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Broken Hill Setting in Progress

Patreaon right now has 77 page preview of my current book on Broken Hill for post Apoc games like Darwins World, Gama World, Mutant Epoch, After the Bomb etc. Might be finished this month...

So here is a piece I'm writing here as I have now text editing software on machine and Grammarly better than word or open office. Watching MadMax2 as I work. Using lots of my ruin photography Id forgotten about.

Bothering to build a new site really low priority so will do a few things here like reviews and finish some old stuff but I'm unlikely to go back to daily posts ever. Rest of this year mostly making comps on my Patraeon the rest of the year. I do value your feedback and it does encourage me to do more stuff otherwise i feel I'm in a creative vacuum. It would be nice If I could do a KS campaign for Psychon around xmas. Must release my Post apoc RPG before actual apocalypse...

Broken Hill Missions
When you get to the great sprawling ruins it can be bewildering but in Silver City, the occupied trade town of the Warlord there are plenty of job offers. Public noticeboards for jobs are by every gate offering jobs and rewards.

Most of these say how to contact the paying party of the poster.
Some give general info on what is wanted others more secretive.
Pay varies but silver in ounces is typical.
The better the pay the less job info provided.
You could also get these missions if you have a job.

d10 Quick Mission Types
01 Bounties - paid to capture a wanted person
02 Wanted - a reward for proof of death (head is best)
03 Search & Destroy - locate and destroy something
04 Seize goods - take goods from someone
05 Find goods - locate something someone needs
06 Gather info - intelligence on some group required
07 Negotiate - trade or bargain with a faction
08 Wetwork - kill a target, no questions 
09 Hunting - kill mutant animals causing problems
10  Warlord's request - missions from the Warlord

d100 Missions in Silver City
01 Slavers offering rewards for escaped slaves and those helping them
02 Merchants want a debtor returned so they can pay debts for reward
03 Bunker dwellers living in secret ancient splendour always wanted alive  
04 Missing robot tech vanished with crew in ruins wanted back in the market by traders
05 Senior of Warlord's chosen proved traitor working for Silverton gang spies wanted alive
06 Drug dealer producing toxic potions wanted alive by survivors and families
07 Contractor in water filtration plant is a missing reward for safe return (and for breach of contract)
08 Gang leader want a man who was betrothed to a daughter who fled returned alive for reward
09 Bail jumper, paid for limited release from warlords prison camp then fled into ruins wanted alive
10 Child kidnapped by a gang in the ruins, family want them returned alive
11 Bandit leader from the rubble, merchants offer price on head
12 Sniper in ruins harassing the Warlord's patrols wanted dead (actually there are lots of these)
13 Mutant cultist caught contaminating water supplies with mutagen wanted dead
14 Gang or raider leader wanted dead (a d12 of these up any time)
15 Whole gang is wanted for various crimes, the price for any dead in gang colours 
16 Wanted dead, head mechanic of the ultralights in the gang compounds of Silverton
17 Wanted dead, Mortis chief of the Silverton gangs and priest of the Satanic church there
18 Wanted dead, spy possibly from a bunker, was in Warlord's employ till exposed 
19 Wanted dead, beast abhuman tribal leader has been eating travellers
20 Wanted cyborg, an agent of an unknown hostile power, the whole corpse wanted with head intact
21 Android base in ruins offers to destroy it for reward
22 Wasteland raider gang have secret supply depot in ruins, destroy it for reward
23 Secretive cult claim to have an ancient weapon, kill them, destroy temple, bonus for recovery of weapon a micro "clean" suitcase nuke or mutagenic warhead 
24 A robot gang have a supply depot using it to repair and supply, without it, the gang skirmish tactics will not be effective, destroy it
25 Locate a desert raider camp and destroy it and anybody in it
26 Cane toad abhumans commandoes from far north have secret firebase in ruins from the war 30 years ago, find it and destroy them 
27 Cannibal clan ate someone and merchant family want the clan found and killed
28 Children are being taken by something in the sewer system, rescue children if possible and destroy whatever responsible
29 Some intelligent force is dwelling in secret in mines and old tube tunnels, find and destroy
30 Someone or something is planting monstrous plant seeds in ruins and settlers farms, find them and destroy them
31 Bandits took a merchant shipment, recover the goods from their mine lair
32 Steal a vehicle from a road gang, bonus for spare parts  
33 A gang in ruins has repaired a battlesuit with scrap, steal it
34 Some subterranean group has been stealing supplies through tunnels and drains, find them and steal supplies back 
35 Anti ageing drugs were stolen from a merchant offering money to get them back before some idiot uses them 
36 A mutagenic warhead was found in ruins and a cult stole it, get it back at any costs
37 Cyborg parts wanted, an area in the city has hostile cyborgs possibly defending a bunker who will have plenty
38 Android food wanted but android food processor better, most likely in an android supply depot or bunker
39 A cache of ancient drugs was dug up and stolen by a gang, a rich addict will pay for the lot 
40 A gang have been digging out a subway and found something the gang is keeping quiet. An investor wants it whatever it was 
41 A secret untouched bunker in the ruins full of treasure, report to warlord for a reward
42 Someone stole a battlesuit from the warlord and fled to the ruins, kill them and recover the suit
43 Any information leading to teleporter terminal said to be lost in area
44 Clone vat or parts wanted, especially control terminal and data files
45 Functional or close too aircraft or aircraft parts wanted by Cockburn airfield
46  Supplies and parts for 3d metal printers wanted
47 Ancient medical supplies wanted no questions asked, automated parts especially
48 Non-functioning robot scrap and wreckage always wanted
49 Atomic power cell cores wanted, frequently in vehicles, no cracked or leaking ones wanted
50 Car parts are required by scrapyard mechanics, wanted part list available
51 How many vehicles do the road gangs in Silverton 

52 Where do all the new huge mutant creatures come from?
53 A few have claimed secret AIs communicate in the ruins, what do they want?
54 Stories of some hidden underground faction are common, how true are they?
55 Raider gang spies infiltrate market area to learn traders movements, find out who
56 A suicide bomber was caught trying to blow up a gate of Silver City 
57 Infiltrate the raiders of Silverton at race time and investigate which gangs are where around town and try to get names of leaders
58 A bunch of demons worshipping cultists in the ruins have been trading with Mortis the ruler of Silverton what is the link and how extensive is the gang
59 Someone has a missing sister they believe is kept in a private harem, confirm if the woman is there and note any means of rescue or escape
60 A gang has uncovered some codes and ID cards from a secure underground space research facility in the wastes and some scholars want the data
61 The locals seek to trade and hire tribals of the waste but mostly they shun any with technology, try and make a deal with them, arrange an exchange of experts
62 A local radio station needs fresh beats and tracks. Trade with some other stations in the ruins and wasteland or some of the feral rave DJ crews
63 An AI has occasionally has traded some goods at an impregnable bunker doorway. Try and see if a regular trade deal can be established
64 A merchant had some goods taken and wants to have someone try and buy a certain trunk back from them without it being damaged
65 A merchant wants someone to help broker a deal to establish a monopoly over booze in the city but none involved how other distillers among ferals tribes will fit into the scheme
66 A clan of squatters in the ruins want to settle inside the walls of Silver City but in the past they angered the Warlord who controls it. They want to broker a deal they can live with. They have knowledge of using certain mutant plants and maps of the ruins near their current home
67 A trader has been swapping coal for new steel machine parts, blades and axe heads. A rival knows a sewer outlet the trader goes down and wants someone to make a deal with whoever is down there
68 A merchant has a secure laser com link to negotiate dropping some goods from the heavens. The com centre is dangerous to access
69 The warlord wants to recruit a road gang to his service and needs negotiators to visit them
70 A savage slaver clan captured someone and a merchant wants to buy them back but needs muscle to back them up
71 Kill Mortis leader of the raiders of Silverton but make everyone blame one of the gangs in his service

72 An ex-slave has done well and now wants a former master killed
73 Someone wants one of the Warlord's chosen killed from some old grudge from old days in a raider gang
74 A graffiti ganger wants a rival artist in ruins who capped their tags to be killed secretly
75 The warlord keeps a panel of advisers in various fields and a rival wants a current one killed so they get the job 
76 Someone had a relative killed in a bar fight and the law did nothing so they want private justice delivered
77 A trouble-making farmer leader is coordinating growers to raise food prices, a merchant wants them dead
78 A party of prospectors murdered a relative of a client who wants them all to vanish in the ruins
79 A sleazy prospector keeps recruiting urchins to explore dangerous ruins and parent of a missing ones wants the scavenger dead
80 A tech worshipping cult hoarding relics to worship, devoutly follow a leader who a scholar wants the leader killed and evidence left on them to make the cult lose faith
81 Killer plants have infested an area farmers were preparing for crops, find some poison or flamers in the ruins to help destroy them
82 A huge mutant monster has made a lair in the ruins that prospectors want dead
83 There is a wooded area within the walls of Silverton where creatures have been snatching people. Destroy them and farmers offer food and scrap
84 Locusts came and ate lots of crops and when farmers went to eat ones they killed found they had chipped brains. Find who controls them and the farmers will reward heroes
85 Something in the sewers is singing and some kids vanished looking for it, locals posted a reward to solve the mystery
86 Lots of mutant rats come from a sewer and take food. Locals pooled in for exterminators. One warns a rat bigger than a dog had a tool belt
87 A creature has covered itself in junk and lurks in rubble ambushing locals. Survivors want it killed 
88 Some mutant creatures look human enough but is killing and eating people in the market area
89 A whole gang was wiped out by some brutal abhuman mutants. Locals fearing they might next want them dead.
90 Some kind of parisite is infecting people and using them as thralls to spread in populated areas. A number of healers want them found and eliminated without a panic
91 The Warlord needs someone to destroy the fuel refinery in Silverton to cripple their vehicles
92 The Warlord wants someone to destroy the functional ultralight aircraft operating in Silverton supporting the gangs there

93 The Warlord suspects there are deeper levels hidden in a long emptied bunker, kill any gangs living there and find the secret levels
94 The Warlord wants a cyborg gang in the ruins wiped out and who controls them destroyed
95 The Warlord wants someone to bury land mines on roads used by a road gang 

96 The Warlord wants a gang hiding in the ruins wiped out and leave a spectacle so everybody knows the Warlord did it
97 The Warlord wants some tech someone refused to sell them and needs someone to give them a final offer they cannot refuse
98 Women escaped the Warlord's harem and he wants them returned and anyone helping them killed. None of the women are to be harmed
99 The Warlord has had reports of old tunnel under the sound and wants the passages searched for threats or loot
100 The Warlord wants the gangs fighting in the mine ruins to be beaten back so hard they think twice before coming back. He can't commit any help but offers ammo and a few vehicles

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