eye and other magic
4 to 5 Witch will deal with part but wary
6 to 7 Witch will deal with party and trade
 8 to 9 Witch will deal kindly with party
10 to 11 Witch impressed and will aid heroes on quest
12 to 13 Witch will offer to aid career of hero
14+ Witch loves hero

1d12 Witch Alignment
Summary of witches of d100 table
but 11 and 12 not represented by table
enlightened, none, balance and middle are forms of neutral in my setting
you could ignore this bit

1 NONE uncommitted and uniterested in such matters, not reflective or judgmental
2 LE diabolic systematic domineering and power hungry
3 CE demonic bloody destroyers of everything
4 EVIL deliberately cause suffering and harm, selfish and greedy
5 LAW servants of discipline and obedient duty
6 CHAOS servants of disorder and random impulse
7 BALANCE neutrals who maintain the balance of cosmic forces of law and chaos is needed
8 MIDDLE neutrals avoid cosmic conflicts of good and evil and just happy to live in natural world
9 CG Arcadian wild guardians fight for life and freedom
10 LG Angelic healers and helpers who serve order and goodness
11 GOOD - live to help life thrive and help others
12 ENLIGHTENED - balanced and middle together form a philosophy of non action pacifism

d100 Witches on Exile Island
01 Witch likes to potter about and is a bit nosy about other affairs, offers unwanted aid
02 Old woman begrudgingly provides various services to locals, curses any who cross her
03 Witch woman provide prostitution, healing and divination for men hated by local women
04 Witch has a monster child of a god other world power, protects hers son and shunned by locals
05 Witch is broken and crazy from hard life but could with kindness be entreated to help
06 Witch looking for ingredients possibly might require traveling companions
07 Traveling gypsy witch on the move looking for next meal, lover or thing to steal
08 Witch has a potions and charms shoppe where mostly minor colorful potions are made and sold
09 Witch has herbal garden and hut built in old tree stump, sells herbal remedies and medicine
10 Witch pottering in her garden does not want to be disturbed but does want roof fixed
11 Witch serves lords of hell aids schemers, corrupts heroes with misinformed quests and bad relics
12 Witch has devil companions who aid her experiments and slay her coven enemies
13 Witch strong influence over civic leaders having had many for lovers, lives in secret among them
14 Witch has orc spawning pit and various versions of ork making rituals, plans to be a witch queen
15 Witch acts as a torturer for wicked lords and gangs, who provide her with victims to enslave
16 Witch marries ruler corrupting the court with devils and her coven mates
17 Witch converting sacrifices to degenerate worm things planar outsiders value as larval evil souls
18 Witch run slavery operation training victims for market, has coven guards and some monsters
19 Witch distributing gifts of gold from hell to rulers promising more if they sell their souls
20 Witch cooks up addictive drugs and her coven are a gang dealing to local urban or trade place
21 Witch serves demons and had many for lovers, often a few around her lair aiding her
22 Savage witch with werewolf lovers attacks villages for slaves, women and food
23 Witch deals in potions and poison, willing to sell charms and drugs to any for cash
24 Witch plants frozen chunks of troll in fields, barns and drains, then charms the strongest
25 Witch worships elder giants long forgotten and killed by gods, she calls giants to return
26 Ghoul queen a cannibal and grave robber with a coven and ghoul assassins, has great wealth
27 Dead defiler uses undead to terrorise a village, lives in old crypt with prisoners and slaves
28 Bestial witch queen with horde of beast men lovers roam about seeking victims to rob and molest
29 Goblin witch covorts with goblins, sharing forbidden secrets and acts, seeks to aid their expansion
30 Witch has a clan of servile ogres, some are her initiates, uses to lay waste to villages and travellers
31 Night hag daughter working on ascension to nightmare realm, in meantime does best to be a hag
32 Cthonic cultist fish hybrid seducer uses power to control small comunities and has a coven
33 Priestess of blind idiot god, runs a coven of important comunity members at a pagan elder circle
34 Dream hag riding a nightmare menaces good people for spite in dreams first then waking world
35 Witch breeds with monsters and uses powers to create monsters to render area uninhabitable
36 Swamp hag lives in marsh and is amphibious with many pets, has many strange lairs about swamp
37 Cult leader helps bring otherworldly evil into world seeks relics and gates and monoliths
38 Beauty thief steals life from youths with artifact and torments young lovers in area
39 Cult witch uncovers elder ruins, raises islands and encourages explorers to visit these dread places
40 Witch heads a coven of bacchanalian excess into pub fights, orgies, riots and drinking and drugs
41 Witch serves demons of law who demand truth, honour and order, she now trains knights
42 Witch is a witch hunter, persecuting sisters who use power over the community
43 Witch protects locals from chaos and has trained hooded vigilantes to identify and kill chaos
44 Witch is local healer who encourages hygiene, clean water and sewerage treatment
45 Witch is a school teacher and has influence over locals after several generations, extra civilised  
46 Witch turns wicked into zombies that serve their victims, some she restores to life after a time
47 Witch guards hidden depository of pre human wisdom and its outsider librarian
48 Witch is local judge and punishes of wicked trusted more by locals than official laws
49 Gold masked witch in ancient robes of lost order, has bizzare artifacts and texts
50 Machine spirit witch communes with systems of civilization such including urban urban space
51 Male witch assassinates enemies of local coven stopping development and changing area
52 Mad beggar woman often in urban settings, curses and blesses those who help or persecute her
53 Witch is working to stop sentient minds attempting to mould and missuse true chaos
54 Chaos cult witch with sister champion and bodyguard with heavy armour and weapons
55 Cult witch with several chaos heroes and beasts and initiates following them to their dooms
56 Chaos juster witch pretends to be a fool but really pulling strings of adventurers destiny
57 Leader of Coven to duke of chaos, shambling mutidimentional god of a higher dimensional plane
58 Worship toad like chaos demons spread disorder, cosmic instability and devolution
59 Drug crazed serpentine leader sacrifice cult enemies or to serve local interests and hidden agendas
60 Insane grey sister advocates madness and breaking tabu, acts as adviser or enemy or lover
61 Witch of the cosmic balance with a coven of staff fighting sisters, serve to maintain equilibrium
62 Witch plays strange instruments in tower ruin containing gates to other places and times
63 Witch is famous public figure essential to local magical affairs and, cult includes civic leaders
64 Guardian of sacred place, prevents defilement or settlers with curses and summoned beasts
65 Midwife witch knows everyone's mum in district and well liked even if not noticed by rich
66 Consultant to local elders preaching balance and freedom from strife, struggle and the gods
67 Plague witch carries horrible plagues to reduce populations and strife, repeats every 3 generations
68 Astronomer witch with mountain stellar observatory (possibly a stone circle) ponders cosmic fate
69 Astrologer and card reading gypsy witch lives in caravan she moves about the region, many lovers
70 Drunken poet lives in grove, tell fortune and removes curses for grog, mellow irresponsible loner
71 Coven dedicated to great goddess and her aspects and servants, wage war with esoteric enemy cult
72 Guardian woman of a magic relic or gateway with coven, keep world safe from possible harm
73 Adviser to local ruler is tolerated and lives outside town, call local lord if harmed or threatened
74 Sisters of local coven who work with local druids performing some official rituals
75 Old witch lives near graveyard making magical talismans and golems from bones
76 Witch sisters live in foul grottoe and are hideous but advise heroes and provide them with potions
77 Witch lives among commoners in mostly secret and many local evil doers are curse struck
78 Prophetic witch lives in cave visited by all manner of persons for divination, exempt from tax
79 Grey witch Indiferent to human afairs but aids local comunity who respect her gloomy pressence
80 Rides in couldron with menagerie of familiars cackling and chasing people for fun
81 Conjured magical hybrid pets defend this wild healer woman, often drunk and grumpy but good
82 Love mad witch wants to try exotic men from foriegn places as many as possible
83 Crazed wild maid basicly good but unpredictable and prone to outrageous behavure
84 Hairy wildman leads coven of beastmen and were creatures and defends wilds from evil
85 Wild unpredictable forest witch moods vary with the seasons and omens, intolerant of evil
86 Rides a exotic hybrid beast and wages war on evil and authorittarians especialy devils
87 Sky chariot pulled by cats transports this witch who is intimate with faerie world and love goddess
88 Idylic holy huntress witch with sacred hunt beasts punishes intruders into wilds and developers
89 Wild feral witch lives with beast in the forest, filthy and naked, snarls like a beast, defends wilds
90 Animal friend lives in treehouse surrounded by pets who protect and inform them
91 Hunts evil witches and unlwful spell casters with holy powers, very proper and sctrict moralist
92 Heads a secret society advancing womens defence, in league with local matriachs
93 Snake worshiper serves enchanted great serpent of life and knowledge, public healer
94 Old woman talks to angels and calls spirits may get instructions from divination to kill evil
95 Old man with staff and huge beard guides young adventurers to path of goodness
96 A short old woman with her daughters heals heroes and important persons and offers magic shelter
97 A healer lady with a shop of herbs and vegetables and preserves, accepted as local medic
98 Operates sacred fire altar of supposed long dead religion, uses purity of flame to destroy wicked
99 Alchemical hermaphrodite magician enlightened being wages war on demons, devils and dragons
100 Old maid in white with some faerie blood, likes to bless bqabies and good obedient children


  1. well i had you in mind a few times
    im still inspired by those Elmore witches in dragon too

  2. That's fairly comprehensive. Cool.

  3. I finally got around to putting one of your generators up on abulafia

    d100 Witch


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