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d100 Saucy Pamphlets of Shadel Port

Shadel Port has a thriving woodblock printing and hand copied and coloured pamphlets and books. While the city has a thriving literate population greater than most lands, many pamphlets are highly illustrated so even the illiterate can follow them. Some even have voice balloons and sequential images like old English children papers or comics. Other cities on the mainland restrict printing and ban broadsheets and pages from Shadel Port as scandalous rabble rousing filth. Popular prints are often lowbrow and publicly frowned on but everybody reads them or looks at pictures in a tavern or brothel waiting room. Secondhand stained ones available -d50% price. 

Political tracts that could get you executed not included here but include work criticizing the secret police or Barron. Having one could be a death sentance and you might get one by accident or recieve one without realizing. Secret police of Barron dont care if you dont know how you got it. They plant them on people all the time.

Unsavoury subjects are common. Many detail exploits of executed criminals, often sold near chopping blocks and hangmans scaffolds near your local shops. Sex, crime, scandals, strange lovemaking and beauty tips and many more topics. Ones below are some of the more popular ones. Ones about the party may appear from time to time, unauthorized of course.

Page Count
Colour or
B&W if not stated

d100 Saucy Pamphlets of Shadel Port

1 "Why Witches must Die" by brother Phlegmastos 1sp 8pg 
Lurid nude illustrations
2 "Witch hunting for Dolts" by Ishmael Ungstrom 4cp 12 pg Illustrated torture scenes
3 "Demons Amongst Us" by Edwin Mortly 4cp 16 pg how to detect demon cultists
4 "Cults and their Abominable Crimes" 4sp 32pg Colour cover, Illustrations of lurid evil rites 
5 "Elf, Dwarf and Troll Hunting" Dr Pandarus Kliestler 1sp 4pg illustrated dissections 
6 "Doppelgangers, the hidden menace" 2cp 4pg illustrated stories of horror
7 "Vampire grave lords" 1cp 4pg illustrated stories of horrid murder and undead vice
8 "Werewolves and other Lycanthropes" 16cp 16pg details types of shape shifters
9 "Ghosts, Spectres and non-corporeal spirits of the damned" 8cp 12pg
10 "Necromancers - true tales of evil" Dr Hans Prenderghast
14cp 8pg Illustrated
11 "Potions - degenerate vice of alchemy" Madame Klagg 2cp 4pg Illustrated cover
12 "Dungeon degenerates" Lord Klashton 12cp 24pg tells depraved adventurer fates
13 "Hygenic Sewerage and plague reduction" Dr Kramatz 1cp 8pg Illustrated
14 "Reading a curse on the poor" Mrs Tramier 6cp 8pg suggests banning pamphlets 
15 "Theatres - dens of scum and evil" Madame Warrington 16cp 16pg Illustrated
16 "Chivalry is dead" Lady Calingford 4sp colour 24 pg Illustrated laments lost era
17 "Drug Dens and Crime" Rudolf Pickford 2cp 8pg Illustrated, lists best drug dens
18 "Dungeons and Depravity" 4cp 8pg Illustrated claims dungeon explorers are evil
19 "Torture too lenient" Madame Ogilvran 2cp 2pg Illustrated complaints of penal code
20 "Mutants, the scum among us" 3cp
4pg Illustrated describes mutant ghetto
21 "Makeup is for devils whores" 1sp 4pg colour claims beauty industry a devilish plot  
22 "Secrets of weightless for modern woman" 2cp 4pg tips on using parasites in diet
23 "Skin like a goddess in one month" Miss Atheria 1sp 4pg tips to bath in blood or milk
24 "Sorcerer degenerates" Wizards Club Paper 1sp 12pg illustrated tales of vice
25 "Wizards dabblers in Devilry" 8cp 24pg warnings against wizards from late Mrs Findley
26 "Elf Tears aphrodisiacs" 2sp 8pg illustrated pictures of elves being made to cry
27 "Monks secret lives of depravity" Mr Hendly 4cp 12pg illustrations of cloistered vice
28 "Bugbear dung - Secret of Beauty?" Mrs Collery 6cp 8pg remarkable beauty products
29 "Beauty of avion" Catalogue of beauty products from abroad 4cp 12 pg illustrated
30 "Keeping your husband faithful" Mrs Blundle 6cp 12pg advocates addictive drug use
31 "Giants are comming!" 1cp 4 page illustrated alarmist testimony about giantland
32 "Serpent men - the invisible enemy" Dr Clagwhore 2sp 12pg colour cover
33 "The Secret lover" Miss Manstrone 6sp 48pg guide to keeping many lovers for ladies
34 "Immigrants threatening the slave industry" Proffessor Kernew 4cp 16pg
35 "Vices of the east" Mrs Morecock 4sp 8pg Illustrated with depraved scenes
36 "Best brothels guide" 12cp 16pg Illustrated cover, compares services of over 100
37 "10 Surefire torture techniques" Captain Deathadder, 2cp 2pg poorly Illustrated
38 "100 uses for a dead Unicorn" 3sp 12 pg colour cover lists various popular recipes
39 "Gambling and drink - the poor mans peril" 2cp 4pg illustrated depictions of poverty
40 "Guide to beating your goblin or kobold" Proff Higgins 3cp 4pg Illustrated techniques
41 "Good orc b
reeding " Proff Higgins 12cp 12pg Illustrated selective breeding
42 "Lovemaking techniques of foreign devils" Brother Hamley 1sp 12pg illustrated
43 "100 best turnip recipes" Mrs Morgan 2cp 4pg includes prayer to Bogrump the turnip god
44 "Mrs Miggins Demon Pieshop" 2cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet depicting cannibal pieshop
45 "Strange Murders in the Docklands" Mr Ripper 3cp 2pg illustrations of dead prostitutes
46 "Tragedy in the Family" 2cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet on tragic death of whole clan
47 "Baby eating bishops of the empire" 3cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet on killer clergy
48 "The Emperors Madness" by late Dr Cosgrove 3cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet
49 "I married a monster" 2cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet on lady who married doppelganger
50 "Graverobbing for science or evil?" 3cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet detailing new trade
51 "Dungeon storming for easy gold" 4cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet with untrue advice
52 "Dark elf tricks, traps and treason" Dr Pendlethwarp 1sp 12pg colour cover
53 "Ghost breakers of Shadel Port" 2cp 4pg illustrations of various famous ghosts
54 "100 best rat recipes for frugal housewives" 3cp 8pg illustrated cover
55 "Toughen your toddlers through torture" Proff Grimlydale 1sp 24pg illustrated
56 "Make a quick copper with animal bloodsports a complete guide" 4cp 12pg
57 "10 easy whorepox remedies" 1cp 1pg not only useless but possibly deadly
58 "Visions of the Mercury Vapors" 2cp 4pg latest craze with rich street youths
59 "My life in prison" John Abott 3cp 12pg Illustrated cover with tips to survive in prison
60 "How i beat the rap" Dr Morgan the Portside Strangler 8cp 24pg illustrated cover 
61 "Get wealth by turning secret police informer" by anonymous 4cp 12pg
62 "Dungeons of the Cymbal Mountains" 4cp 16pg with fanciful dungeon stories
63 "Treasures of the cursed forest" 1cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet on found treasures
64 "How I found gold" Heinrich Gruber 2cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet of tomb robbing
65 "10 lost hoards of the highlands" Donald Carter 3cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet
66 "Dragons of Exile Island" Dr Lester Manson 1sp 1pg illustrated colour broadsheet
67 "Wanted wizards, rogues and warriors annual" 1sp 25pg illustrated wanted posters
68 "Nymphs of the undersea kingdom" 3sp 12pg colour illustrated nudes with biograpies
69 "Dryads and Satyrs observed" Dr Bonefort 3sp 24pg with colour illustrated cover
70 "Sadistic secrets of the empire's lords" 12sp 48pg illustrated sex and torture
71 "Harlots of Shadelport" Don Quarvagi 12sp 32pg illustrated stories of loose noble ladies
72 "My life with succubi" Don Quarvagi 16sp 42pg illustrated stories of a diabolist sex life
73 "Garden of Necromantic Pleasure" 2sp 12 pg illustrated stories of forbidden undead love
74 "Kidnapped by she-orcs" 4cp 8pg illustrated cover tales of abused lovers of orc maids
75 "Cannibal sex rites of the islands" Dr Pendlton 6cp 12pg illustrated cover
76 "Vampire love slaves" 12cp 24pg ridiculous made up stories of vampire sex slaves
77 "Killer whores of the red light district" 6cp 16pg illustrated cover of grisly man murder

78 "Calidar's erotic Bestiary" 12sp 48pg illustrated intimacies with harpies, sphinxes, etc
79 "Secret sex rites of the gods" 6sp 32pg illustrated fanciful slander against the gods
80 "Battles of the purple worm" 12cp 24pg erotic stories from perspective of a penis
81 "Manly fighting stories" 14cp 24pg manly fighting stories of masculine camaraderie
82 "Dragonslayers guide" 4cp 4pg illustrated stories of great dragon slayers, very fanciful
83 "Fighting lives of the dungeon delvers" 6cp 12pg illustrated tales of easy plunder
84 "Sir Calidax the unstoppable" 4cp 16pg illustrated cover, ridiculous romance of untruth
85 "Liberation of white tower" 1cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet on destruction of goblin mines
86 "Witch hunters diary" 3cp 12pg illustrated tales of mostly unheroic witch killing
87 "Lady Margret, swordswoman" 4cp 24pg of a lady warriors loves and battles
88 "Purify the wicked" 2cp 4pg famous priest crucified by the Barron for slander, a warning
89 "Into the underland" 4cp 16pg illustrated maps, tales of underground exploration
90 "Battling the hell whores of Shadelport" 4cp 12pg illustrated cover, failed priests fall
91 "Emperor's buffoonery exposed" 1cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet cartoon of emperor
92 "Emporor in arms of a whore" 1sp 1pg illustrated colour broadsheet on emperor
93 "A pirates erotic adventures" 2cp 1pg illustrated broadsheet on pirate love life
94 "Secret sex lives of the saints" Dr Panacrassus 16cp 12pg colour cover
95 "Streets of obscenities" 3cp 4pg claims city streets spell out obscenities and blasphemy
96 "Clerics are killing us" 4cp 4pg illustrated cover claims healing spells really mind control
97 "Bestiality and Druidism" Dr Marknow 12cp 16pg illustrated sex lives of druids
98 "Best Eating in Shadel Port" 4cp 16pg of adds with biased often untrue reviews
99 "Castration cults of the city sewers" 3cp 8pg illustrated cover, often found in latrines
100 "Erotic love life of Linden the Bard (unauthorized)" 3cp 8pg illustrated cover

I found book of stuff from 1500s Germany - best tale: kids practice butcher on younger brother killing him, hide from mom in oven, mom cooks them by accident jumps in well, dad comes home and hangs self when sees family dead. Cities that printed them ended up being embarrassed and destroyed tabloids. Cities where banned tabloids survived in stashes of collectors. Next time im in my old uni library will copy some as not on the net.


  1. Saucy indeed! At least Shadel Port is a literate town.

    1. cheapest paper in the known world and look how they thank the goddess of literacy! a pox on them all!

  2. Oh, yes, please! I would like to see the originals! :)

  3. Oh, yes, please! I'd like to see the originals!

    ... and if the paper is so cheap, there is probably an even worse use for it, than pamphlets... ;P

  4. wizard spellbooks make best toilet paper


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