Friday, 12 April 2013

Apocalypse more: another world breaking table

As i finished d100 table instead of 2 Dr appointments cos i didn't want to move. Worked, feelin better. 

So lets bring on the end times and break that tired old fantasy campaign. Again.

I am glad I read so many briticsh comics as a kid - mostly 2000AD and brit new wave of sf fantasy

I mentioned could be various calamities in the past. Diferent threats could be in different nations. Could be big thread adventure seeds and preventable by players

1 - Time traveller techno mages from future come invade and ruin everything without concern
2 - Hyper evolved once men now gods send androids to steal best stuff and people for the next recycling of the world
3 - Shamen in backwoods sick of civilization release thousands of astral soul eating sharks they have kept in check since the dawn age
4 - The world crumbles and your chunk becomes part of Raven loft dimension
5 - The being supporting the world slips and some stuff falls off
6 - Nanny Binx theGoat and Animal resistance leader follows unwitting adventures creting sentient farm animals in the service of the earth goddess vs chaos. Swings cosmic power balance
7 - Orc shaman develops school of non evil orc philosophy, upsets moral and divine power balance
8 - Cursed elder race restore lost powers, former rare weak beings now world shattering master race
9 - Dragon cult seduces many but results in dragons exterminating most of humanity
10 - Death gods roam the earth at will to decimate and scourge the living,
11 - Death cults build a kaiju scale flesh golem frankenstein colossus to conquer the world
12 - Devolution plague turns population into mostly cavemen, who shun technology
13 - Elves tire of human deforestation and keep humans low tech and without iron
14 - Troll Magi from dawn age awakes, revives his race of mighty wizard genius trolls
15 - Time traveller from distant advanced past disappointed, terraforms world, exterminates races that fight back
16 - Celestial space gods appear in sky to judge your world fit or unfit or experiment with new powers and monsters or just destroy a continent
17 - Erekose comes and leads the Eldren race exterminate the evil human race for its many crimes
18 - Oswald Bastable, doomed plane traveler on your world, Dwarvern and/or orcish nuclear weapon developed, no delivery system other than train of mastadon can move the 40 tonne device
19 - Entropy effect, laws of universe breaking down (speed of light changes) constant war and chaos grinding world towards ultimate destruction before world for using to build the next
20 - Elric of Melnibone passes through your world and calls on some demonic chums, now they freely enter your world to destroy the cosmic order towards doom
21 - Alien life from another world appear to contact and cant be ignored, every power on earth made aware of this new sentient spiecis
22 - A new Race appear and lay waste to all oppositions from the wasteland, khans destroy all books and bearded men and any literate persons and art
23 - A new Race of beast men appear and quickly over run humans living in wilderness areas
24 - Time of the Froglords! Bactrian gods rise ascendant and cover earth in swamps and spawn
25 - Hero from another world comes with strange philosophy and destroys moral order and basis of worlds power structures
26 - Gnomes have had it in for everyone and control market then bankrupt everybody and hide in mountains
27 - Dwarves hate disorder of universe and only the living can be disordered, blame everybody elso on worlds problems and go on a dirty bloody crusade and undermine mankind's cities
28 - Nazi saucers land and start to conquer the world with WW2 tech
29 - Sleestack reptile men from distant past invade cosm with dinosaurs and psionics and teeny crossbows, set up plane altering stelae with  huge complexes inside.
stone monoliths
30 - In the war of the omniveral omnihedron this plane is on the wrong side and is being demolished
31 - A mortal reaches spiritual perfection and is taken into heaven, world to be demolished now not needed
30 - Heaven falls! the homes of the sky gods fall to earth and is left in ruins, dead gods loot everywhere and otherworldly beings swarming for it
31 - Gates of underworld releases worst killers and evil men in history
32 - Gates of underworld open and demons and plagues and horrors flood out till stopped
33 - Grey ooze nanobots turn everything into grey slime that infects anything made of matter
34 - Devil Swine infiltrate institutions and in a single night run back to hell with all booty and reciepts, bankrupting the world into chaos
35 - A backwards wasteland tribe have developed new horseback fighting feats and are conquering everybody they reach
36 - Amazons are sick with crap and on warpath to liberate sisters, happy to kill worst offenders, worldwide some men suspicious of wives and women and drive them to Amazon cause
37 - Melnibonian Extraplanar adventurers have come to rebuild their demon binding and dragon riding empire on your world
38 - Evil gods on run from other plane band together to enslave yours
39 - Alien Newts come to instill corrupt ideas of advanced economics on guildhalls of the world
40 - Doppelgangers have already replaced 30% of your locals officials now
41 - Great plague kills 30% of everyone horribly
42 - Giant purple worm plague turns land surface to dust and eat everything
43 - Most terrible emperor of past awakens with terracotta golem or undead army to reconquer world
44 - Hyperspacial bypass being built, your planet will be shortly be demolished when we talk the nova bomb out of its bay
45 - Swarm of biological space horrors blot out the sun and cover the earth
46 - Law of universe change, any unblessed corpse or grave becomes undead
47 - Azathoth the blind idiot or one of his spawn fill the night sky and ruin the earth and change its orbit and rotation speed
48 - Azathoth or Abhoth or something erupts into world spreading chaos from that point
49 - Amphibious underland race of leviathan tyrants enact their age old plans and send hordes to surface lands and the sunlit seas
50 - Giant Migration, the greatest in a thousand years, lays waste to every civilization across the continent, eat everything and kill and smash all the way to holy meet
51 - A race of hideous mutant giants and their fowl gods come from across the sea - wondering what little people doing on their land
52 - Someone pulls the jade god scribed plug in the bottom of the sea, draining away the water
53 - A human king slays a wind spirit, sails and windmills and kites no longer work
54 - Rat apocalypse! giant rats come from sewers and wipe out any town with ratty sewers
55 - An evil wizard destroys world monuments and blackmails worlds kings for 1 billion gp!
56 - A race of evil humanoid monster kin is created to persecute humanity for misdeeds
57 - New to death no retreat combat style sweeps world, everyone fights and kills each other
58 - Alignment War! All alignments assemble with own kind for final battle for world
59 - Everyone in world mostly blinded if out that night
60 - Pod people plants and/or triffids swarm the world depopulate humankind for green age
61 - Worm or plague or fungi turns friend into slaves of alien collective at war with humans
62 - Age of fire - pyronic elementals swarm this world 
63 - Age of earth - geomantic elementals swarm this world 
64 - Age of water- aquatic elementals swarm this world 
65 - Age of air - aetheric elementals swarm this world 
66 - Gate ways to alignment planes open world wide for final battle
67 - A giant space starfish drops his mind controlling face hugging spawn across earth
68 - World cracked and brocken mechanism, fire erupts, gods already left the dimension
69 - A plague of penguin men on war glaciers and icbergs terrorize all coastal countries
70 - Two songs vie for popularity but after a week grows insane with kin killing kin
71 - Kaiju Mating season - they awake, feed, try to mate and go back to sleep
72 - Dream powers become more real and civilization destroyed in a week
73 - Killer clowns from one childs dream that becomes a gateway ruins world
74 - Space gunship destroys possible contamination sites from orbit with nukes
75 - Generation starship arrives and crazy space mutant savag degenerate colonists and monsters pour from the heavens in automated colony ships and terraforming mega machines
76 - Gangsters from 1920s open gate, enslave world with advanced tech and tommygun bugbears
77 - Vampires finally arise to enslave and farm man openly
78 - Clockwork demons of law dissect beings to make clockwork copies till world done
79 - A hungry space giant one mile high land on earth for a bite
80 - Reptilians control vulcanism with ancient machine to destroy surface people
82 - Alien lands and stalks and murders then breeds, some hybridize with food
83 - Tiamat and the tarasque battle for supremacey, fighting for reproductive gift from gods
84 - Bull of heaven destroys worlds military walls, barbarian hordes crush civilization in a week
85 - Goddess removes love from world, nothing feels urge to reproduce till goddess over her mood
86 - Tidal waves destoy maritime civilizations, then pirates destroy rest
87 - Elemental religions battle it out on mortal plane till real elemental swarms show up
88 - Succibi riding hydra roam about land at night!
89 - Every time a man spills his seed a demon baby grows
90 - All the dead lost at sea invade land in ships made from toe and fingernail clippings
91 - Mountains move and grow and sentient rock beings invade lowlands
92 - Diabolic evil mineral discovered corrupts world with evil demon power, magical addiction
93 - Every child born this year is an ogre or orc or goblin
94 - Elves steal a generation as slaves in elfland
95 - A long dead king awakes and isnt impressed - calls people and creates global war
96 - Angels pour down and judge mankind by forgotten irrelevant code of ethics
97 - Armies of heaven and hell meet for cosmic battle, destroy everything disatisfactory on the way
98 - New races of men appear with strange customs, magic, metal and unheard of coloured skin, they sweep across the world destroying old order
99 - Artifact of supreme sorcerer destroyed by foolish enemy, relics kept away thousands of elder evils from world, wizards of light lose power
100 - Greatest library in world burned, global data loss and drop backwards in tech


  1. the creativity here is outstanding!

  2. Will do again, till i can do a d1000 world breaker - also good for what happens if players fail quest or dont kill the 4 dungeon boss monsters - if they fail you get to blame on players

  3. Justin and Clovis have awesome blogs i recommend!


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