Monday 4 October 2021

PDF Links have been googlified

Security update on my google docs has broken lots of my links.
And now I have a flood of requests for free docs I've had online for years.
I bet the bootlegs sites charging to distribute my work have less trouble.

If you have a problem post about it in a comments box or the elfmaids&octopi FB group for the speediest results contacting me.

Also, most of the generator links seem to be broken or not running now?

So go have a look at my downloads page and try downloading some stuff.
Let me know and I will fix

12 page post-apocalypse quarry on my Patreon currently and I'm hoping to do my psionics spell list book in future. I'm consistently missing my deadlines by 24 house and overreaching and bloating my projects there. I guess Patreon has made me develop and experiment with map styles and adventure writing. One idea I had was to do a more Tracky Hickman style with mini-episodes of a larger adventure that build into a whole.

Had some good ideas for my post apoc stuff. Im running 3 post apoc games and two fantasy ones. The fantasy ones least often now partly to players attendance (Its ok Im fine with it - just how it effects my work and ideas not finger-pointing).

I do want to do an adventure for dungeon gleaners specifically.

Thanks to my readers and commenters

Go Buy Knock Magazine if you haven't

Warpland too - amazing stuff full review soon.


  1. Here is the links that are currently not available without request.

  2. try these


    this is older version i should probably kill - the other one is refined bigger with legit art

    actually when i do the link through gmail it default tries to give away editorial privledges which you were aparently on for a while today

    ive fixed several of these today via gmail requests
    and some aparently still a problem?

  3. You can disable the security update on just those files to stem the tide. You have to go to sharing settings and select the gear icon, then uncheck the security update. There are two gears so make sure you choose the right one!

  4. people have ignored my requests for feedbacks on links

    Patreon folks gave me feedback
    One person via gmail and here ignored my many request to confirm which links worked

    so i will phase out my use of google docs and my blog link page - no hurry but its become tedious


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