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Aliens, Saucer Men and Space Gods of Psychon pt 4

Space gods and Saucer men 
To recap what we have done so far is to describe typical UFO encounters, saucer occupants, infiltration and invasion by various species.

Space gods are a bit different. Most evidence of space gods is ancient and interpreted from monuments of ancients, artifacts and supposed evolutionary leaps. Space gods are more aloof and dont zoom around in saucers scaring motorists and eating cow faces or stealing brains.

Spacegod artifacts are more likely to be encountered such as a monolith or crystal skull with psionic puzzles required to activate.

When space gods do visit it is a great event and those who contact them are changed forever.

Space gods may have servitor races, often which they have log abandoned. Many carry out agendas that no longer exist. Robots or androids are fairly common. Prometheans are one good candidate but they are arrogant and seek to exterminate failures and managed to wipe selves out with own bioweapons. Most aliens fear space gods and flee. Space gods are to normal aliens what UFOs are to humans.

Space gods typically come into play differently to plain aliens and UFOs. Usually spacegod artifacts or mysteries are uncovered.and possibly activated sending them a signal. Sometimes a servitor is uncovered and awakened but they are often hostile or uninterested in welfare of primitive animals. Spacegods may send mental communications but these are awesome mindblowing communications which may unhinge fragile minds. Spacegods test people with puzzles, leave around powerful weapons or other tests. Failure can mean failure for all humans not just yourself.

A cleric may wish to worship space gods instead of AI gods. Some say spacegods are yet another cruel hoax of of AI gods but most Psychononians cant be sure. But they do grant spells and may commune with some chosen. Such priests especially deal with other aliens possibly being able to turn aliens instead of undead. The power of the spacegods is recognizable and fearsome to saucer folk.

Spacegods may battle with the old ones or possibly kaiju from time to time but such conflict is sure to be very destructive. Why a spacegod would choose to wrestle a kaiju instead of turning them into a tadpole is a mystery but kaiju have their own priesthood too which might explain something.

Spacegods while judgmental will protect innocent from aliens, undead swarm, kaiju attack, mythos gods, or sometimes even Psychonian AI gods. The AI gods seem to not discuss space gods but they are frequently hostile to other aliens due to ancient earth defense protocols.

Other aliens may pretend to be spacegods but this calls the wrath of the Spacegods. Some servitors using the spacegods name in vain likewise displease them. Rogue spacegods do exist but are usually captured by their peers and imprisoned. Hopefully not under your city or on your planet. Evil spacegods take a hand in controlling their servitor species minions.

Several types of spacegods have been documented. The first are the Celestrions, apearing as collosal titans in space armour which may land on a planet and walk around. They walk through oceans waste deep but can walk on water or hover in the sky. They have abandoned vessels but some of these may still be found. Saucer men with ambition might try to occupy a space god vessel but outcome i usually bad. Statues of them may be found in ancient sites. Their impenetrable kirbonium armour is covered in mysterious symbols but a nuke might bother one if surprised. If they knew it was coming they might just dampen the nuclear reaction with a thought. The other variety are the Starchild. Usually appear as fetal beings in glowing spheres (some say they have seen them with tentacles).  Archons are another type whose fused dead bodies may be found in tombs, temples or crypts but these remnants may awaken if disturbed. They are humanoid but withered with domed heads and large eyes. Archons may grant individuals great power and will take it away if squandered on selfish goals. Their consciousness dwells on other planes and it seems ones on earth came here to find a place to die.

Spacegods when they do have ships are huge structures. Stargates are commonly employed also.

The best use of aliens is to send players to a hex with an invasion by saucer people underway. Spacegods are usually involved when greedy evil wizards seek artifacts, communication with evil spacegods or to meddle with their puzzles left to test the race. Spacegods arrival should be a climax. Artifacts or servitors should be seen first.

d20 Ancient Monuments
Some ideas for ruins and alien remnants. Crop circles good for temporary ones.

1 Huge carvings in plain depicting spacegods or landing sights
2 Crude megalith with rock paintings or carvings of spacegods
3 Strange archway of natural stone or carved which could have been an operational gate once

4 Huge wall wade with fused stones and possible carvings of spacegods
5 Cave temple complex with carvings of spacegods and possible secret chambers
6 Tomb of servitors who rulled or crashed here long ago
7 Huge statue of a specific space god
8 Field of statues of many spacegods
9 Temple with statues and carvings inside or all over
10 Pyramid sealed with artifacts sealed inside
11 Ziggerutt with temple on top where ancients communed with spacegods

12 Lost city with alien servitor mummies and and carvings of spacegods
13 Shrine with slightly alien looking god, dead alien or spacegod relics inside 
14 Sunken city ruins with spacegod
15 Huge crater with scraps of spacejunk remains
16 Remains of servitor saucer possibly crashed or in hanger or temple
17 Sarcophagi of servitors in sealed chamber
18 Huge carving in cliff, mountain or rock depicting spacegod or hybrid alien
19 Sacred area two more times
20 Ruined holy precinct roll 1d4+1 more rolls

d20 What are Aliens in art doing?
1 Saucer crash
2 Saucer crash with survivors meeting locals
3 Saucer crash with aliens dying one by one
4 Saucer crash with aliens becoming priest kings of locals
5 Saucer crash with aliens hybridizing
6 Aliens sharing advanced knowledge with human
7 Aliens destroying life
8 Aliens saving people from disaster

9 Aliens having sex with humans
10 Aliens Building a city or sacred precinct
11 Aliens building monument with advanced technology
12 Aliens kidnapping people
13 Aliens of different types fighting with troops
14 Aliens bringing law to mankind
15 Aliens bringing peace and prosperity
16 Aliens of different types fighting with saucers
17 Alien priest in meditation looking serene
18 Aliens breeding monsters which eat people

19 Alien priests sacrificing people
20 Alien wizards performing miracles like healing or monster killing

d100 Alien Artifacts 

Use adjectives like mysterious, unfathomable, strange, weird, whenever describing them. Most have mysterious purposes which cannot be fathomed. A lab might spend 100 years and a grey will activate it instantly on touch.

1 Crystal or jade
2 Crystal Skull
3 Idol of alien god
4 Idol of Saucer
5 Disc with alien text
6 Stone Tablets
7 Scrolls with alien text
8 Map
9 Medallion

10 Crystal
11 Sarcophagi

12 Bracelet
13 Ring
13 Alien Bones
14 Alien Skull
15 Strange meteor fragment
16 Headband
17 Broach
18 Implant
19 Glove
20 Headband
21 Mask
22 Stone Head
23 Alien Drugs

24 Crystal Psi Helmet
25 Alien Communicator
26 Living Organs
27 Rust eating slug
28 Hair eating slug
29 Crystals that glow in certain situations or near other crystals

30 Game board with depressions for crystals
31 Sword Hilt
31 Silver sphere
32 Pandora's Box
33 Jade Tablet
34 Pellet of normally unstable element in sold form

35 Fragment of non terrestrial metal
36 Skullcap
37 Metal rod
38 Dodecahedron
39 Small Crystal Pyramid
40 Hexagonal Plate with symbols
41 Pentagonal Plate with symbols

42 Hexagonal crystal prism
43 Octagonal crystal prism

44 Crystal octahedron
45 Metal Hexahedron (cube)
46 Stasis bubble
47  Crystal Wand
48 Necklace
49 Isotope in box with pulsing message frequency
50 SOS signal gem
51 Spool of monofilament
52 Puzzlebox changes into different polygons
53 Vial of black twitching fluid
54 Green liquid in cylinder
55 Glittering Powder in canister
56 Crystalline Egg
57 Box that goes ping
58 Hybrid skull
59 Alien fossil
60 Human petrified skull
61 Gelatinous Blob
62 Flat metal square with static charge
63 Magnetic sphere
64 Strand of alien hair
65 Human mask
66 Alien eye contacts
67 Jar of swirling vapour
68 Stone sphere
69 Metal cone
70 Cluster of black metallic spheres
71 Metal plate with nude figures and map of local quasars
72 Plastic card with microchip and symbols
73 Crystal which has random images appear
74 Black box with illuminated red changing symbols
75 Mummified alien hand
76 Chrome vibrating wand
77 Green glowing wand
78 String of glowing spheres
79 Spiked sphere
80 Egg shaped object floats
81 Complex metallic crystalline object changes shape daily
82 Statuette of strange creature

83 Alien looking foetus in jar
84 Tiny alien skeleton in box
85 Caste of alien footprint
86 Alien scalp
87 Metallic rings that hover and spin above each other
88 Fragments of alien container of some biological material
89 Container of hostile liquid entity
90 Container of gelatinous blob that eat flesh and grows
91 Container with DNA hacking nanosoup inside
92 Crystal if dropped in sea grows into crystal castle
93 Crystal if dropped in sea or soil grows into liquid crystal slime creature
94 Crystal shows images of alien world
95 Egg may hatch into tiny beast that rapidly grows to kaiju size
96 Monolith black slab actually a hyperspacial marker buoy with pocket dimension inside
97 Monolith black slab actually an AI
98 Monolith black slab actually a communicator
99 Monolith black slab actually a evolution accelerator
00 Monolith black slab actually a stargate

Other Aliens
Psionic devil bugs from quatermass i should have remembered

Aeons and Auguries been tag teaming on this:

more UFO types:
I guess i wanted a limited type so ppl unsure of diferences between aliens but this i excellent variety I will probably use

why are they here? - this is gold
beaten me to it and very funny - my aliens mostly bastards or patronizing at best but I will use this

aliens are elves a hypothesis I have always liked

more aliens with more plants beings and some other things...

Awesome 70s SF art page - very much Planet Pychon idea


  1. Love the sauce-men and spacegod stuff.

    In the last picture you posted it's interesting to observe lenticullar saucers with domes engaged in a shore-side culttural exchange, the dolphins would really appreciate more of that.


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