Thursday, 5 August 2021

River, Wrecks & Ruins South of Broken Hill

Some Riverland encounters as water routes to south and return of many natural rivers and wetlands has made more likely. Many sections of river dry up in summer. Billabongs are sections of rivers cut off from the main river as it changes its flow and shape. Seasonal floods make river edges unsure and boat wrecks well inland demonstrate past accidents.

Mostly these are things you might come across on rivers or roads near them. Roll lower dice for less weird stuff.

d12 Post Apocalypse Trade Rivers Australia
Follow great rivers like Murry, Glenelg, Snowy 
1 Tribal humans fishing or hunting or trading by river 1in4 with boats
2 Abhuman beast folk 1in4 with boats d4 1=tribal natives 2=feral raiders 3=canetoad commandoes 4=insectoid soldiers
3 Mutant tribes are often wary of outsiders prejudice so preemptively strike first 1in4 with boats
4 Violent gang raiders or cannibals 1in4 with boats
5 Giant lizards or canetoads or turtles or crocodiles
6 Giant fish or yabbies or crabs or possibly sharks near the sea (last 50-100km)
7 Faction in a large armed riverboat or crossing river
8 Ambush predator like giant snapping oysters or clams or swarm of flying piranha shrimp  
9 Blockage from d4 1=slime 2=nets 3=trees 4=wreckage
10 Android sniper will fire two 7d6 laser shots at most and flee
11 Strangling marineweeds
12 Ooze or slime

d12 Post Apocalypse Untamed Rivers Australia
Follow great rivers like Murry, Glenelg, Snowy 
1 Pirate raider from sea raiding for food and slaves
2 Giant platypus
3 Zombies, may walk underwater and climb anchors or boats, 1in4 on wrecked boat
4 Half submerged ag or industrial robot lashes out at boats 
5 Plesiosaurus hunting
6 Swarm of stinging flies, can hide in water 
7 Giant mutant leeches
8 Giant dragonflies
Bunyip lurks in quiet dark waters
10 Riverboat d4 1=gambling 2=trader barge 3=faction gunboat expedition 4=Mad AI with robot crew and captives on the cruise of a lifetime, wont let you leave till you find true love
11 River Kraken or giant swamp octopus
12 Gargantuan fish or frog or turtle or lizard hungry

d10 River Rubbish Types
01 Marine trash
02 Boats

03 Pollution
04 Vehicles
05 Agriculture
06 Holiday fun
07 Transport
08 War & Disaster 
09 Nature
10 Strange

d100 Riverside Rubbish
01 Eski beer cooler 1in10 with lid a d12 bottles of beer
 Length of plastic pipe or firehose
03 Inflatable novelty floating chair or beach ball
04 Antenna and satellite dish tower
05 Length of plastic rope
06 Car wrecks d4
07 Pile of tires 4d6
08 Toy boat 
09 Child's doll
10 Rubbish bin
11 Life jacket
12 Bucket
13 Box of fishing line, hooks and sinkers
14 Broken knives can be partly repaired
15 Floating buoy
16 Semi sunken inflatable boat needs some patches
17 Fishing nets with some horrible mutant corpse in it
18 Huge midden pile of shells 
19 Life preserver from a boat
20 Remains of the fishing rod could be repaired
21 Human effluent pool
22 Black flammable chemical sludge leaking from drums
23 Masses of bubbles and foam
24 Containers of medical waste and sharps
25 Mounds of dead vegetation
26 Hundreds of dead mutant fish
27 Huge dead fish, something burst from its belly
28 Shed shell of some giant marine invertebrate like a yabbie
29 Dead cow or sheep or kangaroo
30 Green glowing goo often in drums
31 Sunken canoe
32 Concealed raft
33 Old wooden or plastic dingy can be made to float
34 Rusting and rotting remains of an old riverboat
35 Semi submerged houseboat
36 Sunken speedboat
37 Huge boat engine
38 Remains of colourful novelty paddleboat shaped like cartoon animal in 
39 Aquaculture mek rusting and fallen over
40 Old ferry point with shack, boat and cables across river and whinch
41 Old watermill from scrap and remains of old farms
42 Decrepid farm machinery and shacks
43 Old fences, ramps and drenching areas for livestock
44 Old telegraph poles from 1900, some fallen. Plenty of wood, ceramic, glass and wire scrap
45 Agrimek half sunk in mudslide
46 Fields of wandering trifrond plants gathering on shore
47 Piles of farm animal bones, many half buried in grass
48 Huge mounds of blackberry thorns overgrown a farm building
49 Colonial-era stone house walls and chimney, signs of campsite
50 Huge mounds of centuries of farm rubbish, wire, bottles, crates, drums
51 Colourful holiday shacks 1in6 secure
52 Thin fishing jetty and boat moor
53 Ruined house on hill with intact sealed boat shed with durasteel doors
54 BBQ area and children's playground overgrown with trees
55 Cage with robot bunyip required coin to rise roar and submerge inside
56 Snack bar shack
57 Caravan park 
58 Waterslide complex behind fence guarded by robots
59 Campside with dormitories, huge kitchen, hall and youth sport and camping supplies
60 Remains of an obstacle course
61 Old river height marker
62 Collapsed embankment with railsleepers, rubble and mud
63 Rail bridge with 1in6 chance of 3d4 train carriages derailed close
64 Warehouse fenced with manicured lawn and warf
65 Crashed aircraft in trees
66 Car wreck in a tree
67 Sunken bicycles possibly could build most of one
68 Beached boats used as houses in past with scrap extensions
69 Bus converted into a house and abandoned
70 Boat shed with remains of d6 small boats and tools and scrap 
71 Craters from some past bombardment and rubble
72 Wrecked and burned out fire engine truck
73 Plastic shacks and fence of disaster evac camp
74 Huge open grave pits surrounded by a fence with thousands of bodybags and skeletons and a few in military ABC suits
75 Bombed and burned-out town
76 Remains of the military pontoon bridge and engineering trucks scattered
77 Several damaged semi-submerged tankbots
78 Several military mech in varied states of destruction. some standing others fallen
79 Huge burned-out wreck of an orbital that crashed and started a firestorm
80 Remains of rooftops and taller buildings almost covered by mudslides some possibly preserved intact underneath
81 Large area bushfire damaged and in state of recovery
82 Colourful cliffs with thousands of parrots nests 
83 Spectacular huge red boulders
84 Large Island with trees perfect to moor on and camp
85 Colossal skeleton of mutant reptile, turtles leave huge shells
86 Thousand of mud crabs swarming on surface
87 Giant termite mounds visible in woods
88 Thousands of waterbirds in the area (and some crocs)
89 Herd of mutant feral or native animals in the hundreds
90 Thousands of huge snail shells from a mutant plague years ago
91 Gelatinous mass of goo and slime overgrows area
92 Platform built with boats and shacks belonging to a faction
93 Shacks on the island, isolated inbred mutant cannibal clan live here 
94 Stilt shacks in the reeds
95 Large grated drainpipe going into hill seems suspicious
96 Underwater structure close to shore
97 Remains of shop complex and carparks, burned out but some sections and car wrecks intact
98 Tourist signs indicating scenic walks, rangers shacks and caves
99 Area overgrown with red weed or giant fungus and giant bugs
100 Ancient collapsed road or tube train bridge or dam, inside massive concrete structure, is a bunker complex with most close to surface areas ruined and some flooded

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