Friday, 23 August 2013

d100 Magic Skulls

There are plenty of magic skulls in fantasy so I made a batch here for you to enjoy and for my Gothic theme of the moment. been very inspired by this and they accepted my pigman art.

Still slogging on curse table....
do whats in pockets shortly...

D100 Magic Skulls

1 Pirates skull - gold skull in black laquered box, feed him 1000gp and he will tell you location of treasure (always risky but rich)
2 Jade skull - wielder does not age while holding in hand
3 Wizard Skull - covered in magic sigils, can save 1d4 levels of spell per day
4 Holy Skull - saints head in glass case is a holy symbol and cures 3 diseases per week
5 Ice Skull - Keeps goods frosty (like chilling beer) Fires a 4d4 frost ray three per week range 90
6 Fire Skull - moulded from magma, cracks grow when held, 8th level burning hands three per day
7 Primordial Skull - fossilized prehistoric skull - contact other plane per week, after first use WIS save or summon demon each use
8 Serpent Skull - worn as a crown may speak to reptilians and learn their languages
9 Dragon Skull - worn as a helmet makes immune to fear
10 Storm Skull - cracles with sparks when held, three 10th level shocking grasps per day
11 Ancestral Skull - commune with ancestors once a week
12 Missile Skull - shoots 1d4 magic missiles in a volley once per day
13 Skull of Traps - once set explodes if touched or more than one being walks within 20 ft radius for 6d6
14 Watch Skull - records 24 hours on command, plays back in 10 minutes
15 Skull of snakes - on command two 1HD snakes crawl from sockets per round for 10 rounds once per day, hostile to all
16 Healers Skull - wals 1d8+8 once per day and nuetralize poison once per week
17 Kobolds Skull - summons 2d4 kobolds that must be convinced to serve you once per week
18 Goblin Skull - summons a goblin peon to serve you once per week
19 Warriors Skull - summons a skeleton per day
20 Saints Skull - Acts as portable shrine and holy symbol, restores a lost energy level per week
21 Skull of the Bard - sings 3 songs a day on command, may be studied and learned by bards
22 Skull of fear - twice a day, range 30, a ray of fear on a 30 degree cone
23 Scarecrow Skull - once a day can mke a 2HD scarecrow golem from sticks and a vegetable or more
24 Raven Skull - talk to crows, ravens, blackbirds darkness 15 radius once per day
25 Ghoul Skull - summon a ghoul once per three days
26 Gargoyle Skull - sense gargoyle location and speak their language while holding
27 Navigator Skull - compass, starchart engravings and magic letter
28 Fleshman Skull - plant skull and a week later full grown person born from dirt with nomemories
29 Skull tree - plant skull growns into huge tree with skull fruit over night
30 Blood Skull - once a week produces 1 gallon of blood per round for 100 rounds
31 Iron Skull - Ads+2 AC if held in hand
32 Bronze Skull - Imprisoned demon answers a question per day 1d100 more questions till free
33 Brass Skull - If sleep with it grants wondrous dreams of Efreet city on plane of fire
34 Silver Skull - Holder of skull in a group always the least popular target for lycanthropes and immune to lycanthropy
35 Gold Skull - Coughs up 1gp per day
36 Copper Skull - If planted a tree grows with copper leaves
37 Adamant Skull - is immune to all harm and magic, pleases the gods as a gift
37 Star Stone Skull - meteoric stone can shape into a axe, mace, sword or shield +3 for 24 hours once per week
38 Ornichalcum Skull - If struck by hammer or malls onto iron or steel from a great height (200 ft) detonates as 12d6 fireball with a radius or 50 feet, skull reforms far away
39 Demon Skull - horned skull can detect law or good and cast protection from either once per day
40 Devil Skull - horned skull can detect chaos or good and cast protection from either once per day
41 Angel Skull - has a glowing halo and looks golden can detect chaos or evil and cast protection from either once per day
42 Deva Skull- glowing white skull detects evil and can cast protection from evil once per day
43 Modron Skull - Pyramid shaped one eyed skull detects chaos and can protection from chaos once per day
44 Slaad Skull - Bactrian shaped skull with jewel inset detects law and can protection from law once per day
45 Daemon Skull - horned skull can detect good and cast protection from good once per day
46 Archon Skull - +1 level for one turn (10 minutes) once per week
47 Medusa's Skull - once per week casts stone to flesh
48 Orc Kings Skull - improves orc relations by one step, acts are witnessed by orc gods
49 Hobgoblin Skull - call a squat of 12 hobgoblins once a month ready to be employed as mercenaries
50 Skull of Fire & Ice - half gold half crystal, shoot a single magic missile and a burning hands (6th level) once per day
51 Skull of the Mutant - green glowing skull if slept with CON save if succeed then gets a mutation if fail die of cancer a week later
52 Alarm Skull - screams if intruder walks within 20 feet once set by owner, an owner must atune to skull for 24 hours meditation to control
53 Psion Skull - casts ESP once per day
53 Crystal Skull - Creates 1d3 illusion duplicate images once per day for 10 minutes
54 Skull of the Martyr - remove curse once per week, tells you all your flaws when used
55 Skull of the Sailor - can float as long as is touching, can effect up to 6 persons at once
56 Skull of the Necromancer - add +1 level effect to necromancer spells, but keeps complaining
57 Skull of darkness - see in dark while held
58 Skull of flies - once a day summon a 30 ft wide swarm of flies inflicts 1pt damage per round for 2d6 rounds moves at speed of 18 at wielders commands
59 Fisherman's Skull - Vomits up bucket of worms or chum per day
60 Farmer's Skull - If given a handful of grain predicts weather for 24 hours
61 Bailiff's Skull - summons 2 militia men with clubs (beadles) who serve for one hour, once per week
62 Hunter's Skull - once per day skull whispers direction of game beast if given drop of hunters blood
63 Sorcerers Skull - provides knowledge of a spell (usually 1st)
64 Ferryman's Skull - turns into a skeletal ferryman with pole and small boat for up to an hour per week
65 Fishman's Skull - slimy to touch, produces a gallon of salt water per day and causes owner to dream of the fishmen gods beneath the sea
66 Mason's Skull - calls a skeletal mason who labours for one hour a day
67 Servant's Skull - calls a skeletal servant who labours for one hour a day
68 Madman's Skull - whispers insanity at night to owner, 1in20 chance per night tells of adventure opportunity or treasure to be found or of monster lair WIS save monthly or go mad
69 Minotaurs Skull - allow user to cross species procreate between cow and human and breed minotaurs if held by human
70 Hag skull - plant in ground outside a house and a skeleton fence surrounds the next sunfall. Scream if visible, invisible or other planar being breaches (no reaction for flyers unless they stop inside)
71 Hellhound Skull - buried with two dogs in a graveyard at midnight and awakens next day as a diabolic hellhound
72 Hellcat Skull - if thrown into a well while committing a act of evil like murder or betrayal, a hellcat will crawl out the next night and will seduce person to be hell's agent
73 Hog Skull - Addictive magical delicious jowls can be torn out, regrows 3 serves a day
74 Flaming Skull - if put on a torch shaft, will burn without smoke or scent till removed, a bit tricky when burning
75 Electrum Skull - feed skull coins will convert gold, silver and electrum coins of ancient currency
76 Amber Skull - remember one spell after use once per week, WIS save per use or madness creeps in
77 Homing Skull - attuned by ritual, skull always faces home if left untouched and free
78 Rune Skull - holding the skull over stone creates a o range red beam that can be used to etch runes in rocks
79 Scribes Skull - one hour per day if ink and inkwell or clay and tablet for older ones, the pen becomes animated by skull and it takes dictation in its native language which might be extinct
80 Barn Skull - placed in barn or feed store anything from a mouse to a human who enters intending to steel summons a skeleton to do away with them
81 Kings Skull - this skull proves a families legitimate claim to land, it also makes guardian dream of power
82 Warlords Skull - this skull can be used to incite a warband to raze the area "discovered in" as foretold in barbarian prophecy1d100+50 barbarians and leaders, will end when skull taken to homeland of barbarians
83 Captains Skull - if mounted into prow of ship will increase ship surviving storms odds, reduce leaks, rats, lice and mice
84 Monks skull - chants softly on hour, effective time keeper
85 Warlocks skull - casts a curse one per week
86 Witches Skull - casts charm person once per day
87 Jesters Skull - tells bad joke on request, 1in6 good
88 Lumberjacks Skull - summons two beavers who fell a tree once per day then run away
89 Ice Queens Skull - cold to touch, white, cast Ice storm once per week 
90 Wood Lords Skull - moss covered stone skull, cast speak to animals once per day
91 Rogue lords Skull - offers advice on scheme once per week 
92 Torturers Skull - offers torture advice once per week, improves interrogation
93 Goblin Kings Skull - offers goblin type sage advice on any matter daily
94 Terrible Turnip Kings Skull - can commune with Bogrump the turnip lord monthly and call him in person once a year if build him a turnip headed scarecrow
95 Fire Lords Skull - if placed watching a fire or a room of candles fire will not go out or ever go out of control
96 Druid Kings Skull - if placed in a store place like a barrow or silo near woods, squirrels will fill with edible nuts once per year
97 Green Lords Skull - If planted under field doubles crop yield, effects amount one farmer with ox can plow per day
98 Dreaming Lords Skull - experience vivid dreams of other dimensions every night you sleep with skull, succeed in a INT save and become addicted, dumb people less impressed
99 Dragon Masters Skull - can speak to draconic beings while holding
100 Swine Lords Skull - can speak to pigs and resist powers of devil swines and infection from pig or boar lycanthropes


  1. Nice list, I'm putting this post on my campaign inspiration page. You can never have enough magic skulls.

  2. Low level artifacts - problematic skull
    could have as products of same ancients or something for a skull themed fantasy region

    a magical tear one i did a while ago...

  3. #69, really??

    Also, #75 reads very oddly.

    Overall though, this is excellent, and I'm definitely adding this to my campaign binder too.

    1. read where minotaurs come from in greece - dodgyness inherent in myth - always been the elephant in the dnd monster locker room unmentioned

  4. Nice, it's got lots of plot hooks and odd stuff.

    'Dried Placenta' is not in the weird things table? :P

  5. #69 monsters gotta come from somewhere
    #75 amended


    you would be surprised some places ppl keep and sell placentas - doesn't have to be human - i could have put under food too


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