Friday, 28 August 2020

Artist brief for book cover

So i recently contacted a few artists looking for a cover artist for broken hill. 

I have some art jobs on the go which have locked up my cash for months and I dont want that again. Some artists had some pre existing work i liked which helps me see their style. I dont want anything i could draw that's the point. I worked in a comic studio for 20 years in a English realism school mode so I like a spark of originality and confidant line work and plausible understanding of anatomy despite the topic. 

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Broken Hill game TTRPG supplement

Currently a PDF and Print on demand work id say under a thousand copies (more like 100 if im lucky)

Im happy to consider leasing existing in theme art for this one edition, If I can find the right artist I would like to comision A B&W line art illustration that I can own and reuse and colour and use on promotional items lioke shirts and stickers. I may colourise the work. If the project is a runaway success I might want a more resolved colour version later. This project might be attactched to a bigger kickstarter later aimed at raising money to mostly pay artists and commission more art. 

I have zero income but im willing to commission a cover piece, my offer to lease pre existing work even if used before is genuine but I dont want to own the work. Seeing such pre existant work is the best way you can show me what you have done before and might have me confidant for the cover commission. If you use traditional media you can keep or sell the original I want digital rights version only. Obviously Id expect to pay less for pre existant/uded art for limited use. I will use Paypal. I can pay leased items quickly and I can pay half for commission but need a definite time frame (I've already out of pocket waiting for). 30 days seems reasonable, id prefer someone who could confidently just do it than deliberate or worry. If I like your work and commission a cover I dont need more than a progress proof sketch. 

I will make a simple contract for lease or commissioned work

Themes & References:
Norman Lindsey especially magic pudding art above (id like a bit more scrappy with guns)
Dorathy Wall who did Blinky Bill (a bit 20s cartoon style but has lots of good basics)
MAD MAX film series (salvaged scrap armour, battered weapons, punk leather and hair)
2000AD especially gritty grimdark punk of 80s Judge Dredd

I like these pre ww2 artists for lots of reasons. The depression era clothing is actually ok in some ways, not everyone in world a punk. Though Im citing childrens book this is not a furry related setting. While the children's illustrators are more cartoon style, id like final work to be grittier.

Id like to see anything post apocalypse but my cover needs at least a few mutant animals. Gas masks, street sign shields, severed heads, smoking, guns other post apoc tropes welcome.

 I like to promote the work as Australian so references to Mad Max and Australian children's classics is deliberate. I might get some media in Australia, I will put some copies in a few national collections.

I don't want:
Absolutely no nazis and no southern cross or Eureka flag
(in my state Eureka flag used by 4 registered fascist parties)
I don't want to see trademarked fan art it doesn't tell me anything
If you dislike immigrants or aboriginals, probably best we don't work together

Commisioned Cover:
3 figures standing together like they are getting a picture taken before a trip to explore a ruin

A mutated human with horrible rotting face/melting flesh smiling holding a Ned Kelly helmet under arm with cobbled together pipe gun or crude musket

Koala in stockman or frovers outfit, flannel check shirt and laser gun or cavalry carbine, some kind of hat, not a cowboy hat, possibly the Bush Tucker Man's hat

Another animal (wombat or platypus or gonna or kookaburra) in punk leathers a mohawk, a few piercings, a street sign shield and a machete (possibly a gasmask around neck)

It would be best if I could separate the figures so I can use them or stat them up in text

No background needed
B&W comic line work fine
Ideterminate gender on animals or mutant is fine

Contact Chris Tamm
I prefer to message in FB Tudor Cook Beal
Gmail too but I am less often there
300dpi JPG or Tiff A4 or A3

I you can offer me some pre existant samples, especially with a lease option llet me know

A rate card or prices appreciated for proposed cover and lease offers

If you want to provide a 50-100w bio and a pic or even an ad I can include in book

Im happy to send you a link to draft copy of book for you to check out the setting vibe

Good chance I use your work I will want more.
Once KS done I can fund more.

If you have conditions or questions let me know so we can avoid goal post moving after the order is taken. Yes I get the final aproval, nobody else involved.

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  1. ok i have 4-5 guys now
    using my patreon income of last year
    more than i planned but usable for planet psychon too
    have cover art by artist of killeroo comic, Daren Zen Close - will profile some of them in coming weeks


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