Thursday, 21 October 2021

Stuff Update

I have had my landline and net down and working on tether I lost a d100 table and have had little urge to work online or on blog sorry. On a bright not my new babies have been graduating to frog tank and have been lots of fun. Not really cheap or easy pets but they get me jumping out of bed each day to tend to them which has been good. I made a house offer also and stepping up my plans to return to work and my business again. Been enthused about moving forwards on some work stuff and getting studio working again.

A few blog posts are planned including a mini-setting series on Patreaon. Working on my robot class book and psionics spell list book but they are a bit tedious and feel like work as more editing than writing jobs. I am re-writing my lost blog post slowly and reviews for Warpland and Nurocity coming. 

At least one job I've gone slow on over partly from lack of editorial guidelines. I just do in bursts as mood hits me. Knock magazine crew have been fantastic to deal with.  

Someone on a FB D&D group called me "that frog guy" but honestly I don't know If I'm that guy or maybe its just how I walk.

Hope your all facing your struggles as best you can and hope to be here with content soon.

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