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Centurion Complex Secrets

So this is some more detail on the lower levels of the post before last about the surface. I am deliberately being vague here and will fill in more details later. Enough here for you to improvise I will hold the rest of it until used in play. The vault is loaded with loot but quite able to defend itself with androids, robots and even human security. The Centurion AI runs the place ultimately but doesn't talk to strangers unless they reach the Centurion Complex proper where the humans are. Players may need a few sorties to discover this and some cunning plans and help to crack the place. Even robbing it a bit could be good value say to steal a vehicle.

The humans are fearful elitist snobs convinced the surface people are subhuman monsters who want to eat and kill the last pure humans left. 60% of the humans live in luxury and a minority do the less pleasant jobs like science or security. They are spoiled, privileged and secure in their superiority.

Aunty Jack stop reading further.
Also updated sidebars of old posts.

Mostly storage for art and hospitality
Mostly suites and offices of the wealthiest clients
The sections connecting the wings are mid-tier hotel rooms
Management, kitchens, staff areas, plant
Dining areas including buffets, restaurants, huge dining rooms
Meeting rooms, theatres, convention halls, conference rooms
Lounge areas, bars, restaurants, art and inside courtyard is a garden and pond
Each wing has a single huge multifunction space room surround by curtains with a checkered floor. A ramp to the lower level can be opened in the floor big enough for a trailer truck
Entry Tower main entrance, tallest tower with three gabled roofs. C
onnected to secret security bunker underneath Lv1 where d dozen technician androids led by a thinker monitor the hotel for intruders and direct sniper and soldier androids and robots to respond
Murdoch Wing has the most evidence of firefights and some fire damage and collapsed roof, has a ramp and secret elevator to sub-level block A Lv one but easy to find and no ID required
Bradman Wing has a jetcopter on the roof seized up and no power core. 
Has a ramp and secret elevator to sub-level block B Lv one
Coleman Wing has an aircar on the roof in working order locked, used by androids. 
Has a ramp and secret elevator to sub-level block B Lv one
Norris Wing has had vegetation and birds take over the roof. 
Has a ramp and secret elevator to sub-level block B Lv one

Sub Levels-----------------------------------------------------
Unless sensors are damaged or the security hacked the lower levels will go on alert preparing and coordinating androids and robots while humans security watch. Snipers act as scouts and to repel intruders but in an alert case android soldiers are sent in and the robots are issued lethal grenades and slugs. If base is breached into android areas its a yellow alert and only human security know. Once human areas are breached a red alert is activated and all humans flee to safe areas and are armed if possible. Black alert means personnel must escape the facility.

1Load Bay
Large open floor for staging entry and exodus with several parked vehicles and goods in containers and barrels on palettes. At least one vehicle is a forklift and all have had power cores removed by androids and stored in Lv1 security under the main hotel entry
A Burned out but used as a trap/kill zone by security androids for surface invaders
B Two APC, four jeeps and a military 4wd truck
C Four luxury road cars, works of art on wheels 
D Two Landtrack Exploratory Vehicles, articulated mobile labs-HQs
These are locked storage sheds with goods for the bunker and eventual exodus
This level is shared between the four blocks and the deeper centurion complex proper
A Rifle range and test weapon area. Androids: 12 sniper  4 technician 12 labourer 1 thinker android
B Robot labs are operated by 4 thinker 8 technician 4 labourer androids who build and repair the 20 operational basic security robots and are meant to assemble agricultural robots and service base robots 
C Android lab where androids are vat grown and programmed 12 technicians 12 labourers 1 thinker
D Barracks where 12 soldier androids are ready to attack intruders with heavy weapons. There are quarters for many humans but they are unused 
Centurion Complex where humans monitor android activity and guard the armoury. 8 security robots and 12 security team members secure this floor. There are empty rooms here where more humans lived in barracks
This is where all the humans of the bunker dine, relax. play sports and enjoy simulated pleasures. 12 service androids and 12 security robots are always here caring for them
6VIP Suites
Luxury rooms of the bunker for VIP descendants
Labs here maintain life support, study the outside world, control the three sub domes, grow food, manage the environment and do the advanced tech work. The power plant is also here and well secured. A computer centre with a AI interface room is at the centre controlling the complex. Androids: 12 workers, 4 thinkers, 4 soldier androids (guards for reactor)
D Domes
The elevator block connecting domes to upper levels has 4 security robots and 4 soldier androids. There are airlock style iris doors to the domes.
D1 Garden for VIPs to enjoy
D2 Garden for food production
D3 Garden for air-water-waste recycling

These are for non-alert conditions 2in12 chance per 10 minutes
In red alert non-combatants of the base take cover in rooms
In black alert bunker evacuates 

d12 encounters for Sub-level Blocks 
1 Security robot on patrol
2 Worker android janitor with trolley
3 Technician android with repairbot
 Scuttling service drome zooms along floor looking for rats
 Swarm of mutated rats working as colonial mind starving for flesh
6 Human security guard with android soldier making inspection
7 Grey ooze nanoslime oozed through enviro seals
8 Mutant invisible hooked horror mutant sneaked inside following an android
 Two android soldiers on patrol with laser pistols +5 Plastic armour
 Android sniper with laser rifle on way to or from the watch on the surface
11 Centurion detects intruders and questions and warns them
12 Alarm sounds intruder alert! Cameras follow intruders alerting guards

d12 encounters for Centurion Complex 
1 Security robot on patrol
2 Worker android janitor with trolley
3 Two human security guards with laser pistols and Reflec Vests +4
4 Children 2d4 playing a game

 Idyllic youths d4+1 on way to some entertainment 
6 Service android on way to serve or rest
7 Pair of human older VIPs 
8 Doctor or scientist on way to station or rest
9 Computer technician on way to lab or rest 

10 Crowd of mixed humans 3d6+6 on way to or from entertainment

11 Centurion detects intruders and questions and warns them
12 Alarm sounds intruder alert! Cameras follow intruders alerting guards

Computerised Enterprise for New Technological Utopia or Centurion is the base AI that manages the luxury bunker for VIP and technical experts and the androids and robots that maintain the complex. Centurion is fearful of mutants and savages outside and has received most data from android snipers and some of the bodies they bring in for dissection. Only the science division have an inkling of the surface and security assume everything is a threat. Centurion believes surface people covert its stockpiles of resources and would eat the precious VIP humans. Only clean civilised humans from some government will it recognise as a negotiation point. Knowing it needs new atomic power cores it has been calculating if it can find the goods it needs or if it needs to consider euthanising all the humans to spare them the burden of living outside. 

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