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d100 Forgotten Temples and Bleak Ruins

Gothtober over but I have a few more things to finish bulk of Gothic book. I need to scan some books also to help design geomorphs. Gothic Catacomb Guide might be a good title for collection. Goblin Mine might be worth starting soon. I am going to resise some early stuff to expand d100 from original d20. Every time I would get a duplicate result on d12 or d20 table I felt like I had wasted a roll. Read article that list writing is good creative practice and I agree. Suggestion and challenges welcome. d1000 curses was hard and still has a few things id like to fix like to group into similar types and make consistent - need to have with madness table. 

Xmas will be good time to write as stranded in ultra hot Adelaide trying to live to my postie mate's shifts. He is one of my better editors and players ever and ran my fave RQ games where apotheosis was common and we broke the world on a regular basis in order to save it.

To Do List Update

d100 Dungeon Decor Table - dress up dull dungeon
d100 Tragedy table - haunting covered some ideas for this too
d100 religious items - religious dressings, probably lootable
d100 Random Strange Crypt Table
d100 Non Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Corporeal Undead Encounters
d100 Doomed Immortals Encounters
d100 Necromancer Relics
d100 Wandering holy folk, hermits and hunters of unholy
d100 Strange Graveyards - Found notes on "holiness factor" for grave areas
d100 megalith sites - remains of the old ways
d100 undead boss monsters - might do sub-bosses also  
d100 things on the lonely moors at night
d100 catacomb and Gothic decor
d100 alluring strange headstones
d100 Madness table for failed WIS checks vs horror, tragedy or shock
d100 Books of the Gothic City
d100 Pamplets of the Gothic City
d100 Secret Societies
d100 honest undead motivations
Castle Geomorphs - keep and wall and tower section
Manor Geomorphs - a few mansions for haunting and tragic nobility
Crypt and tomb - lots of small funeral structures
Ruin Geomorphs
Catacomb Geomorphs - create a maze of tunnels
Mausoleum Geomorphs - this will be basic one
Cathedral geomorphs 


Anyway goths love ruins and gothic romance makes frequent use of them. In a spot you may need a haunted ruin for a rendezvous, poor campsite or dungeoncrawl break from a hexcrawl. Basically a ruin from afar might be spotted and this table is an easy answer and possible kickstart to adventure.

d100 Forgotten Temples and Ruins
1 Black tower of Raggadan the Mad, haunted tower with sealed entrance 
2 Dread Wizard Tower, fortified home of dead famous wizard of old, long sealed
3 Broken tower of Kzan, with cruel bandit gang using as headquarters and prison
4 Rooks Nest, raven nesting in broken tower with refugee youths from clan war in hiding
5 Ghost Tower, former signal tower now haunted by phantoms and spectres due to curse
6 Shambling Castle according to locals moves and is inhabited by goblins and ogres
7 Castle of sorrow, with lonely weeping phantom guarding the dungeon enterance
8 Castle of thorns, overgrown with creeping thorn bushes and warms of mad goblins
9 Craggy Keep, a tall blasted building, with collapsed floors, under rubble is lost dungeon
10 Sorrowmeet Castle, where lovers meet in secret trysts has become a vampires lair
11 Plague Village, long forgotten village from last great plague, haunted by undead
12 Swamp Village, sunken, abandoned village filled with snakes from swamphag's home
13 Ghost Village, unhappy phantoms from ancient massacre has kept new settlers away
14 Fog Shrouded Village ruin, with witches coven meeting to curse some victim
15 Scar Village, crumbling abandoned now with clan of gypsies who sell potions
16 Fang Village, look ruined but really assassin training base underground
17 Hook Village, abandoned due to horrible mystery monster that lives in grotto nearby
18 Bleak Village ruin, with beastmen cavorting in ruins, happy to find new playthings
19 Duncow Village, land soured by cockatrice who drove off populace generations ago
20 Bone Village, killed in plague now skeletons tend zombie animals and harvest crops
21Mongrel Village, ocupied only by mongrel men mutants, degenerate remains of villagers
22 Longtooth Village, now a ruin but secretly inhabited by cannibal clan in caves beneath
23 Harken Village, children like to play in these ruins, some get taken by evil witch
24 Canthorp Village, once thrived now a lifeless waste with a hungry troll family
25 Darblaster Village, former thriving traders stop, tavern full of spirits, shades and ghosts
26 Marden House, burned remains of fine manour, home to serial killer hunchback
27 Taylor House, ruined by damp, crumbling and rotten, crawling with goblins
28 Mordan House, family manour turned to degenerate necromancers, undead prowl openly
29 Lowdan House, tainted by evil, family killed by imps, devils visit here
30 Ladoria Houe, trading clan brought back cursed relic, zombie pygmies scuttle about
31 Dorian Manour, home to mummified former lord who longs for lost love
32 Zordan Manour, former clan of evil killers now all hungry living shadows
33 Hraden Manour, lord turned lycanthrope and drove everyone away
34 Grimdale Manour, ruined and shit stained where devil swine make victims into  servants
35 Home for unwanted Infants, ruined children's home with albino killer kids
36 Dr Sandwicks House of curiosities, former private museum, reptilian mummy taken over
37 Strange ruined house built on cliff with no visible entry, home to content immortal
38 House for Homeless, mad nanny killed hobos looking like her missing dad, now a spctre
39 Dr Zontarg's Fun Fair with ruined fair ground and homeless killer clowns cultists
40 Coldstore, cut into hill, lined in straw, iceblocks with angry ice toad and crates of apples
41Teller's Mill a crumbling windmill with drunk axe wielding beserker
42 Potter's Mill, mad old knight thinks is his castle
43 Dr Thrombords Madhouse, mad Dr drugs, imprisons, experiments on brains of visitors
44 Abandoned Inn with plague mark on door, diseased zombies inside
45 Condemned Slaughterhouse, squealing beastmen slaughter evil humans who come here
46 Old Brewery where drunk ghosts attack any who do not give them booze libations
47 Ms Tate's school for wicked children, cages and dungeon, haunted by weeping ghosts
48 Grandma's Sausage House, restaurant closed and cannibals hung, now haunted
49 Old Cursed Whorehouse, succubi runs undead and charmed locals as fluff and muscle
50 Madame Clugg's Confectionary, owner hung for drowning kids in chocolate, haunted
51 Uncles Trade House, abandoned years ago, half buried animal lair
52 Empty Brick Yard, kiln and clay pit, hobgoblins have restarted and selling to kobolds
53 Abandoned Quarry shack, gnome earth elementalist hates to be disturbed, has pets
54 Old Blacky's Mine shack, hide out of wanted killer, assassin or bandit
55 Lucky Strike Miners shack, floor rotten drops into 40 foot monster filled dark mine
56 Magic Nugget Hole Mine shack, albino fish men, entry to flooded mines
57 Cursed Stable where people say demonic mounts can be found at midnight
58 Ratslanding waterwheel mill house, home to were rat and swarm of rats
59 The Murder House, long empty, poltergeist kill those who rest here with kitchen tools
Crumbling farmhouse, half collapsed, swarming with rats61 Creepy old barn, several village idiots and an albino mute live here hiding from villagers
62 Burned down old barn, minotaur lives here with his beastmen follower
63 Crumbling smelter with chimney stacks, creeping hobgoblins live here now
64 Smoking Hill, old coal mine been burning for decades, Imps seen playing here
65 Blackened Inn, burned down during party, hungry shadows dwell here now
66 Mausoleum of crumbling stone, ghouls live in rubble
67 Stonebarrows, prehistoric tombs, most buried but connected, wight pack in area
68 Decrepit old shack, home of mutant hillbillies who avoid civilized folk
69 Flooded old shack, half burried in mud during flood, giant toads or frogs inside
70 Overgrown shack, with tree growing inside, undead druid and giant wolf inside
71 Collapsed shack, filled with rubble home of a feral kid and his favorite pet 
72 Collapsed tower, heap of rubble with undead haunted cellar intact
73 Collapsed farm house with aggressive zombie animals and farmers
74 Collapsed castle, heap of rubble with sinister cult using hidden dungeon as temple
75 Wrecked old forge with valuables looked, at night undead smith prowls the area
76 Old temple crumbled into rubble, undead priest trying to eat baby in font
77 Greyhill Monastary, chattered outerwalls intact, at
night phantom monks chant
78 Crumbling shrine dedicated to a god, with old hermit who will heal those he respects
79 Ancient temple with outer walls intact, sphynx, lamia or naga with beastmen cultists
80 Decrepit old church with mad lonely priest inside will try to convert by force
81 Ramshackle ancient church, cursed by the gods, crawling with undead in catacombs
82 Broken church with collapsed tower, giant evil owls and witches meet here
83 Rotten wooden hunters lodge, inside huge bloated naked undead hunter eats a deer
84 Broken holy monument, vandalized with panel into interior, thieves gang inside
85 Lost ornamental castle built as novelty, occupied by blood drinking redcap gnomes
86 Flooded village partly under water or mud, bloated drowned zombies arise at night
87 Cobweb covered mostly collapsed home to goblin spiders or goblin were-spiders
88 Burned old boathouse, fishmen live underneath and attack intruders
89 Silent woolshed, home to band of ogres about to indulge selves with prisoners
90 Overgrown milking shed, inside talking animals discuss their spy network
91 Abandoned Folly, unknown purpose and strange design, crazy sorcerer guards secrets
92 Ancient Bath House, intact walls and pools, water wierds and evil giant frogs lurk inside
93 Huge aviary, now broken with swarm of undead exotic birds and ghast master
94 Ornate garden with sculptural features like  benches, pools and gargoyles
95 Giant concrete crab shaped building with crabarium, crab men and giant crabs live inside
96 Gigantic carved stone skull in rockwall, skeletons led by flaming skeleton warrior inside
97 Stone pyramid crypt with mummy and treasure inside
98 Crumbling huge relief statue carved into mountain with dungeon inside
99 Demonic face carved into cliff, demons inside prepare to invade 
100 Gigantic greenhouse smashed glass, overgrown with trees, plant monsters inside

next will be post 300 so should do something big

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