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1d100 Evil Kids

Exile Island is a nasty cursed place and one of the greatest weapons of evil is to hide evil n the form of an innocent. This makes it hard for some enemies to find them. Killing an evil kid might get locals to lynch you if they don't understand. Mostly adventurers dont realize the kid they rescue is a force of evil leading the monsters. Often don't know till they return to civilization or have them around a while. Some are redeemable and just a bit naughty. Some are so good they kill anyone who swears.

1d100 Evil Kids
01 A 12 year old plague carrying witch girl who leads a gang of foul beast men
02 Vampire twins, normal by day monsters by night, cursed children of underworld goddess
03 Young boy offers strangers poison candy with slow delay effects, shares his treats with sick and old
04 Tween half demon child kills any would be parents who restrain him, has a talent for magic
05 Girl with woodland pets actually imps in disguise teaching her ways of evil
06 Boy arsonist likes to seal doors and burn buildings and sabotage fire carts, likes to loot remains
07 Fish boy found near coast, feral and hungry friendly to those that feed him but has cruel streak
08 Wild boy lives in forest steals from locals, is actually a werewolf under a full moon
09 Boy with demon tattoo that opens a gate, hunted by cult, all those who adopt him murdered
10 Boy is a shoggoth in disguise, babbles crazily and hungry, turns inside-out when eating people
11 Frost child cool and emotionless likes to freeze living things and smash them in secret for fun
12 Child really skin full of gremlins, seems a bit crazy and spreads gremlins where ever he goes
13 Rat girl found in sewer gone feral with pet rats, actually were rat will change on puberty
14 Talented serial killer likes traps and hates being told what to do, has lost many guardians
15 Diabolic child instructed by imps in summoning and dark lore, plan to call more devils to earth
16 Incubus child, acts soppy with women but hates rival males, seeks to surround self with women
17 Succubi girl lolita affectionate to males who she tries to charm into servitude, seeks new daddy
18 Cambion demon child seeks to get adopted by someone in power, shows of his brute strength
19 Beserker child seems innocent with handaxe but fights as a mad beserker if angered due to curse
20 Baby vomits green slime, found abandoned near dungeon, child of evil slime god
21 Demon baby uses telikinesis and pyrokinesis to entertain self, current caretakers in dispair
22 Horror baby fights as a troll but no claw attacks, found in ruined camp among eaten corpses
23 Baby will fuse with an adult who fails a CON save, tries to take over body becoming dominant head
24 Baby gives off sweet smell and glowing light, preaches corrupting philosophy that evil is really ok
25 Baby is really a shape shifted evil baby dragon enjoying easy life being protected by humans
26 Child is sneaky thief and hates light, if disciplined will go on garroting spree and flee to caves
27 Cannibal child misses family meals of home clan, caught eating dead bodies happily
28 Baby has gem in belly button is a living key, welcomes demons and cultists who want to use him
29 Flesh eating baby lurks in sewers loves to sleep in bed of ruined torso, plays innocent to hunt
30 Child is a giant and grows rapidly and eats lots, will try to find real parents and kill impostors
31 Child eats money, steals purses, wallets, breaks into strong boxes, blames others for theft
32 Child eats small animals and children like a snake, wants to be taken to orphanage or farm
33 Telekinetic girl fixates on adult male and uses powers to help them, but hates his friends and lovers
34 Child full of parasites that don't harm them but highly contagious, brought to earth by demons
35 Child talks to creepy dolly, is actually communicating with duke of hell parent
36 Child has invisible friends (poltergeists), friendly for a while but enraged if disciplined
37 Child tries to attach itself to adventurer, secretly kills any other children, turns into sadistic brute
38 Child with single fang, unwanted and needy, has brutish tendencies but could be raised properly
39 Baby sprouts bat wings and flies off in search of grisly food and toys when not watched
40 Child seems wise reincarnated monk but actually preaches tolerance of evil and monsters
41 Tween girl desperate for family but prone to pyrokinetic rage if she thinks she has been wronged
42 Baby of evil god, attracts monster rescuers to take to forbidden evil dungeon for its destiny
43 Telepathic child with  mind reading abilities uses to create mischief and sew dissent, spread secrets
44 Fireproof baby part spawn of evil fire being, as grows starts to summon lesser elementals
45 Child very interested in weapons, cant wait to stab people and try hand at murder
46 Child doppelganger smarter than it seems seeks own kind but likes to cause mischief
47 Child with ugly toy doll that grows into monster and kills, child calla mr fluffy if upset to kill
48 Witch child gives evil eyes and curses to anyone who crosses them
49 Killer child likes to drown animals and people, as grows older can summon water elementals
50 Child with sweet tooth demands treats and candy, will resort to theft then murder to get treats
51 Devil child encourages other kids to do evil and keeps recommending soul pacts with devils
52 Child is really possessed by spirit of hunger, foodstuff near child spoils rapidly
53 Child is possessed by spirit of wrath and makes encounters more likely to turn bad
54 Child possessed by spirit of plague and has no idea they are a plague carrier and immune
55 Child is really an evil elf in disguise and communicates weaknesses to evil forces
56 Child calls down evil shadows against any who they think wrongs them by night
57 Horrible boy likes killing small animals, tempted by familiars and pets of others
58 Leech child drains a HP from people near them every day, weak and invalids often die
59 Child knows zombie raising ritual using libations of blood on graves, likes to make friends
60 Child whispers party flaws to invisible angels who pass on to gods for permanent records
61 Child if crossed will tell lies about party, accusing them of being witches or cultists
62 Child is a spy for evil forces in return for toys and candy, already betrayed family
63 Child raised by dark elves tries to lure adventurers to death with tales of treasure in depths
64 Child has tentacle that implants lethal grub eggs secretly on people
65 Child is a mutant and believes others are enemies, using strange powers to inflict secret suffering
66 Child is really a gang member leaves trail of signs and messengers for allies to kill party
67 Girl is a were fox witch and uses party to conceal her evil deeds, only harms party if exposed
68 Child has a swarm of invertebrates living inside body which they send to skeletonise enemies
69 Child is a drug addict always stealing to score drugs and corrupt others with habit
70 Demands to be centre of attention, will run into dungeon with goodbye note if ignored
71 Cursed child makes cross country navigation fail when present, ran away from home years ago
72 Claims is haunted and hunted by evil monsters and sends adults on fools errands
73 Evil mastermind dungeon boss infiltrates parties and gives them maps to bring into gauntlet
74 Kid loves knives and backstabbing, already a thief
75 Innocent but jinxed attracts danger to others near any at any road crossing, vehicles, equipment
76 Witch child hunted by coven who does not know their origins but attracts various magic troubles
77 Innocent mutant child produces stinking cloud if scared
78 Child is spawn of an elder god, when near artifact flesh bursts open to reveal true form
79 Child pretends was kidnapped by evil priests, will try this on party when meet other adventurers
80 Beloved of goblin king will army to recover and lay waste to anything in the way
81 Child rescued but has become a dark changeling whose powers awaken over time
82 Kid infected by contagious zombie plague, seems ok at first,
83 Kid loves to draw on walls, at first provokes fights with gang sights then
84 Rust monster kid, destroys equipment accidentally but doesn't really mean harm, criminals will seek
85 Psionic kid floods emotions of other with own in area, if afraid all in area who don't resist feel it
86 Loves playing with weapons and always trying to clumsily play with, runs with scissors
87 Group of children given powers by demons, sek adults to protect them from paladins hunting them
88 Kid with efreeti friend who grants his evil desires and encourages him to do evil
89 Kid with bound genius uses to grant his selfish desire and punish any who cross him
90 Imaginary friend is ghost who is over protective and kills anyone who scares or harms child
91 Child is a resurrected from a mummified ancient king and has great magical powers and bad attitude
92 Child remembers past life as great villain and slowly uncovers dark secrets
93 Child was a criminal reduced to child by curse, seeks to rob party blind with gang
94 Kid really a evil thieving hobbit with a ring of invisibility
95 Possessed by evil necromancer ancestor
96 Zealous child of gods, cannot tolerate any bad behavior and calls fire elementals to purge
97 Child turns others into dolls which she torments in her dollhouse or sets rats on them
98 Soul eating baby, waits till night to suck energy levels from victims
99 Twins one is saintly roll again for other child, uses sibling as a dupe
100 roll again one d4 times, multiple personalities and abilities

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