Thursday, 15 April 2021

Gone To The Frogs 2 : Rewards From Frog Patrons

So when your benevolent rewards you for some delicious bug quest what are some other rewards? Frog petty gods in the book of the same name probably would like these too. Also, I have considered my potion type tables in psychon (potions, snuff, pills, suppositories, etc) might need some new types like large bugs or honey ants with potions effects from eating them or slurping bug juice in swolen coloured bodies.

d12 Rewards from Froggy Patrons
1 Magic Bug Jar - once a day can pull out a delicious 500g delicious live bug, a different one each day worths a meal. Humans prefer to cook bugs generally but they can be used for pranks, distractions and more
2 Shroom Staff - 50+d100 charges, touch surface with staff and say magic word and a 20cm mushroom sports. If used on a living being as struck the fungus is rooted into the victim and causes d4 damage. Can be decorative, fashion, food (not ones grown on living people) or to feed your giant bugs
3 Ring of Spawn - worn by one parent during amplexus or lovemaking to double the amount of children or eggs produced
4 Pipe of the Frog - allows you to smoke all kinds of herbs, minerals or drugs without addiction
5 Rod of Fungus - three powers use one per day 1) make a bracket fungus ladder or staircase grow on a surface 3m/Lv 2) cushion a fall with puffballs that cover a 3m circle, save or sneeze d4 rounds, huge fungus will grow in the spot for years 3) cure fungus related poison useful for for tasting mystery fungus or your pet bugs or worms who ate wrong type
6 Cricket Crank - a gold cricket shaped broach, squeeze once and crickets in 100m will start chirping for 3d6 rounds helping you find snacks or obfuscation efforts or if squeezed twice silence them useful on giant cave crickets. 
7 Wand of insect detection - d50+50 charges each lasts a ten minute turn and detects bugs by size in 100m even through soil or 3m stone useful for snack or monster hunting
8 Frog Ring - hold breath underwater a turn per level and can drink through your skin especially your belly
9 Frog Wax - a jar of d4 doses of sticky goop can rub on skin or clothes all over. Anything biting user save or mouth attack useless for d4+1 rounds as the mouth is glued shut and painful. Many animals require a morale check to avoid fleeing. Good for only one giant bite, or 2d4 human size or smaller bites
10 Toad Stone - gem worth at least 1000gp bonds to the forehead of the user for life, +1d4HP, shatters on death. Tends to attract trouble but looks cool
11 Frog Flute - a brass pipe once a day can cause all in 6m to dance if they fail a saving throw for 2d4 rounds, -2 to attack and AC while dancing unless a skilled dancer who can ignore penalties
12 Frog Pill - after eating shed skin over an hour and gain +d4HP and a point of Charisma that lasts a d4 days

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