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Science and Sorcery Loot

So to compliment the last table here is some magic tech

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not so relevant to this post but AIs would fit in well with the ones i made for Psychon plus gates to generation ships are about in the setting to so this is good too: also weird weather

Have Psychon book almost done. This one more text dense, better edited (well a bit) and less art. So very soon. Will play a while before i decide i could do a full blown edition of EMO DnD integrated into Psychon setting. Long Stirs game would overlap a bit.

Will release the con module mid October after Sydcon. Almost ready to preview player handouts here. Have done pc sheets as performer id cards for first arrival on psychon. Players pick a portrait and a zero level character with a few skills and stats. As each fails CON checks are tranformed to a 3rd level BX type characters native to Psychon. So i next need to make pretty character sheets for 3rd level versions. Need to do a flight passenger list and a version for turning into psychonians at only 1st level. Party will use their spare follower slots to get passengers to cooperate and sway group decisions. And a pretty hexmap or even 2. Have note so mostly written with doodle maps done on bus.

Anyway the point of this is to encourage mix and match of magic and post ancient technology. The DnD game covered fantasy and magic well. Early Gammaworld covered tech and mutants nicely. My own tables from originaly gammaworld are tech biased. This table and last meant to help bridge the gap and swing towards science and magic hybrids. I guess it is up to DM emphasize what pleases them. But recycle stuff from any game thing or mash up two on psychon somewhere.

D100 Science and Sorcery Loot
1 +1 Bullets 1d50
2 Cylinder or magazine produces one extra shot when emptied
3 Silverado Bullets 1d20 double damage on werewolves, and some undead
4 Power pack recharges one shot per day by solar or biological process
5 Power Pack ads +1 to damage
6 Cylinder or magazine crates Blood Bullets, can keep shooting on empty but lose one HP per "extra bullet" fired.
7 Spectral ammo 1d20 bullets pass through solids without harm but hurt any insubstantial beings including, undead, spirits, shadows or phaze spiders or displacer beasts
8 Ramrod speeds up muzzle loader reloads by one less round
9 Magic Gunpowder +1 damage per dice, enough for d100 shots
10 Magical Smart Bullets dont miss unless target magic resistant which blocks like a magic missile for most effects 1d20 rounds
11 Wizardlock pistol or rifle magically ignites charge in muzzle loaders, more reliable and sealed vs elements
12 Set of 1d6 killer grenade drones with magical illusionary duplicates
13 Holy Laser harms undead and magical beings like the sun
14 Dimensional Vacuum Charge - in artillery shell with manual set timer, opens hole into overspace
15 Hellgun a 3d4 heavy automatic 7 shot pistol +2 magical heat damage 
16 Angels Chainsword 3d6 base - a holy +3 chainsword which is +6 vs undead if wielded by a Lawful Good hero
17 Chromatic Ray Gun - a handgun shaped wand with various dial-able chromatic effects usualy only by wizards or sorcerers d12 shots and 50% broken control mechanism 1d12 1=Scarlet 2d6 and ignite flammables in area 2=Magenta 2d6 ignores metal armour 3=Cyan makes targets feather light for 1d4 rounds and they might blow away in wind 4=Turquoize inflicts a temporary mutation 5=Yellow Dazzles targets that fail DEX save for 1d4 rounds blind 6=Tangerine removes a spell cast on target 7=Emerald turns target into a small frog for 1d4 rounds if fail a WIS save 8=Green Ray save or fall asleep if fail a CON Save 9=Violet 3d6 to undead 10=Lapis ray stuns with horrible vision 1d4 rounds if fail WIS save 11=Ivory heals 1d6 12=Jet vamparises 1d6 hp and gives half to user
18 Force Truncheon increases users STR, various models roll +1d4 each one 
19 Wizard Power Plant - weapon can have shot recharged by absorbing spell energy levels one shot per spell level
20 Flaming Chain - 1d6 melee weapon makes wielder invulnerable to fire, thrown, meleeand at same time burns with flame foe +1d4 if used in anger
21 Enchanted High Threat Helm - has binoculars, gas mask, comlink to a AI and +2 armour and resists any form of fear +2
22 Shield of the Sun is a medium mirror like shield that is +2 +4 vs lasers and has a built in las pistol with solar charger (one shot per day)
23 Enchanted Riot Armour +1 for total of +6 armour, covered in magic signs 
24 Enchanted Bullet Proof Vest AC +4 vs melee, bullets any attack
25 Altered personal force field pack 20 lb, Now adds AC +4 and block magic misiles, 10 minutes power
25 Tracker Helm has target laser, rangefinder, lowlight optics in a +2 Helm and +2 resist Illusion charms
26 Gas mask with protection from evil once per day and electronic nightvision
27 Adamantium Chest Plate total +7 Armour+1 Saves
28 Hero harness normally base AC +1, this has extra +1d4
29 Scrambler of non detection, personal field 12lb, lasts 10+1d100 rounds before arcanr power burns out, blocks electronic and magical detection from spotting user with magic detection
30 Suit that blocks normally lethal radiation and mutagens with a +2 magic save
31 Medicine bottle with 1d10+10 capsules that heal 1d3 damage
32 Magical syringe with speed potion dose, highly adictive
33 Magical +2 scalpel for surgery on magic beings 1d3
34 Jar with grisly twitching undying tentacle, if released will suck a curse from a person then sleep for a d3 months before hungers again
35 Blood pack never goes off, if atatched to person heals 2d4
36 A disgusting parasite in a caugh syrup bottle, if eaten gives +2 vs disease as parasite protects its host
37 Yellow 4lb tin with biohazzard seal and release pin, 30 cloud of disease smog lasts a d10 rounds
38 Old fashioned sack style gas mask with holy symbols, +3 Save poison and disease
39 WW1 Medic Helm wit red cross +1 AC and saves
40 Ice Pistol shoots hyper velocity ice pellet, 1d4 holds10 shots can refreeze ten loads with power, this one loaded with holy water for +1d4 vs undead  
41 +1 Save neckerchief
42 Pith Helmet with comprehend languages once per day
43 Tattered Leather Trench Coat enchanted to +2
44 A briefcase with a +2 Business Suit
45 A Doctors coat with pockets always full of first aid supplies
46 Thermos of magical tea, always hot, +1 hp first aid 1d10+10 doses
47 Fez with detect magic 3 times a day
48 Velvet Smoking Jacket, 1/2 damage from fire, immune to smoke effects
49 Straight Jacket, +2 saves vs madness, grants extra after fact save if already mad after 24 hours 
50 Beer hat of the Ancients, a baseball hat with two chilled beer cans, each refills 3 times per day  
51 Bowler hat with power of night vision, see in magical darkness also
52 Small outboard steam motor for boat, once started never needs fuel 32lb
53 Penny-farthing bicycle, folds into a ring magically at command
53 Small diesel motor can be fueled with magic potions to run for a day 24lb
54 Large apparatus which can spank or flail a restrained person till released or death 45lb
55 Magical self heating still for making booze 16lb
56 Magical meat grinder, put fist size meat in, hamburger patty comes out, can work all day 12lb
57 Ammo press, hand cranked device converts individual rounds to any smaller caliber 16lb
58 Sharpeners Wheel with one hour sharpening next blade attack does +1 damage, then normal 12lb
59 Ice Cream Machine put in ingredients and freezes into frozen confection in one hour, 8lb
60 Electric Guitar or keyboard, needs no power or amp
61 Micro chemical conversion plant converts a potion to one shot recharge of a energy weapon
62 GPS of undead detection, shows undead in 6 range, if not buried or covered by walls
63 De-mutation pill, magic pill reverses all mutations and renders normal human
64 Telescope of Law - detects chaotic beings if viewed within 12 range
65 Puzzle of madness - INT save per day, 3 success in row opens revealing a minor treasure, 3 fail in a row need a WIS save vs madness and throw somewhere deadly in fit of rage
66 Everful aerosol can in random colour
67 Featherfall Crash Couch, a chair made to be vehicle mounted protects from most crash damage
68 Hammer of silence that makes no noise
69 Hula Hoop of madness - once spins around waist remains there,provides +1 AC
70 Holy communicator of thee gods - this links to god who will answer a question a week otherwise puts you on hold or records a message
71 Action Figure - comes to life as 1HD person with melee weapon (guns used as clubs)
72 Gods Eye Amulet, lets a god see what is in front of you
73 Hair clip of infinite style - put in hair can change length, colour and look
74 Game Console of Heavens - once a day summons a 1hd drone, flies 12 and shoots a 2d6 laser
75 Spirit Bottle - refills with one type of grog per day, vodka, whiskey, rum or gin varieties
76 Alien in a bottle - jar if thrown or opened releases a stasis packed angry grey alien humanoid with a 10 shot 2d6 laser with a range of 20
77 Android Familiar - pet of ancients enchanted to bond to master provides telepathic link
78 Polaroid of evil detection, 1d10 shots, evil aligned beings have redeye
79 Tablet of Ancient Lore, taps into ancient datanet but informs and attracts machine intelligences 
80 Warlock's Tablet, shows diabolic and demonic beings magic sigils making them -2 save vs spells cast by user
81 Tablet of Wizardry, can replace spellbook, stores spells as apps by photographing old spellbook pages
82 Holy Tablet, can save 1d6 levels of spell by filming casting in spellstore mode, acts as holy symbol
83 Frenzahol, a drug that makes user beserk +2 for 6+1d6 rounds made permanent by enchantment if used
84 Bodybag of reincarnation, 24 hours after stowage person reborn in new body, one use comes in packs of 1d6
85 GPS of sacred sanctity, indicates holy or unholy ground and intensity within 100 range
86 Tirepatch kit of eternity, 2d6 patches each magically heals any damaged wheel
87 Rejuvehol drug enchanted to be permanent +1 CHA
88 Ball of endless twine, eachday has 100 range of string but if last 30 of roll touched loses power forever
89 Bublegum of levitation, chew, blow bubble, acts as levitation spell cast, 1d6 left in pack 
90 Time machine pack 1d4 jumps left 12lb
91 Cursed Painting, is a gate to a scene in a pocket universe or another place opens involuntarily from time to time (monthly) from a cameo to a picture in a book or any pictorial artwork
92 Cigars of Pharaohs in box, each sends into dream land of magical insightful visions
93 Cigarette Case, mother of pearl, always one last cigarette, built in lighter holds 20
94 Breakfast of the Titans, boxed cereal summons 1d4 cartoon characters from package who fight for you with 1d3 HD each and 1d6 dmage, at bottom of box is another small treasure
95 SPAM golem, if tin opened a 8hd golem with two 2d6 punches AC+8 jumps out to serve to the death, he is delicious if killed
96 A tin of magic yummy looking snacks 1d4 1=constrictor snake pops out to serve for a day, 2=three 1HD annoying stupid clowns 3=a snooty peanut man follows you criticizing everything you do 4=swarm of bats 2HD serve for one hour
97 A 4lb metal disc on a neclace with touch screen is a ancient person converted into a AI wearable, portable and thinks it is better than you, mostly un helpful.
98 A android or mechanoid toy creature now a magic sentient being, forms link to a person and concentrates on a spell effect, item or power for the caster if touching them,  very cute, 1HD
99 Musicbox - a high tech music player editor, enchanted to be amplified and run forever 1lb
100 Flaregun of the Eldren - fire 3 shots a day, either does 2d4 flame damage or creates an incredible fireworks show for 2d6 rounds, chamber does not open, fires once per round range of 50

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  1. This is a great list. Perfect for Planet Motherfucker, too.


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