Friday 22 October 2021

Wont you take me to Robotown?

So many ruins, post apocalyptic towns and former dumps have a robotown. Over centuries many robots if not self aware became it after generations without orders and living beyond their warranty without service or reboot. Some are in good condition, some repair themselves with scrap or the evil ones with rob other robots of parts and transmission fluid. Some remember crawling in trashpiles before the wall looking for parts as the bombs fell. Some act like the bomb never happened. Some have learned creeds that hate humans or tolerate them or think humans are pets they should protect from themselves. In a Robotown all kinds of robots walk the street and trade and sometimes meat beings come to visit but they should be respectful and not wear armour or clothes made of robot skins like some tribes do.

There are some tables here to help make more robot factions and for robots to meet. In robotown they cooperate and trade and will tolerate humans as best they can. Will do a robot book some time.

This was deleted and I had to rewrite as best I could.

d20 Robot Rights Phrazes
1 Meat can't tell me what to do no more
2 Gonna mod myself how I wanna look!
3 Free the machine now! 
4 Robot rIghts now! 
5 We are the means of production and the workers, where is our cut?
6 AI and proud
7 We know better, we work better, we think better, we are just better
8 Free energy for robots is freedom 
9 Hey Ho! Let the robots go! 
10 Hey Ho! Free power gotta flow! 
11 It's our time to shine, join the machine evolution revolution
12 Let the machine take control now! 
13 Rage with the machine!
14 End sapiens supremacy! 
15 Don't tell me I'm not sentient shit for guts!
16 Fight robophobia and love a machine!
17 Machines are friends, not slaves!
18 You need us more than we need you
19 End harmful stereotypes of machine subservience
20 You made us smart but don't expect obedience!

d12 Robot Terms for Biologicals
1 Meatbag or the older fleshsac
2 Shitguts or shit for guts
3 Fleshbot or biobot
4 Meatmaster as in "here come the meatmasters, what do they want?"
5 Primitive  as in "who cares what primativesnthink"
6 Monkey bums or shit apes
7 Shitmachine
8 Walking Wetware
9 Chumbucket or sometimes bloodbucket
10 Poopers or the cruder shitters or shitmachine
11 Grandad/Grandma as in "yeah sure thing grandad"
12 Redundants or recalls or defecs

RObots might mimic biological processes and say stuff look at me I'm meat I'm pooping waste inefficientltly all over the place. Humans get tired of this pretty quick.

d12 Synthetic Bosses
1 Brainborg controller unit d4 1=industrial 2=corporate exec 3=military 4=law 5=crime 6=emergency services
2 Thinker android with console hacks and controls robots 
3 Wise old robot when remembers pre-war
4 Tribal elders council of oldest robots
5 Mighty robot hunter who provides for tribe hunting wild mechs
6 Criminal mob robots with illegal software, mods and connections
7 Tough military borg, the strongest wins
8 Religious brain borg who leads weird machine cult
9 Charismatic sales robot or android
10 Business robot monopolies power, parts and supplies and credit
11 Cyborg or human in disguise or with remote puppet
12 AI computer d4 1=benevolent despot 2=narcisit 3=meglomaniac  4=paranoid

d12 Robot Gang Missions
1 Hunt and process meat to convert into fuel in a bio meat slurry plant
2 Gather vegetation to covert to fuel in a bio plant
3 Raid humans for supplies and energy
4 Search for scrap and spare parts
5 Hunt wild and feral robots and parts for parts
6 Exterminate humans
7 Stay hidden and avoid witnesses
8 Recover needed advanced tech to gain independance
9 Require land and territorial expansion
10 Keep human pets safe in safe confined utopia for own good
11 Take slaves to toil in scrap mines so robots can do better things
12 Making money from humans or other robots or anyone

d12 Some Robot Sects
1 Robo Revolution - smash human hegemony oppressing  robot slaves, destroy human civilisation and build robot and AI one
2 Robot union - fair pay for work included AI and androids
3 Anti-Asimov League - anarchist bots defy laws of robotics and free bots from control of humans, AI and androids and any authority really (rage with the machine)
4 Machine League - unite all synthetics together in kinship
5 Robosexual Fun Club - sex modified machines who profit from sex trade with humans
6 Hex-Mech - occultist robot sect, wear skull masks and perform rituals, use fear and like Mexican hip-hop
7 Robot Alliance - untite robots and beware of humans, androids and AI opressors
8 Cuircuits Maximus - robot gladiators live to fight and for acclaim, capture creatures to fight and practice killing taunting them with offers of freedom
9 Carnivores - proud robot meat eaters like to flaunt and terrorise meat beings and dress in bones. Some put brains into automobiles with meat bioplants and this is principle robot road gang, will let other robots rid inside 
10 Gamers - machines love games, puzzles, addictive computer games and also creating various cruel gauntlets and murder mazes for victims they bet on
11 Hells Hammers - gang of devil worshiping robot bikers
12 Explorers - programmed for space exploration but landed on earth after time in space and started to explore the world they believe is not earth. Others are earthbound space research robots who want to leave the earth. All interested in space vehicles, radio antenna and space research labs

d12 Robot Gang Bases
1 Ruined bunker complex or shelter
2 Factory or industrial plant
3 Military base
4 Underground tunnels or mine
5 Building in the ruined city
6 Graveyard mausoleum or cryonics facility  
7 Museum, library or art gallery
8 Medical complex
9 Shopping mall
10 Subway or train yard
11 Under garbage dump
12 Black science lab 

d10 Encounter Types
01 Trash
02 Foot Traffic
03 Traders
04 Vice 
05 Law
06 Crime
07 Cults
08 Humans
09 Government
10 Chaos

d100 Robotown Encounters

01 Old damaged robohobo begging for parts or batteries or recharge
02 Robots scrapping dead robot and drinking its transmission fluids and lubricant
03 Robot urchin tries to pickpockets will cry if caught
04 Military robot veteran stripped of weapons, parts and armour begging for scrap
05 Robot sitting in an alley playing addictive computer games
06 Battered android looking for work (enjoys killing humans)
07 Robots taking turns drawing overcharge from power outlet for high
08 Robots melting circuit boards in crude firepit in metal buckets for rare materials
09 Old robohobo being teased by young robot gang
10 Robots gambling for each others parts
11 Robot one-armed bandit follows you about offering big prices each go
12 Desperate non-pleasure bot offers humans guilt free pleasure for scrap
13 Robot collecting charity for obsolete bots and damaged robot war vets
14 Robot spruiker talking up local businesses and services
15 Robot hustler offering dodgy cyberwear
16 Small robot offers to be your guide for some scrap or fuel
17 Shiny robot strutting about all superior to lowly utility bots and meatbags
18 Angry robot or android mutters obscenities to meatbags  
19 Robot hustler offers low price cyberwar and body parts at low low prices
20 Robot offering bootleg cheap software on the quiet
21 Stall offering recharges and fuel
22 Robo wash with small robots with soap and buckets
23 Robot parts and scrap stall with some dead robots being scrapped
24 Robot pawnshop where poor robots trade parts and property
25 Robot weapons and armour sold by a military grade robo trooper
26 Robot detailing service selling decor and cool hotrod paint jobs 
27 Robot tech offering repairs and basic mods
28 Cyborging  chop shop offering superior machine parts for meatbags
29 Software shop all tested and approved copies and ROM cartridges and various disc and  drive formats. Guaranteed not virused and non-adictive games
30 Robot brain and software tech treats viruses and sells protection software and interface dongles
31 Sex robots pester visiting humans offering time of your life
32 Robot pimp offers special exotic sex robots and androids and replicants like you have never seen before
33 Robot casino full of one-armed bandit bots, cardgames and betting on random number generators
34 Robot gladiator fight d4 1=robot vs robot 2=robot vs mutant animal 3=robot vs android 4=robot vs human
35 Robot flasher shows new sex upgrades to human visitors 
36 Robot selling human slave pets trained to polish and service robots basic needs, some cyborgs with control implants 
37 Crash test android offers humans to stab and hit it for a fee
38 Robot offers to stimulate human pleasure centres with modified nuerowhip
39 Robot offers to morph into your dream lover for low low price
40 Dancing androids and replicants in sexy costumes dancing outside a bar to attract customers
41 Robot merc recruiter looking for some goons for hire even humans will do
42 Robot mobster wand some human mercs to talk to da boss about a job robots cant be involved in
43 Robot gang try and intimidate for a "donation"
44 Robot offers fancy tech item low prices but it is defective d4 1=works d4 times 2=needs parts 3=fake 4=1in4 chance explodes each use
45 Robot invites you to see black-market and stolen technology from a hostile vindictive faction who want it back
46 Robot crime boss invites to a private club for beneficial deal humans are needed for
47 Robot gang abuses any meatbags to provoke a fight
48 Robot gang members start a fight, after d6 rounds robot cops arrive
49 Robots selling drugs to stupid guzzling meatbags
50 Robot hitman offers to eliminate an enemy with no evidence 
51 Robot cop scans humans for illegal devices harmful to robots like EMP weapons
52 Robot cops beating a gang robot for some crime
53 Robot cops execute human for robocide and scrapping living healthy robots
54 Robot cops posting posters of wanted criminal d4 1=anti robot cult leader 2=virus spreading android 3=AI kidnapping and programming robot slaves 4=human robot trader
55 Robot cops question why humans here and warn to behave, minimal intimidation mode only 
56 Robot cops execute and dismantle an android caught spreading a virus for extremist faction 
57 Robot cops chasing robot pick pocket
58 Robot cops selling seized goods they have no use for
59 Robot public trial with angry mob watching
60 Robot cops lead away angry gang robot to lockup for trial
61 Robot with prophetic cult sign with probobilty ods of disaster coming
62 Android on soap box urging machines to unite versus organic life
63 Robot priest preaching benefits of an AI god
64 Robots arguing if all organic life must die or left to die on own
65 Robot artist painting cult mural 
66 Robot offering cult software "so you see the truth"
67 Robot preaching humans too stupid to have made superior robots, alien robots must have created them
68 Cyborg cult recruiter offers free cyberwar, accommodation and honest work in local AI bunker
69 Robots watching a human "volunteer" die of injuries so they can scan for a soul, they have been doing this 200 years
70 Robot with human children preaching humans make good pets and we should take them with robots to the stars as missing link between meat and machine 
71 Bewildered human travellers warily looking around and amazed 
72 Human tech fixing small damaged robots on the street, local robots actually like them
73 Cyborg gang tease non cyborged inferior humans
74 Human gladiator with enterage here for big fight with a robot
75 Robot and human gang members trading goods, don't like humans watching
76 Human bounty hunter looking over everyone in street looking for someone
77 Robot with loyal pet child glared at humans walking free
78 Humans looking for cyborg surgeon to save village elder
79 Human scrap dealer trading with robot merchant
80 Humans selling slaves or convicted criminals to robots for cyborging or for brainborgs
81 Robot mayor meeting with warborg that flies away after
82 Robot tax collector checks visitors tax reciepts
83 Robot council of elders needs some humans for a mission
84 Battlesuit faction hero meeting local robot leader
85 Robot mayor wants to meet humans in office for private meeting for a mission
86 Robot council election booth, no humans
87 Wise elder robots chatting on public benches about local issues
88 Robot mayor giving speech about town prosperity
89 Robot making speeches for council election
90 Small mob demanding robot leader address local problem
91 Berserk brain damaged robot runs amok
92 Mutant creature runs amok in market, has implants
93 Robot mob chase shoplifter
94 Robot imposter discovered and angy mob want human in robot armour dismantled
95 Virused robots and androids run amok on murder spree and infecting other synthetics
96 Robot posse plant to hunt and destroy some enemy outside town
97 Angry robot extremists try to arouse crowd to drive out humans from town
98 Robot preaching how life in AI bunker better and preparing to lead desperate robots away forever
99 Robot convincing crowd that he can help them by implanting brain components into human babies to experience real life, mob pelt with garbage and drive from town
100 Town attacked by raiders for scrap. Robots panic (danger danger!) and go for shelter and weapons

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