Thursday, 11 April 2013

Cataclysms to change your boring old world forever

Will do more when i get home from work - suggestions accepted

go on I dare you! Roll!

Could roll some disasters for history or geological layers

1 - guns and gunpowder appear in all the good shops
2 - Elric visits you plane and kills all the annoying gods
3 - The outsider - evil mega-god entity infecting universe with chaos so can absorb
4 - Space gods arive and kill old gods that get in their way
5 - Godwar! smackdown between gods ends the current age
6 - School of wizardry spreads like wildfire - new necromancer spells proliferate
7 - Dead released from underworld due to crisis with gods - zombie hordes depopulate world
8 - Gods flood world then repopulate empty places with new creatures
9 - Seal level submerges old civilization - some lucky ones transformed to undersea races
10 - Demons rain on world, only survivors in dungeons who repopulate surface
11 - A new monster or demon horde ravages all civilization, leaving monster filled ruins
12 - Kaiju awaken and ravage world, some survive as kaiju parasites
13 - A new god atains cosmic supremacy by defeating ultimate evil other gods couldn't
14 - Evil school of magic harms metaphysical structure of the universe, signs everywhere
15 - Critical mass of stockpiled magic loot opens planar gate and invading cosm
16 - New moon appears populated by weird science and stange new magic
17 - Major cosmic upheaval and the stars move, major shake up among the gods
18 - People start new building craze everywhere building ziggaruts or cathedrals in every towm
19 - Nations at war call gods - cataclysm ruins worlds weather and spawns monsters
20 - Rust monster swarm and worlds metal mostly depleted
21 - Psionic or new magician type appear for first time unbalancing old order
22 - Mutants appearing, crusade to kill them, many kept in ghettos
23 - Most of worlds wizards die of aneurisms due to multiverse core flare
24 - Tripods with death rays and gas and weed invade and damage civilization
25 - You enter dungeon, exit a thousand years later
26 - Vampire plague, death gods walk the earth
27 - Disapointed gods send disaster to silence the noisy mortal world, some chosen warned
28 - Mile high dust storm turns continent into desert overnight
29 - Subterranean water rises making swamps, releasing poison gas and driving monsters to surface
30 - Sea people invade, laying waste and looting all cities near water
31 - Cthuhus Tomb arises and he awakes - calls his kin and ruins world
32 - Volcanic gas poisons continent, then ruins crops and darkens sky for a mini ice age
33 - Eternal winter covers planet, being sleeping under ancient glaciers arise
34 - Sky falls, monsters swarm crazily till some force restores
35 - Alignment wars! new heretical alignments cause violent death throws of old
36 - Demi humans declared evil by great religions, a war that nobody can win
37 - Crusade! children, warriors, priests and beggers swarm to holy war destroying ill in path
38 - All horses (or popular beast of burden) die of a plague
39 - Demonic charismatic leader destroys moral fibre of world then calls demons to destroy all
40 - Magical disease like lycanthrope, zombies, sons of kyuss unleashed
41 - Another cosm is united to yours - both world changed forever
42 - Every time someone dies a demon appears
43 - Stockpiled wizard war weapons used and world shattered
44 - Sun grows and changes colour, turning world into wasteland
45 - Mortal unleashes world of demons pour endlessly through to ruin world
46 - Dungeon dimension invades - every sewer closet, outhouse possible enterance
48 - 21st century humans build gate to world, special forces and big business invade
49 - A gamma world gate opens and Death machines kill a few gods that try to stop them
50 -Moon falls, breaking world, changing climate and unleashing moon hordes
51 - Dinosaurs awaken and surplant mammal kind, lizard and serpent men cities reappear
51 - Wizard experimenting with spells and min-maxing breaks magical structure of world - doh!
52 - The universe gets a makever, your bit ends up in the basement of the next universe
53 - Avatar of world spirit is reborn to battle supreme evil, destroy everything in between
54 - Astronomers spot giant space dragon opening mouth heade to world
55 - Astronomers spot giant meteor heading to world
56 - Astronomers spot comet crawling with undead and plague spirits returning to world
57 - Dragon plague - greatmother dragons awakes and wars against all with millions of her spawn
58 - Wizard kills primal modron and universe maths and physics break down into chaos
59 - Space god world ship crash leaving creatures, androids and spacemen everywhere
60 - Deathray from space sweeps across world killing millions
61 - Priests of great gods insist sorcery and wizardy to be heresy and a crime
62 - Volcanoes devestate world and clense with fire for next age
63 - Experimental chain fireball cast by cursed wizard, everybody in world outdoors takes 10d6
64 - Sky glows green, all babies born cursed mutants till curse on world lifted
65 - Druids want to bring back old way perform ritual, one in 10 animals now intelligent druids
66 - Druids want to bring back old way perform ritual, one in 10 trees now a dryad or treeman
67 - Orc/goblin/kobold plague humans outnumbered and cant outbreed, maths sez humans doomed
68 - Parasite plague, everything infested with worms, tics, bugs and disease
69 - Sea drains away, world water becomes precocious overnight, sunken cities to explore
70 - Wishes being handed out, terrible world shaping disaster ensues
71 - Death dies, nothing can die till new death appointed, people go crazy
72 - Space fleet of starship troopers come to conquer this quantum enigma planet for science
74 - Wizards put brains into iron golems and destroy civilization and any rival powers
75 - Ancient necromancer metropolis arises and floods undead evil into world
76 - Elves spread forests and ruin human farmers destroying human civilization
77 - Dwarves kill all human blacksmiths and curse all iron in human use (like they did to elves)
78 - Hobbits secret destiny is revealed - they rapidly out-breed humans and resist chaos better
79 - Mummy god king with mummy ancient army lays waste to living world
80 - The evil one gets a great relic, his legions swarm the world and the relic topples kingdoms
81 - Alighnment war! Everone becomes more extreme and cleansing wars begin
83 - Every spell cast hurts world, finally it snaps with monsters, disaster and magician killing
84 - Demonic sorcerer cult spread like wildfire in rural villages, plotting to destroy civilization
85 - All animals turn carnivorous and frenzidly turns on humanity
86 - Giant birds make outdoor living and travel impossible
87 - Everything in world effected by wish gone wrong - everything turns to yummy candy
88 - Demon finds tablets of fate and can turn back time and unmake universe or enemies
89 - Gods bored, make new pacts and destroy world to make a better one with recycled bits
90 - Chosen aligned characters granted features like horns, haloes and powers for next world war
91 - Enchanted skinned warlord creates new heresy and destroys laws of the gods 
92 - Gods withdraw from world to punish mortals, favorite clerics taken with them
93 - Gods grown old and weak and feeble, magic in world running out, last days of spellcasting
94 - New rituals to gain power through bloody sacrifice spreads like wildfire
95 - Peasants revolt against warlords, wizards. priest and rogues, destroy anything not humble
96 - Subterranean monsters child-napping rate higher than birth rate
97 - Bug plague of demonic spiders, locusts, frogs, maggots, snakes cleanse the world
98 - Sea gods ban humans from sea travel bar a few chosen people
99 - Fungus from under realm adapt to surface spreading amazing fungus forests everywhere
100 - Mad god breaks god pact and attacks world with his eye of apocalyptic destruction

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