Friday, 28 August 2020

Almost done... Broken Hill

I made a proof copy of current book now at 224 pages.
Overal its the nicest most usable book i have made.

Still needs 
-one font replacement for bullets
-several photos i used cut out filter in photoshop on, i regret as photos look nicer
-some maps need a white hairline over text, some text moved
-map names need a nudges and fixed (as silver city/silverton confused)
-redraw 2 maps, resist urge to tree up other maps
-black hairline around all maps
-i left half a page in case
-replace holder map numbers with final ones
-some more proofing
-pdf it and crunch size down more
-if i have to go further will feature psychotronic weapons and fancy ammo 

-get art cover done
-current back cover good
-current front will be splash page
-put book on

Some surprises
-was 2/3 done art and text before i started
-about 6 weeks work like a job massaging it
-things i did will effect my other projects
-10pt and more space makes it very readable vs some of my other books
-took more spot writing than normal
-i want to crank out some more and revise some others more like this
-my years of ruin/graff photos turned out to be useful
-monster and guns sections came out better than i expected
-recent invention of 2-part encounters is great, will do more
-lots of building maps recycled from 3folds and modules
-editing stuff from 3 tables into one is harder than writing a new ones
-what am i doing and why do i do this>

Im doing one more session to "finish" and will be on patreon
Ive been updating bit by bit from 17 pages to current

Next Projects
-finish EMO rulebook (my bx-ish mongrel edition), rewrite all the spells sigh
-start the planet psychon players book for dec kickstarter (goal is lots will be done)
-revise some older books like my murder hobo manual, stone age sorcery and more
-i will blog a bit my the love is gone, more an open sewer of thoughts and development

-trying to get a free art studio letting me graff the joint but its been tricky meeting
-giving up nihilism as i dont want to be a worse influence on certain ppl id rather help
- next patreon book is my megadungeon about half done
-might do a broken hill sewer&mines adventure and possible forest and a hidden base
-write artist briefs

Longer Term (5 years)
-Hell book 
-Mutant Book fix and an abhuman book
-book of extra magic - elemental, necromancy and carnomancy
-Xor Book
-Murder Highway...possibly as licenced BRP/Coc item
-Cthulhu book...possibly 
-get every table i want to keeping a comp
-Comp some of the 50+adventures Ive done
-Exilon Book

Whats This KS thing?
-planet Psychon Players book
-80 page digest EMO rulebook
-Planet Psychon GM Book
-EMO monster book
-i want some core stuff finished ready to go and some unlockable stuff ready


  1. Woah this looks so good. Is it mostly a city guide? Or is there a hexcrawl component?

  2. no hexes...i use my ravenloft hex acetate still on top

    it is a campoagn setting for 25th century post apoc broken hill setting book. includes a bit on australia, mini campagn so you can start as backwoods country kids going through bigger rougher towns before ariving at main ruin.

    mostly sand box tables to let you generate content or do on the fly like i do. it complies the broken hill content on this blog with extras and maps


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