Tuesday 12 November 2013

Aliens, Saucer Men and Space Gods of Psychon pt 5

Spacegods as depicted in marvel comics as designed by Kirby. He had a real flare for old testament shenanigans and also did the 2001 comic in 70s that looks pretty crazy. Like to see a one volume reprint of that. Space gods are different to aliens because they dont just infiltrate and invade and steal our sexually attractive citizens and kidnap crazy loners. Spacegod leave intriguing clues like artifacts, lost temples and making hidden divergant races of superhumans. They most importantly pass judgement on our kind and our all life on our planet. Some of their actions are mysterious and inexplicable. Others scream truth in our heads even if you tear your eyes out.

Kaiju are great colossal beasts up to 500 foot tall, living mountains of flesh that for some reason fight spacegods or are used by them to cleanse planets or fight wars. Uncertain if they were always on earth slumbering, created by AI gods or ancients or spacegods. For some reason they have been seen wrestling spacegods. Some say they are our natural planetary defences or created to bother spacegods. Possibly they are an older order of being found across universe. Possibly there are several types. Some mythos beings may be classed as kaiju or fight them too. They love to fight and are mostly invulnerable. Often end up embroiled in alien affairs.

d100 Simplified Version of Spacegod Encounters
1-10 Ancient monuments - ancient places come to life with ancient power
11-20 Secrets of the spacegods - humans expose and fight over mysteries or ruins
21-30  Cult of the spacegods - servants of spacegods become active

31-40 Convergence - spacegods coming influences people en mass
41-50 Communion - spacegods contact people in secret
51-60 Fire from heaven - a great bolt from spacegods strikes planet
61-70 Visitation - spacegods seen in heavens and on surface
71-80 Judgement - spacegods come and judge planet
81-90 War in Heaven - spacegods wage war in heavens
91-100 Apocalypse - disasters and the end times

Expanded Spacegod Encounters
1 Artifact been awakening psionic talents among locals
2 Remnants of city or settlement with dead alien graves
3 Area with ancient monoliths and statues has been active with strange visitors
4 Area with ancient monoliths and statues has been active with weird phenomena
5 Remnants of civilization destroyed by spacegods
6 Area littered found with spacegod relics
7 Explorers discover a huge spacegod complex on land, under the sea or beneath ice
8 Lost ruined city with art depicting spacegods discovered
9 Secret divergent race in hiding for ages discovered with own secret settlement
10 Tomb of imprisoned rebel god discovered
11 Secrets of the spacegods being uncovered by criminals out of greed
12 Secrets of the spacegods being uncovered by military seeking weapons
13 Secrets of the spacegods being uncovered by ancient cult of conspirators
14 Secrets of the spacegods being uncovered by well meaning scholars
15 Secrets of the spacegods being uncovered by treasure hunter
16 Secrets of the spacegods publicly exposed, commoners start trying to loot secrets
17 Secret exposed by natural disaster
18 Secrets exposed by commoners making random discovery
19 Scholar studying relics in museum activates a artifact of the spacegods
20 Astronomers detect mysterious object in space
21 Cult of the spacegods awaken the chosen one as test for planet
22 Cult of spacegods gather psionic talented to try and commune with gods
24 Cult of spacegods murdering those who defile or expose secrets
25 Cult of spacegods murdering those deemed aberrant by spacegods
26 Cult of spacegods warn everyone they are coming to judge our world
27 Cult of spacegods worshipping in ancient site, weird lights seen
28 Cult of spacegods attempt to awaken kaiju they believed tied to spacegods
29 Cult of spacegods establish a shanty town festival that seems to keep growing
30 Cult of spacegods have located and communicate with a hidden divergent race
31 Convergence of chosen from across world to location of a future visitation
32 Convergence of chosen come to build monument or wonder in gods honour
33 Convergance of chosen come to build site for visitation
34 Convergence of chosen come to build communicator
35 Convergence of chosen come to build stargate
36 Convergance of chosen come to assemble in great hordes that forms symbols for gods
37 Convergance of chosen build 2D or 3D artworks depicting gods or visitation site
38 Convergance of chosen chanting or humming a tune
39 Convergance of chosen making huge pictograms in crops or plains
40 Convergence of chosen locals gather to stare at sky

41 Communion but most details erased and cant be remembered well
42 Communion warns of alien invaders among populace
43 Communion warns of mythos powers
44 Communion warns of growing mutant hordes
45 Communion warns of coming judgement on planet
46 Communion teaches technological advancements
47 Communion warns or rebel spacegod influence
48 Communion warns of tampering with spacegod ruin site
49 Communion instructs to build mighty monument to spacegods
50 Communion warns of human deployment of doomsday device
51 Fire from heaven destroys a city
52 Fire from heaven creates huge crater destroying some secret of the gods
53 Fire from heaven triggers major disaster
54 Fire from heaven destroys a alien base
55 Fire from heaven awakens or destroys local kaiju
56 Fire from heaven destroys interlopers probing secrets of spacegods
57 Fire from heaven destroys weapons or doomsday device of ancients
58 Fire from heaven destroys aberrant population of mutants or a race 
59 Fire from heaven leaves plague strewn ashes over hex
60 Fire from heaven leave huge pit with mutagenic contaminants
61 Visitation as spacegods commune with Psychon AI gods
62 Visitation of spacegods meeting for telepathic conference
63 Visitation purges locals of Pschon of mutations turns everyone to ancient humans
64 Visitation grants local chosen psionic talents
65 Visitation to warn of upcoming disaster or threat from stars
66 Visitation to make judgement of planets fate
67 Visitation to exterminate a species spacegods find aberrant
68 Visitation leaves exotic symbol carved in earth
69 Visitation to meet gathering of chosen to take to the stars
70 Visitation warn humanity of troubling behavior
71 Judgement of the spacegods, scan planet for signs of aberration
72 Judgement of the spacegods, promise to return to Psychon again soon
73 Judgement of the spacegods, planet warned to end war like ways
74 Judgement of the spacegods, planet shakes as gods ponder
75 Judgement of the spacegods, hung jury Psychon to last a bit longer
76 Judgement of the spacegods, monitor party conduct to evaluate planets fate
77 Judgement of the spacegods, test party with temptation of great power
78 Judgement of the spacegods, prosecutor sends aliens to menace Psychon
79 Judgement of the spacegods, defender seized ancient weapons of mass destruction
80 Judgement of the spacegods, various space platforms rain down onto surface
81 Battle awakened necrovore attempting to create swarm of undead
82 Battle a human army destroying them all
83 Battle kaiju and rampage over hex
84 Battle dimensional intruders from outer planes
85 Battle the AI gods in the sky
86 Battle returning ancients returned from the stars
87 Battle alien invaders on land and sky
88 Battle rebel spacegod in heavens
89 Battle beings of overspace from orbit
90 Battle with the great old ones
91 Spacegods come to sterilize an aberrant species or race
92 Spacegods awaken alien DNA in populace
93 Spacegods induce mutations over a wide area
94 Hidden race created by spacegods in past come out of hiding
95 New race created by spacegods fro humans or other life
96 Man made disaster averted by spacegods
97 Natural calamity stopped by spacegods
98 Spacegods hypnotize everyone, when snap out something missing or changed
99 Awaken psionic potential in populance
100 End times as spacegods judge and decree end unless party can some how change their minds or buy another thousand or million years for humanity

Thats probably enough on this topic for moment.

Aeons and Augeries did a great alien weapon d100 table here: http://aeonsnaugauries.blogspot.com.au/2013/11/some-of-saucer-men.html

and loot

Found funny kids book on aliens new for 50 cents mixed supposed fact UFOs occupants and sf aliens together with no distinction. One supposed encounter with greys with giant pincer hands that didn't seem very good for high tech but suit my savage type of feral greys on psychon.

Yugoslavian monuments make great alien temples for psychon.


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