Monday, 9 August 2021

The Centurion Complex

Was dreaming about my bunker in-game and so I did this. 
(map fixed 12th - way too tall before and put in plans for lowest levels)
Ill keep the sub-levels quiet for now but here are some tables for exploring the surface facilities (in case Aunty Jack is reading before the next game). I'll do rest later but I'm working on a level by a level map of the lower sub levels. 

Basically, the New Century hotel was a VIP function centre for world finance, government and diplomatic purposes. It is also a front for a huge survival shelter intended for 200 years use. It was intended as a secret bolthole for elites. Of course, the whole valley area of Heavenly Haven Estates is full of mansions with bunkers.

The complex is a great square complex with a courtyard garden with a large 50m pool in the middle. Each corner is an 8 story tower featuring floors of conference rooms, banquet halls, service areas and VIP suites on the upper floors. The central tower is 11 stories with the topmost divided into three gables with storage inside. The first floor has a taller ceiling 4m  the rest are 3m. Each building has guest elevators and multiple service elevators. There is currently no power and the limited computer network is dead. However, cameras are everywhere and live. It is possible to get some data from terminals on public booking and staff rosters with no sign of espionage. The security system if accessed has only some cameras linked, the rest are part of a separate system.

The courtyard is overgrown with dangerous plants some of which have colonised inner wall balconies of suites. Surprisingly few creatures stay in for long. Locals fear the complex but specifically, an android sniper with a laser has killed many intruders.

The ground floor is decorated with many paintings of VIPs and murals about peace, technology, prosperity and space travel. Some of the dead plants in large pots have been replaced by some killer plants possibly by androids or because many killer plants can walk.

d12 Public Areas Lower Floors
1 Function room
2 Banquet room
3 Conference room
4 Ballroom
 Computer Suites
6 Office Suite
7 Lounge area
8 Bar
9 Restaurant
10 Meeting Room
11 Display Booths
12 Bathrooms

d12 Staff Only Areas
2 Cold store
Service stores
First aid station
5 Display workshop
6 Staff Office
7 Staff break room
8 Control room 
9 Robot service & charger
10 Plant room
11 Security desk
Cleaners room

d12 Other Attractions
1 Gymnasium
2 Library
3 Art Gallery
4 Lecture theatre
5 Cinema
6 Theatre
7 Arcade
8 Sauna/Spa
9 Swiming pool
10 Shooting Gallery
11 Holographic Suite
12 VR Suite

d12 Condition
1 Fire burned out the room once (1in4 have repaired cameras)
2 Ceiling cracked and room rubble-filled
3 Smashed and vandalised with graffiti
4 Has been used as a campsite 
5 Stripped bare just cameras left
6 Intact furniture and fittings covered in dust
7 Growing mutated mould and fungus
8 Room mostly intact except for signs gun battle
9 Creature built a nest here once
10 Good condition but a d4 withered corpses lay here died in panic
Locked and in good conditions with decor intact and luggage
12 Immaculate sealed condition with d4 ancient corpses 1n6 undead

Middle Floors mostly hotel suites
Upper floors are VIP suites and penthouse apartments
Gable Attics on the central tower are stored for hospitality

Courtyard Inner Balcony Encounters 
1 Porcupine plant shoots spines like arrows
2 Trifrond plant with stinging blinding whip
3 Venomous snake
4 Common birds, some like ducks are good eating
5 Giant venus flytrap
6 Strangler vines
7 Spine spitting cacti 
8 Gamma flowers open flower emits radiation
9 Stinger bushes
10 Exploding fungus
11 Hangman tree
12 Palm tree flings coconut-like pods with attacking tendrils

Interior Encounters 
1 Android sniper with holo-cam cloak and laser rifle
2 Scurrying rats flee but if nest cornered may attack
3 Swarm of carnivorous cockroaches oozes out of vents and cracks
4 Security robot fires 30mm tear gas, smoke grenades and felt riot rounds
Trifrond plant with stinging blinding whip lurking possibly in fake plants
6 Lone zombie wandered from some bunker
7 Ghouls d4 playing dead to lure prey close   
8 Morlock scout in stealth suit with gasmask and shotgun  
9 Desperate escapee from a local bunker clueless about danger exploring
10 Wolf weeds 2d4 vegetal dog-like pack creatures live off rats or bigger prey 
11 Giant Beetles d4 hunting 
12 Swarming flying stinging insects d4 1=avoidable if careful and spotted 2=nest in party way 3=nest in a doorway or in obstacle so explorers accidentally disturb 4=minding own business but have 2d4+4 kilos of honeycomb

The android guardians use cameras and protect the surface from the sub-ground complex. They ignore bugs and plants and undead but make an effort to kill or capture humans for information then incinerate them. Androids tolerate certain creatures that make the area more unwelcome to explorers. Any colonies that become a risk to androids or too big get wiped out by a squad of infantry androids sent from below.

The Morlocks evade the senses with their scout suits and seek the way into the lower levels. They might be possible allies.

d12 Strange Signs
1 Camera tracks explorers movements
2 Hear some radio chatter from some device
3 Find cupboards full of empty products for show
4 Footprints in the dust
5 Chared corpses exploded by a laser
6 Piles of burned dead giant insects everywhere
7 Pre apocalyptic documents about the global crisis
8 Giant dead beetle
9 Graffiti in UV visible paint used by a past search party
10 Pack of sealed pre-apocalypse millitary orders 
11 Encounter creature lair or hiding spot or nest
 Trap, often a mine or tripline crude firearm

The hotel is designed to be a tedious crawl through the stripped rooms and dangerous creatures. They want intruders to give up from scale and threats without reward. 

Each corner wing has on the ground floor a single hall. The hall floors have seams where the floor becomes a truck ramp accessing the sub-level operated from the bunker control room. Each corner tower has a landing pad on the roof.


  1. Excellent. I could reuse this a couple times in a campaign with 1 or 2 planned encounters and otherwise all random as per the charts.

    1. yes thats my plan

      will show sub levels soon
      each tower has own 4 levels under it
      4-7 have bunker floors under the courtyard
      then 3 domes under that


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