Sunday 11 April 2021

Gone To The Frogs 1 : d12 Mysterious Frog Patrons & Quests

As I'm only inspired by frogs and as a lead up to a book for my birthday on April the 30th im just doing frog stuff for a bit. My FB and Tumbler now mostly frogs and I watch live toad feed vids. Its a nice distraction from writing problems im having.

The photo and text were from a FB frog group and I memed them together. The poster seemingly approved with a like at my request to share. I was inspired by adorable green garden buddhas tol do tables for a bit on Anuran folk and amphibians

Expanded Petty Frog Gods (i did ones in the book)
-causes and forces
-encounters and 
-treasures and gossip
Amphibian races and monsters
-frogling a halfling reskin
-mighty amphibian abhumans
-mysterious faerie frog changelings
Frog chaos cults

d12 Mysterious Frog Patrons
Describe mysterious frog patron and possible rewards
1 Sagatious frog hermit lives in a hollow tree or cliff cave above ground 
offers d4 1=spell 2=secret technique 3=eldrich lore 4=slime ability (use/Lv per day 30m save or move halved d4 rounds)
2 Wise frogling druid and holy leader of a hidden village of small hardy frog folk offers d4 1=healing berries 2=magic herb 3=reincarnation spell 4=location of snake wizard cave
3 Charming frog  folk bard with fine clothes and a lute offers d4 1=treasure maps 2=erodite magic lore 3=a faerie gate location 4=invite to secret butterfly ball for magic animal folk 
4 A frogfolk monk from far off land on a pilgrimage of worlds important ponds offers d4 1=teach exotic skills like hold breath 2=alchemist pills of water breathing 3=swamp treasure map 4=teach exotic martial technique
5 Elderly frog changeling lives in underwater cave, appears human at times to humans in home area offers d4 1=magical mushrooms 2=lost famous artwork 3=holy pondweed eaten causes skin shed for 2d4 years youth if eaten 4=map of the forbidden swamp secret locations   
6 A drunken frogfolk priest drinks in a tree offer d4 1=bottles of frog grog 2=pound of frogweed and clay pipe (will show you top roll into cigars) 3=frog masks that stop penalties to sneak or hit in water 4=information about black market or swamp smugglers
7 A mysterious bearded frog folk wizard who knows details of adventurers past offers d4 1=exiting secret origin backstory change 2=scrolls of elder lore about magic treasure 3=hat of comprehending frogs 4=spawn ring that if wearer killed they are reborn in sacred spring as frog folk tadpole 
8 A cackling frogfolk witch and her spider familiar fly around in a cauldron in forests at night offers d4 1=babies stolen by faeries 2=a pet imp in a bottle 3=slave zombies 4=riding snails 
9 Mysterious frogfolk faerie warrior knight in magic lightweight aluminium plate armour comes forth from a pond offers d4 1=frog sword +1+3 vs snakes 2=frog shield +1 +2 save vs fire 3=frog spear+1 no penalties in water 4=inflate ability (inflate can float 10min/Lv per day or inflate to appear twice as big making harder to swallow and intimidating)
10 A frog Aquamancer in robes with silver skullcap and staff offers d4 1=waterweird in a bottle 2=giant frog tadpoles 3=acid potions 4=frog cloak keeps wearer always hydrated and does not need to drink
11 A frogfolk mutant chaos cultist in robes offers d4 1=chaos mushrooms that cause mutations 2=location of rival chaos cult with treasure 3=location of secret chaos caverns 4=location of a wanted criminal warlock
12 A brightly coloured frogling with a grass hat, staff and blowpipe offers d4 1=venom for darts or arrows 2=potion lets you see and enter the spirit world 3=+1blowpipe 4=shrunken head +d4hp while wearing on belt, neck or in hair

Mysterious Frog Quests
Who can fathom the strange alien motivations and desires of magic frog patrons 
1 Fetch a precious bejewelled opalbug that comes to feed on a rare flower in a cursed bog once a year full of carnivorous giant plants
2 Fetch a live bonesucker bug in this basket, don't lit it bite or will liquify your bones and suck them out. They live in the undead filled tomb of the Nightlord
3 Lick this frog and when your sleeping spirits enter the nightmare realm, catch a dreambug and bring it back to the waking world for the first time in aeons
4 The wicked wizard Kullthax has a giant fly familiar, it is essential it is snatched in secret and brought here for contemplation
5 A frightful carrion caterpillar lives close and the frog requires it have its toxic tendrils removed and brought here alive in time for an important frog meeting
6 Some giant ants are bothering a frogling bug farm, defend the bugs and kill the ants, bring ant larvae here for study
7 A great book of bugs was lost aeons ago identifying all the bugs properties and secret lore known to dawn age frog scholars (also called the buganomnomicon), with moving illuminated art. The book was lost to evil in the Burning Bog of Crater Lake, find it
8 An evil wererat has taken some innocent tadpoles from their sacred spawn pond, go fetch them back and grab any captive rats for you can while at it for research reasons
9 A magic frog idol was lost in the septic tank of the Doomlords and no frog has returned, find the idol required for the frog cause
10 The humans changed the river, go rescue these giant beavers from the circus and settle them just downriver from here 
11 A terrible hooded evil cult has used hellbugs to tempt young froglings into the thralldom of hell, kill the cult and smush these terrible evil bugs
12 Gather some certain giant mushroom spores from the Goblin Caves of Null and plant them where directed by frogs. In wetlands instead seek giant lilypad seeds from a drugged-out confused druid in the Hellbogs

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