Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Reptilians of Psychon Conspiracy Theory

Ask any reptilian. We were not a slave race bred by humans to be expendable in war and labour projects. Reptilians are ancient and wise and know more than the ancients did. Honest, the signs are everywhere. Ask any reptilian dudes.

d12 Reptilians of Psychon Conspiracy Theory
1 Reptilians are aliens part of the draconian stellar empire
2 Reptilians are a prehuman civilisation rising up to take earth back
4 Reptilians serve ultra terrestrial masters in a nearby dimension

5 Reptilians hid in human DNA awaiting circumstances to awaken
6 The ancients were lizards not humans
7 Alien reptilians crashed long ago uplifting local lizards but humans apes won
8 Humans were made by serpent men wizards long ago as spell components & slaves
9 Humans made reptilians but they revolted and now build new reptile aeon
10 Priests, Wizardry and Psionics are secret powers used often by serpent folk, wizardry on earth was their invention
11 All life comes from the celestial dragon breeding with hydra then gods and giants
12 Dinosaurs ruled better and longer, we are their descendants and earth is ours

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