Wednesday, 27 October 2021

New Zine on Patreon

Will be putting up this zine on my Patreon for a while to experiment with the format a bit. It's 12 pages with maps for a small horrible island with a few villages and halls. The adventure will run episodically in the zine and will add extra content and have some play with layouts in future issues. 

Still plan to revise some older table books and the murder hobo manual which incredibly had art ripped off on clip art pages with hours of release last time so I need to get my scanner going and draw some more lady murder hobos for the update. I have some of my one-sheet-zine format (no 20 next) and wanted to do more gonzo psychon stuff but art feels like a bottleneck there so I need to talk to the principal artist on that again. I do want to do a series of 3fold post-Apoc locations including a motel, school, fire station, rural airstrip, church, micromall, food court and more.

Bonus news an infamous bad pr RPG company and IP graverobber with no released products abused me with paranoid claims for asking about the lack of product.

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